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Freedom cafe rishikesh

Om Freedom Cafe, Surrounded by beautiful and Serene Ganga and Himalayan peaks, is also popular to be one of the best cafes in Rishikesh. Freedom Café is one of those Cafe’s in Rishikesh, that has not lost its charm and have been attracting travellers for a long time. The café’s setting gives you the perfect views of Ganga, Lakshman Jhoola and The Mighty Himalayas.

When it comes to Rishikesh, the majority of the people assume that Rishikesh is meant only for the adventurous water sports and the sightseeing spots, to the point that they forget about eating good food. Don’t worry, though; I got your back. If you are in Rishikesh, I’d suggest you check out Freedom Café while you are there.

Location and Address of Freedom Café

If you are around the Tapovan area in Rishikesh, that is where the café is located. It is situated around the Laxman Jhula area, so not only can you sightsee around the spot, but you can also make a quick stop there and fill your tummies.

Address: Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249302

Timings: 09:00 am to 10:30 pm

Ambience of Freedom Café

The hippie vibes start coming to you the moment you step into the café. It is one of those typical treehouse cafes with the woven rustic roof. You can see Tibetan flags along with lanterns hanging on the walls.

It overlooks the hills and the fresh greenery outside, allowing you to reel in the beauty while you enjoy a steaming cup of coffee or tea, as per your preferences. It is built in a two-storey building, allowing you to either sit indoors or even choose an outdoor sitting area to further enjoy the view around.  The location is famous for its interiors but is equally popular for the exterior views, especially when it comes to discussing the greenery around.

Freedom Cafe Rishikesh

The yogi style cushion and communal seating space is something that you’ll find in many Rishikesh cafes but here the experience elevates because of lovely food and peaceful music. You’ll notice people playing musical instruments; you too can join their group and make some new friends.

Candle Light Dinner in Rishikesh

Candle night dinner rishikesh

Another thing about this place that further contributes to the ambience is the night setting of this space. It has candle-lit spots around that makes the atmosphere a lot more inviting and romantic. If you enjoy such cosy and quaint places, I would suggest you visit the café during the night time for an even better experience.

Service at Freedom Café

Aside from the ambience, even the people in the café are very warm and humble. They make you feel welcomed, which is one of the highlights of the place. The servers are very polite, and the overall service was pretty impressive, especially with how quick the food was served to us.

Food at Freedom Café

cafes in rishikesh with views

Coming round to the most essential part of this review – THE FOOD. The café is famous for its quality of food. Everything is sourced locally and made by skilled chefs in the kitchen, allowing you to get way worth your money.

It has an Indian menu, which did catch my attention, and I ended up ordering way more than I could. But, then again, it was worth the price and the taste were on point. The Biryani is hands down one of the best parts of the main course. In case you aren’t in the mood for Indian food, try the pizza there. It’s pretty good too.

Aside from the main course, I can’t recommend enough of the desserts. The brownie and doughnuts are way too delectable to pass out on. The place also has it’s the “Freedom Special” dessert, which is the showstopper.

So, the next time you are in Rishikesh and need a good food joint to crave your hunger, Freedom Café is an absolute must-visit. 


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Value For Money


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  • Location and the views are amazing
  • indoor n outdoor seating options
  • great variety of food options


  • might be crowded major of the times


  1. Hi Seema,

    Felt really good to see your blog and a foodie and a traveler myself I must say that you have written beautifully.

    I personally haven’t visited the place but I am sure that I would be going there whenever the pandemic gets over.


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