Best Veg Biryanis in Vijayawada (2021 edition)


Best (*Vegetarian*) Biryanis in Vijayawada (2021 edition)

Foodies in Vijayawada love Biriyanis, for the people of Bezawada, Biriyani is not just any other Dish it’s an emotion, There are a lot of restaurants in Vijayawada which serve different kinds of biriyanis suiting different tastes of people. But finding the best Biriyani (Veg) is a task. Here is a list of places in Vijayawada that serve one of the finest Veg Biriyani’s,

With this article, we try to answer your questions like “Where can we find the best vegetarian Biriyani in Vijayawada”, “Best Veg Biriyani in Vijayawada”, “Best Restaurants in Vijayawada”,” Best Paneer Biriyani in Vijayawada”,” Best Paneer 65 Biriyani in Vijayawada”, “Best Pulav in Vijayawada”, “Best Cooker Pulav in Vijayawada”

Here is a list of 20 Restaurants that serve Veg Biriyani in Vijayawada, let’s check them out 🙂

  1. Continental Park Hotel: This is one of the Classic Biriyani Restaurants in Vijayawada, We loved their Paneer Tikka Biriyani, the Rice is non-sticky and each grain is separated, Not undercooked nor overcooked, The Dum Biriyani Rice is perfect. We suggest you dine in to experience Hot and Fresh Paneer Tikka Biriyani, being served with Raita and Salan.
    Our Rating: 7.8/10
    Before Lockdown/pandemic it was also available at midnight, but now they are open only until 11pm
  2. Deep Punjabi hotel, Islampet, One town: We can surely say that this place still serves one of the Best Veg Khuska in Vijayawada, also the Veg rice is made separately so no need to worry about the non-veg spoons/utensils getting mixed up 😀  🙂 .
    Khuska from Deep Punjabi Hotel 1 Town

    Our Rating: 8.7/10 ( extra points for balancing the biriyani spices perfectly and consistently)

  3. Puri Vurii: We would suggest Paneer 65 Biryani, Mushroom 65 Biriyani, and Ulavacharu Biriyani, Team Panda loved their Paneer 65 Biriyani and Ulavacharu Veg Biriyani. By Default, they tend to use a bit of colour in their paneer 65/mushroom 65 topping, unless specified not to. Their Biriyani rice was one of the finest among all, nonsticky, non-greasy, no foul after taste. We can clearly say this is one of the top Pure Veg restaurants that serve Fusion Biriyanis.
    Ulavacharu Veg Biriyani
    Paneer 65 Biriyani from Puri Vurii
    Mushroom 65 Biriyani

    Our Rating: 8.5/10 ( Extra points for the perfectly cooked Biriyani rice 🙂 )

  4. 90’s Cafe and Restaurant: We would recommend (Tandoori/Paneer Tikka) Veg Biriyani here, They have maintained the hygiene and standard taste, We also liked the fact that they ask us our preferences while placing the order Dine-in to suit our taste, also they follow the instructions while ordering online.
    Paneer Biriyani from 90’s Restaurant
    90’s Restaurant

    Our Rating: 7.5/10

  5. Kohinur / Hotel Aira: Their Paneer Biriyani and Veg Biriyani were well packed, Hygienically cooked, and tastes great, gives a premium feel, also they didn’t use any Food colors and essence, which left our hands clean 🙂  also to our surprise, their Raitha was excellent, thick curd with small diced onions, grated carrot, and diced chilies, which goes really well with the Biriyani. Even the Paneer pieces were really Soft and diced to the correct size to fit in your hand while eating 😀 (Because Biriyani tastes excellent when you have it with your hands). overall a finger liking good experience :).
    Paneer Biriyani from Hotel Aira’s Kohinur Restaurant Vijayawada

    Our Rating: 7.8/10

  6. Heera Fusion Restaurant: We tried their Paneer 65 Biriyani, and the biriyani rice was quite spicy and the paneer was a bit overcoated, overall a well-cooked, Spicy Paneer 65 Biriyani. Our suggestion would be to instruct before ordering, as we found some inconsistency. Sometimes the paneer was hard and sometimes it was soft and well cooked.
    Our Rating: 7/10 (-1 for the  Inconsistency:( )
  7. Hotel Vdara: We tried the Paneer Biriyani, Paneer Bhurji Biriyani, Paneer Makhani Biriyani, and the Kaju Pulav/Biriyani here, they were Decent, the Biriyani rice was well cooked, the pulav style rice was a bit spicy and high on the flavor of garam-masala. We also tried the Cut Mirchi Biriyani, the dum rice was the same, just the Cutmirchi masala topping was added on the regular dum biriyani rice. Overall Worth the price.
    Our Rating: 7/10
  8. Orka Cafe: One of the Healthy options for Veg Biriyanis in Vijayawada, We tried their Veg Brown Rice Biriyani, it’s an all-natural, no food colors, no essence, no foul after taste, overall a good Veg Biriyani experience, also the chefs here are really good in taking note of how you like your food and customize even the smallest things to the food to suit your taste and give you a good healthy gastronomical experience. even their Raita and Salan were really good, the Raita was thick enough to go really well with the basmati brown rice.
    Veg Brownrice Biriyani at Orka Cafe

