50 Most Haunted Places In India That Will Freak You Out


fBrave eh? Try visiting these Haunted Places In India only Brave people can visit. 

You must have watched the horror shows and Horror movies showing a woman wearing a white saree with her hair open. Some of the places must have got nightmares watching those while others would have fern hill laughed at the screenplay. Well, whatever it may be but the thought of supernatural activities does have some mystery around it which makes all of us interested to know about their presence. 

Most Haunted & Mysterious Places In India

Here are some places in India which are believed to be haunted. Visiting these may add thrill to your travelling too.

1.Bhangarh Fort

bhangarh fort haunted

Located in Rajasthan. Bhangarh Fort is believed to be one of the scariest and one of the haunted places in India. It even has a strict warning board by the Government of India asking the visitors not to visit the place after sunset. Now, will help you sense some reality in the story that follows. It the 1800s that a magician fell for the local princess and took the help of dark magic to get her. Princess became aware of this fact and ordered his death which led the magician to curse the place. India’s most haunted place, Bhangarh Fort Ghost story has also been featured in a movie and has been attracting the attention of tourists for all wrong reasons. 


Cursed Village KULDHARAThis is a village, Kuldhara abandoned since the 1800s is one of the haunted places in India. It is said to be cursed by the villagers who stayed there for over 8 centuries. According to the stories related to the mysteries, the minister fell in love with the chieftain’s daughter and threatened the villagers to levy high taxes if the girl doesn’t marry him. The people of the village along with the people from other villages decided to go away from the village overnight.

3.Fernhill Hotel:

fernhill hotel ooty haunted

Most of you must have seen the famous horror movie Raaz. The movie was shifted amidst the beautiful hills of Ooty. The troop had stayed in Fernhill hotel and could hear the sounds of placing furniture from the room above. Longing for some sleep then decided to complain regarding these sounds only to find out that there was no floor above theirs. Strange isn’t it? Also, feel free to check out some nice places to visit when you’re in Ooty.

4.Mukesh mills:

Mukesh Mills hauntedThe mill was shut down after an outbreak of fire in the year 1980. The place is used for shooting for movies. But some actors, as well as directors, refuse to work there after experiencing paranormal activities.

5.National Library, Kolkata.

Mysterious Library

The National Library of Kolkata is not only richest in its collection of books, but also hugely popular for the ghost stories over here. Night guards have said that the steps of this age-old building often shiver with the footsteps of the Governor’s wife, a long time ago. During the renovation, twelve laborers died. Their spirits also haunt this place.

6.South Park Cemetery, Kolkata.

south park cemetery kolkata hauntedOne of the oldest cemeteries built in the year of1927. A woman wearing white has been spotted and some people have also fallen ill after visiting the place.

7.A Film City at Hyderabad.

One of the biggest film cities in the country, located in Hyderabad. The people staying in the hotels have reported supernatural incidents. The Ghosts seem to target females more than males. The sound of knocking on the washroom door when the room is locked. Sounds creepy.

8. A court in Bombay

Haunted courtA tortured spirit haunts the corridors of the court. It prevents entry of any unknown entity. This and been happening since last thirty years.

9.Delhi Cantonment Road

Lady Ghost Haunted

It is believed to be the place of a lady ghost who was killed in an accident. People who have visited the place say that the ghost chases you. And wise decision would be not to stop. You are still reading. Drive fast dude! 😛 

10. The Most haunted place in India, Towers of Silence

Eat the dead HauntedThis is a Parsi cemetery. The ritual of the Parsis demands the body of the dead be left on a tower for the vultures to feed on them. Imagine the sight. This is such a tower which is believed to be haunted by spirits. Though this tower is not used for the same purpose, it has turned haunted. People have felt unusual whenever crossing the tower. There are several haunted places in Mumbai, and this place is the one that comes first on the list.

11. Jamali Kamali Masjid, Delhi

Jamali_Kamali_Mosque_One of the most haunted places in Delhi. This Masjid is believed to be the dwelling ground of the jinns. People, whoever visited the place, have shared their uncanny experience of being followed or seeing apparitions or unearthly lights. They also complain about animals’ growling with nothing in sight.

