Castello di Amorosa: Let’s Do Wine Tasting


Introduction and Ambience:

Castello di Amorosa or Castle of Love in English is one of the most famous wineries in Napa, California. To be exact, the actual address of this winery is in Calistoga. The buildings were built in medieval style. When you get in there, it would feel like you are in a period movie.

Despite how big Castello di Amorosa is, it has only one area that gives you all the services. In the basement, you will be able to taste wine, buy souvenirs and pay for them at cashier. The rest of the castle is solely for you to enjoy a walk and pretend like you are on Game of Thrones.


The entrance fee is 25 dollars. You will be given a ticket for wine tasting. Once you get into the basement area, a staff member dressed in medieval barkeeper costume will escort you to an available spot at the counter. After that, a sommelier will greet you and give you a list of wines. These staff members were very polite and make sure to answer all of your questions. However, the cashier I met was rather rushing to finish her job instead of attempting a good farewell.


There are 3 categories of wine on Castello di Amorosa’s list: White Wine, Red Wine and Sweet Wine. As the sommelier suggested, you should start with a glass of white wine and the rest in order. There are 6 or 7 kinds of wine in each category. But you are allowed to taste for only 5 glasses.

img_7913Panda’s recommendation:

One the list of wine, the price per bottle of each kind is stated next to the name. Therefore, why not try the most expensive ones? Regardless, in taste wise, La Fantasia was the most delicious for me. It is not a surprise that it is the best-selling wine at Castello di Amorosa. Not to mention the so-called non-alcoholic Grape Juice is the best I have ever had. You can tell that it was made from high-quality grapes.

Value of money:

Castello di Amorosa’s entrance fee may seem expensive, but you can stay as long as you wish. And if you taste the most expensive wine, I think the whole experience is not too pricey.

img_7937Happiness meter:

The wine is great as well as the atmosphere at Castello di Amorosa. The view on top of the castle is breathtaking and it does not hurt to imagine you are in Middle Ages for a while.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to go here since moving to Northern Cali! This spring/summer I must take a trip with my husband because he is soooo into castles and Games of Thrones and all that stuff 🙂


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