SGD Tofu House: Delicious Soup in Korean Style

Tofu House

Introduction and Ambience:

Some of you might be familiar what a tofu is. Tofu is a bean curd and SGD Tofu House will serve it to you in the best possible way. There are currently two restaurants in California, one in New York and one in Virginia.

The one we have been to was located at 832 Blossom Hill Road, San Jose, California, which is among of many good restaurants in the area.


This SGD Tofu House is quiet when it is not lunch or dinner time, so you do not have to worry about the line all the time. The waitress was helpful and made sure we got what we needed. However, you will have to wait quite long for the dish to be served.


As the name suggests, you will get a hot bowl of tofu that will come with purple rice. You have plenty of choices to choose what to put in your bowl as in the menu here. But before that, you will be greeted with a delicious set of appetizers.

Panda’s recommendation:

Every bowl tastes good because of the well-seasoned soup. The only recommendation we have is the level of spiciness. If you love something spicy, please order the medium level at least, because I ordered the mild level and did not feel anything.

img_6037Value of money:

11-12 dollars with full guarantee that your belly will be full is very cheap. And the appetizers can be refilled, so every dollar you will lose is very worthy.

Happiness meter:

You will be very satisfied with the hot and good-tasted soup that goes well with the tofu and meat. Even though you have to wait for the bowl to come out for a while, the appetizers will keep you occupied.

For more details, please check on Yelp here.






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Value For Money


Happiness Meter

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