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12. Brij Raj Bhavan, Kota, Jaipur

Brij raj bhawan kotaBrij Raj Bhavan was a palace of the 19th century that was turned into a hotel in 1980. It is believed that the ghost of a British roams around the hotel. He is kind of harmless, but slap the guards whoever sleep during their duty hours. Helpful ghost!

13. Hotel Lakeview

haunted hotels in india

The architecture of this hotel is breathtaking, and living here is a kind of a dream. But, local people believe that the hotel is the center of paranormal activities. Borders reported that they have heard crying at midnight or full moon night. This is one of the famous haunted places in Ooty.

14. The Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

shaniwar wada puneWhile talking about the haunted places in Pune, this will be on the top. On every full moon night, spooky incidents happen here. According to history, a young prince was brutally murdered here, and since then, the spirit of that little boy is trapped here. People have heard the scream of that boy at many nights. Be there at your own risk!

15. Dumas Black Sand Beach, Ahmadabad

This is the only black sand beach in India and could be one of the best tourist spots. But, it is blacklisted as haunted places in Ahmadabad. It is said that the place was a burial ground long ago, and people can hear whispers when they are alone on the beach. Very few people have returned from the beach so far.

16. GP Block, Meerut

This is another most dangerous haunted place in India. People said they have seen four men sitting around a candle and enjoying their drink. If someone approaches them, they got vanished. Some have also witnessed a young lady in a red dress. Presently, people have deserted the area.

17. Dow Industrial Complex, Bhopal

Are you looking for haunted places in Bhopal? Then this is the place on the top of the list. It is believed that the spirits of the victims of Bhopal Gas Accidents roam here. Lots of spooky occurrences happen here, and people heard strange sounds at night.

18. Rana Kumbha Palace, Jaipur

This is one of the most haunted places in Jaipur. This place is the witness of the self-sacrifice of Rani Padmini and lots of her associates. It is believed that the ghosts of those women roam here. Women dressed as brides, but with burnt faces, have been sighted here.

19. Graveyard in Dagshai

A British lady with a baby boy in her lap has been buried here. People believe that their ghosts roam here, and Indian wives of army officers believe that if pregnant women visit her grave, they can be blessed with a baby boy. Not all spirits are dangerous!

20. The Vrindavan Society, Thane

Though it is a popular housing complex, people often complain of supernatural happenings around. And these all started after a man committed suicide here. The guards say that they even got slapped by some invisible entity.

21. Lothian Cemetery, Delhi

A cemetery has to be the scariest haunted places in Delhi. According to beliefs, a beheaded ghost is seen there, holding his head on his hand. Along with that, scary laughter and creepy sounds can also be heard from the cemetery. Whoever has seen this frightening apparition has never come out alive from the graveyard.

22. Village Bhuvwara, Jabalpur

If you are looking for haunted places in Jabalpur, Village Bhuvwara is the one that can give you a spine-chilling impact. The village became haunted after the unnatural death of a person and his entire family. Presently, people of this village can hear the weeping sound of that man. The ghost of the dead man attacked even a villager. His life was saved with great difficulty.

23. Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala

The hotel will be on the top of the list of the best haunted places in Lonavala. Lots of paranormal activists have certified the hotel as haunted. There is a room on the ground floor of the hotel, which is marked as spooky. Whenever people have spent nights in this room, they have experienced eerie feelings, and their bed covers are pulled off at night, and also they have seen a blue light taking the shape of a figure.

24. Agriculture University, Allahabad

It is the girl’s hostel of this university, which has made the university one of the haunted places of Allahabad. Different people say a variety of stories, and there are lots of incidents where girls got scared, and accidents happened. But, still, now, the actual story of this hostel is undiscovered. One can only discover once they spend a night here.

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25. Sindhrot, Vadodara

Apparently, this is a hamlet in Vadodara that is the perfect destination for the youths and couples during the evening. But, as night approaches, this beautiful place turns into spooky. It is the ghost of a young girl, wearing salwar-kameez, but with a half-face who turned Sindhrot into one of the scariest haunted places in Vadodara and Gujarat. People visit the site in the evening, but returns before it is dusk!

