Top 7 Underrated Destinations in Saudi Arabia No One Talks About


Top 7 Underrated Destinations in Saudi Arabia No One Talks About

There’s a saying that if you want to know the history or culture of a place, you should visit the areas that aren’t commonly travelled to. Saudi Arabia, which is known for its popular tourist destinations like Madain Saleh, Ad-Diriyah, Abha, etc. has a lot of unexplored spots in the country.

The next time you confirm a Saudi Airlines booking, we’d recommend adding these spots to your itinerary without fail.

  1. Unaizah

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Did you know that Unaizah celebrates 12 different festivals each year? This means that the place is adorned with festivities pretty much throughout the entire year. The Al Gadha festival is hands down one of the most popular festivals in the area.

If you want to bask in the beauty of this underrated spot, we’d recommend checking out Al Bassam Palace, which exudes elegance, thanks to its unique architecture.

  1. Jabal Hassan Island

Who doesn’t want to have an entire island to themselves for an entire day, right? If that’s something you want to explore, Jabal Hassan Island is a stunning place to be in. The place mimics the beauty of the popular Farasan Islands but without the crowd.

You can relax, get a tan and simply soak in the beauty of the beautiful surroundings. The beauty of the sparkling sand and the deep blue ocean water is a sight to behold.

  1. Dhee Ayn

There’s nothing that describes Dhee Ayn’s beauty. The place is known for its idyllic village and the lush greenery that surrounds the place. It is a historic township that dates back 400+ years in the past and reflects the beauty and rich culture and heritage of the place.

What’s breathtaking is the collective view of the white stone buildings surrounded by the beautiful dark greenery around them. While you are there, ensure to interact with the locals and get a sniff of the gorgeous flowers.

  1. Rijal Alma

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A sight for architectural nerds, Rijal Alma sits at the foot of a valley with a backdrop of the stunning mountain ranges around. A single look at this place is enough to entice you with its beauty and rich history.

You’d have to take a cable car from the Souda National Park complex to be able to explore the entire spot. Although a little offbeat location, we’d recommend you not miss out on this spot because of the scenic views and the rich history that’s behind this place.

  1. Ha’il

If you are familiar with the writings of legendary poet Hatim Taie, Ha’il enables you to view Saudi Arabia and its inhabitants in a completely different light. The culture and hospitality alongside the generosity of the people are a treat to watch.

Besides the tall mountains and carvings and inscriptions, Ha’il also enables you to explore the local markets of Saudi, especially if you want to get your hands on some spices. There are souks around the area, which is another reason why you have to explore the spot.

  1. Al-Kharj

Unless you are a history nerd, Al-Kharj might not be an enticing spot for you. However, if you are indeed a history nerd, the large wells would be a treat to watch and walk by. The locals believe these wells were created after a meteor crash.

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There is also King Abdul Aziz’s Palace, which you should visit while you are in the area. What is enticing are the mud-brick homes that surround the area. They are often hand carved and stand tall in lines.

  1. Tayma

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There’s no point in booking your Saudi Arabia airlines ticket if you don’t even explore a desert oasis in Saudi Arabia. Tayma is an offbeat spot that is reportedly 2500 years old. You can find the remains and existence of several popular palaces around.

If you are particularly a big fan of museums and history, this is a spot that needs to be on your itinerary on your next visit to Saudi Arabia. The rock formation at Al Naslaa is a treat to watch.


Saudi Arabia is a pilgrim for all the history and architecture nerds. If you have been meaning to explore some offbeat destinations, we hope this article gives you a quick rundown of the best ones. Not only are they significant to the place’s history, but they are also less crowded too.


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