Lemon Grass, Mayfair Lagoon



House No. 8-B, Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Lemon Grass is an extremely celebrated Chinese Restaurant that admirably reinvigorates gratifying oriental dishes while imparting them its own signature touch.


The place has got breathtaking ambience with the soft lighting, beautiful instrumentals playing and you will be in awe of the decor. It keeps you hooked to the place wanting to spend some more time.


The service is impeccable and quick. The staffs are amicable, well presented and concerned about the customers who surely are to earn your respect.


The food served here is exquisite Chinese which are perfect to satisfy your Mandarin craving. The popular dishes are American corn, Chicken Taipei, Fish in banana leaf vegetable, Javanese noodles and Bali Prawn. Crab Fried Rice and kai Kra Pao are the other stars in the show. The desserts are also worth giving a try.


Value for money:

The money you spend there is also worth it. You won’t leave dissatisfied thinking about the money you spend there. The rate is obviously on the expensive side but the experience is obviously worth it and food is worth every single penny of it.

Panda’s recommendation:

For starters have baby corn, salt and pepper prawn and a chicken dish. Baby corn is yummy but the prawns are sure to steal the show. The way they make crabs and prawn are unbelievably tasty. And they make the best Tai Pai chicken. The signature dish Bali prawn is yummy and is worth giving a try. Also, I would recommend Taipei chicken which is delicious. If you haven’t tried Darssan with Ice cream anywhere, make sure you order that in dessert.

Happiness meter:

Lemon Grass has everything you associate with fine dining – the service is earnest, the taste of the food is impeccable, the ambience is refined; but what makes it a cut above the rest is it’s flair for innovation. Everything looks perfect. You will find it an amazing place to visit and surely look forward to this place. So, an overall rating of 9/10 Lemon Grass!







Food and Drinks


Value For Money


Happiness Meter

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