    Our Rating: 8.5/10 extra brownie points for the healthy food 🙂

  9. Behroz Biriyani: This is another Standard chain of cloud kitchens, that also serve Veg and Paneer Biriyani in Vijayawada, we tried their Lucknowi style Paneer Biriyani, it was topped with Almond Slices and tastes really good with the stuffed masala, but they could improve by not adding artificial colours and essence. it feels as if they had just cooked the biriyani in a microwave (like the instant pre-prepared ready to eat Biriyanis).
  10. Synergy Family Restaurant: The Biriyani rice of Paneer 65 Biriyani was nice, even though the paneer 65 was a bit well coated, it didn’t have artificial colours, also their regular Paneer Biriyani was slightly similar to Behrouz’s Taste, overall a good Biryani experience.
    Paneer Biriyani, Synergy Restaurant Vijayawda
    Paneer 65 Biriyani, Synergy Restaurant Vijayawada

    Our Rating: 7/10

  11. Curries and Biriyanis: We tried their Paneer Makhani Biriyani which was a bit on the sweet side, and Veg/Paneer Biriyani which was really tasty, they don’t use any artificial colouring or essence, and biriyani rice was also hygienically cooked, and the oil was also perfect, the rice didn’t stick nor our hands got oily.
    Paneer Makhani Biriyani from Curries and Biriyani’s

    Where can you find Bucket Biriyani in Vijayawada?
    Curries and Biriyani’s Location:—in-kilos-also?share
    one can also order Biriyani’s of their choice in Kilo’s
    Our Rating: 8/10

  12. Milap: Their Khuska was also good, but a bit oily and a neutral taste, less spicy, many patrons like their style of khuska :).
    Our Rating: 7/10
  13. Cove 2021: We had a different experience with this place, they serve The Biriyani rice separately and the Paneer Curry separately. it was like a paneer curry being served with Khuska. overall the curry was a bit oily, and the rice could also have been improved. Looking from a price point and quality it’s Average.
    Our Rating: 6/10
  14. Biriyani Pot: It serves one of the Best, Spicy, perfectly cooked Kaju Paneer Biriyani in Vijayawada, It’s a complete Andhra Style Kaju Paneer Curry topped on Fragrant Biriyani Rice. The quality and quantity for the price are quite good. The Biriyani Rice is also well cooked, nonsticky, no-greasy texture, The curry is high on spice, and the Biriyani Rice’s medium spice hits the right balance when had together.
    Special Kaju Paneer Biriyani, Biriyani Pot Vijayawada

    Where can you find Pot Biriyani / Kunda Biriyani in Vijayawada?
    Well we would say the Biriyani pot Located on the 3rd floor of  PVP mall Vijayawada
    Our Rating: 8.7/10

  15. Aakali Rajyam @ K-Street: Their Kaju Paneer Biriyani is good, the only issue we had was the amount of colour they used in the Kaju Paneer curry, also their rice was really well cooked. Looking from a price point the quality could be improved.
    Our Rating: 6.5/10
  16. Sai Biriyani Palace: Their Kaju Paneer and Veg Biriyani’s were good, The biriyani rice was well cooked, and even the kajupaneer curry was neatly layered between the rice, but all that oil from the curry drenches the lower portion of the rice, and they use natural Kesar, no colours, no essence, overall the biriyani was Average.
    Our Rating: 7/10
  17. 9 Kitchens: We had the Cooker Pulav and Wood Fired Biriyanis here, the Cooker pulav was served hot, straight from the stove to the table, it was perfectly cooked, tasted great. One can also find Authentic Wood fire Biriyani in Vijayawada at 9 Kitchens, which are well cooked with fresh ingredients, and in the traditional way.
    Paneer Cooker Pulav, 9 Kitchens

    Where is 9 Kitchens Located in Vijayawada?
    Our Rating:8.5/10

  18. Temptations: The Veg Tawa Pulav from temptations is also a really good option for vegetarians, its spicy veg tawa pulav tastes really good, make sure to instruct the staff about how you like your pulav before ordering, we would suggest asking for less oily and no artificial coloring to be added.Location:
    Our Rating: 7.5/10
  19. Bammas Restaurant:  We tried the Paneer Biriyani rice bowl, and we were surprised by the quality and quantity served at such competitive price, the Paneer was soft, well marinated, the Spices were well balanced, the rice was a bit overcooked but just enough tolerance to call it a Biriyani rice and not pulav, we would definitely like to order again from this place and try more of their dishes.
    Bamma Restaurant, Paneer Biriyani

    Our Rating: 7/10 ( Extra points for being budget-friendly, and going with an online app offers the price discounts further)

  20. Aromas Restaurant DV Manor: This is a Restaurant located in the heart of the city, its really famous for its Cut Mirchi Biriyani, it has got a different taste, its a fusion of authentic cutmirchi bajji with Biriyani.Location:
    Our Rating:7/10


Hope this article helps you decide the Best place to have/order a Veg Biriyani in Vijayawada.

Do let us know in the comments section if you find some more best Biriyani Places in Vijayawada which serve a Quality Veg Biriyani Worth a try.

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