26. A Hotel in Mussoorie

Hill stations always have something eerie in its nature, and Mussoorie is not beyond that. And while talking about the haunted places in Mussoorie, it is challenging to pick the scariest one. Still, it is Hotel that the locals prefer to avoid as there are witnesses who have seen the ghost of a lady, roaming aimlessly through the corridors of the hotel. It is said that a lady died mysteriously in that hotel, and from then, the hotel has turned into a haunted place.

27. Morgan House, Kalimpong

Built in the early 20th century, the Morgan house of Kalimpong is still known to possess the ghost of the lady of the house, Mrs Baron. Mysterious sounds of high-heeled tapping and knocks have also been heard quite frequently in the mansion.

28. Agra Fort, Agra

During the construction of the Agra Fort, lots of people were killed. Therefore, it has become one of the scariest haunted places in Agra now. At night, screams are heard loudly, and people have witnessed figures in the mid-air that vanish whenever you try to concentrate on them. To be safe, it is better to avoid the place, and it’s surrounding after the sunset.

29. Devi Bhawan, Jodhpur

Haunted places and Rajasthan are tightly interlinked. You have known about the famous Bhangarh and Kuldhara. This palace is in Jodhpur, which has been turned into a luxurious hotel. But, according to the boarders, the hotel is haunted. Many of them have complained seeing ghostly figures, whispers at the long corridors, the difference in temperature, and several other uncanny phenomena. If you are going to Jodhpur, you can experience the spooky feeling by staying over here.

30. Dow Hill, Darjeeling

Located in Kurseoung, under Darjeeling District, Dow Hill is one of the most famous haunted places in Darjeeling. The locals believe that lots of people have been killed in the forest of Dow Hill, and their spirits are roaming here. Lots of uncanny incidents happen here, which have no explanation to date. People have seen a headless boy, wandering around the forest. It is better to leave the wood before it is dark.

31. Rajeev Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad

Located in Hyderabad, Rajeev Gandhi International Airport is rumored that the place is haunted by the spirits of those who were killed during the construction of the airport. The locals believe that the dead people roam around the place, and there have been sightings of some eerie figures. The paranormal can be experienced by the interested passengers who land up in Hyderabad.

32. A Hotel in Mumbai

This is one of the top hotels in Mumbai, where major celebrities are welcomed here. But, according to the borders, the hotel is haunted by the ghost of its architect. The spookiness of this hotel doesn’t stop on the rumor, but the mysterious figure, seen here, has no explanation to date. You can visit this place, but that has to be at your own risk.

33. Jatinga, Assam

Actually, this is a sleepy hamlet in the North Cachar Hills, a district of Assam. Jatinga is located 9kms away from Haflong and is one of the scariest places in India. Yet, there is no scientific explanation for the birds dying between 6 pm to 9 pm. Every year, from September to November, hundreds of birds commit suicide, as they plunge to death into the streets and buildings.

34. Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi

Delhi and haunted places have a deep relation. You have known about Lothian cemetery, Jamali Kamali Masjid, and now it’s the Agrasen ki baoli. This place has 103 steps in the center of Delhi, and the tales say that the black water of the well lures people towards death. According to the legends, the luring gets strong if you go further down the stairs.

35. Writer’s Building, Kolkata

This building is at the top of the list of a haunted house in Kolkata. Lots of phenomenal things are experienced in this place, certifying the building is haunted. The employees usually vacate the place before sunset. As per the stories, there has been the strange occurrence of high pitched giggles, whispers and screams are heard. So be there but return before dusk.

36. Three King Church, Goa

A haunted church will seem a bit of an oxymoron, but if you listen to the stories, it would feel authentic. Apparently, this place is haunted by the three murdered kings. Locals have reported strange noises, a peculiar evil presence inside and around the church. Most of the crowd leaves the place afternoon for the horror tales attached to it.

37. Terra Vera, Bangalore

The oldest, deserted mansion is at the top of the list of a haunted place in Bangalore. The story surrounds a piano teacher stabbed to death by an unidentified attacker. The body was buried in the premises. The place remained abandoned from that time on. Locals have reported that they have heard the sound of a piano being played, with ghostly apparitions.

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38. The Barog Tunnel, Himachal Pradesh

Located in Shimla-Kalka railway stretch, other than the beautiful landscape, is famous for the supernatural tales that surround it. The story is the suicide of a British engineer named Colonel Barog in the early 20th century. The ghost of the colonel can be seen and is believed to be a trusted entity, as there is no report of any fatal encounter.

39. D’Souza Chawl, Mumbai

This place is located in Mahim, Mumbai. If you are looking for a well-rumored haunted place in Mumbai, D’Souza Chawl has the chilling effect ready for you. It is said that a woman fell into the well and died crying for help. Most people say they have seen a ghostly apparition around the well and in the nearby places.

40. Tunnel no. 103, Himachal Pradesh

This is one of the places in Himachal Pradesh where you will hear of some ghost stories. The passengers have experienced British spirit lingers there. The most spine chilling thing one has reported about this place is that the spirit of a woman passing through the tunnel walls. Although the locals believe that there are not only two, several supernatural entities live inside the tunnel. Would you still dare to visit this place?

41. A Science College, Hyderabad

This place used to be a science college in Hyderabad, for some unknown reason the place was left abandoned by its pupils. But, the dead bodies of the biology lab remained there. The people who pass in front of the place have reported unnatural sightings of skeletons, disturbing noises. The mysterious death of a guard in here added to the scary point in here.

42. Sanjay Van, New Delhi

Looking for a haunted place in New Delhi? Then Sanjay Van has some story to tell. The apparition of a woman, clad in white saree, is seen near the cemetery. The place is mostly a forest area of 10 km and is one of the scariest places in Delhi. Try not to venture there after sunset, or be at your own risk.

43. Karikattu Kuppam, Chennai

Just after the Tsunami attacks that took place in the year 2004, the Karikattu Kuppam has gained the infamous reputation of being haunted. The fishing hamlet has now become entirely deserted with no homes and destruction all over.

44. Lambi Dehar Mines, Mussoorie

This is one of the other most haunted places in India. The mines, here, were shut after half a million workers died coughing blood by the abnormal condition of the mines. As per the local beliefs, this place is a home of a witch who walks down the roads claiming so many lives. Uncertain accidents, unusual deaths have made this place one of the scariest places.

45. Kalpa Cemetery, Bangalore

Although Bangalore is the city of IT, the Kalpa cemetery on the old Madras road still brings the chill. The sighting of ghosts has been reported for a long time by onlookers, especially a man figure lurking. If you are brave enough to investigate, then a stroll there would definitely scare you. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted.

46. The Mansion Residency, Pune

Are you looking for a haunted place in Pune? Then this is the place you should venture to. According to the locals, the evil spirit of an old lady haunts this place. Eerie sounds, blood-curdling screams, and manic laughter are often heard at night. The locals stay away from this place; still, some might take this as a daunting challenge!

47. House Number W-3, New Delhi

The place is located in Greater Kailash, New Delhi. The story here comes straight from a horror movie. A few years back, an elderly couple was murdered in their own home, and the house is silent from that time. But, lots of supernatural things happen here, muffled laughter, strange voices are heard. All of these casts spell of horror to this place.

48. Chandan Nagar, Pune

Want to be haunted by a child’s ghost? Then visit Chandan Nagar in Pune. The spirit is of a little girl who roams around at night wearing a white frock with a doll in her hands. She appears at midnight and screams at you if you cross her path. The story behind this, a girl was killed at a construction site, and the place is haunted since then.

49. Grand Paradi Towers, Malabar Hills

The living space of most wealthy people has a haunting story to tell. The abandoned flats are the source of the spooky tales, with suicides. The people who died here haunt the place even the residence of this place has been counseled, but no solution came up.

50. Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi

Delhi has become one of the top places for ghosts. The wish-granting Djinns live here in the ruins of the ancient walls. The local legends say the Djinns are the evil spirits who haunt the earth and prey on young women and children. The tale of uncanny visions of women drying their hair on the rooftop will run a chill down your spine for sure.

Hopefully, you get enough ideas about the haunted places in India. If you have enough guts and a brave group, then you can visit these places, but obviously at your own risk!

Have you been to any of these places? Do you know scary places apart from these? Let me know in the comments. 



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