Everything You Need to Know about Blue Tea – Benefits and Side Effects

Butterfly pea blue tea
Blue Tea

All of us have heard about green tea and white tea. But, how many of you have heard of blue tea? Presumably, not many of us have heard of this type of tea. With the rising popularity of herbal teas, blue tea is trending and for the right reasons! 

Butterfly pea blue tea
Blue Tea

For those who are exploring new ways to incorporate non-caffeine teas, or like me 😉 you enjoy trying out new varieties of teas, the dried blue pea flowers are considered a healthy herbal tea option. Not only does it have an attractive blue color, but it also helps in aiding weight loss, as it possesses several antioxidant properties, all of which are considered helpful for your overall health by reducing free radical damage.

In case you are planning on trying out blue tea, there are a few important factors that you need to keep a check on. We have listed everything you possibly need to know.

What is Blue Tea?

Unlike green tea, blue tea is not made from the tea leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant. It is a caffeine-free herbal tea made from the blue pea flowers or the Clitoria ternatea plant.

The tea can be steeped either fresh or dried, depending on what your preferences are. 

The popularization of blue tea has become more popular in recent times, especially because of the caffeine-free property.

It initially became popular after being sold in the market with Oolong, Black, and Green tea, depending on one’s personal preferences.

How to make blue tea?

Making blue tea is nothing different than making any other type of tea.

Just like you make green or black tea, making blue tea is just the same.

Here’s what you need to do.

  • Start by taking 1 tsp of blue tea, preferably the dried one
  • In a cup of hot water, add the dried blue tea and steep it for 2-3 minutes
  • Depending on how strong you like tea, you can steep it more
  • Strain the leaves immediately after

List of Benefits of Blue tea

With the products out of the way, the next thing you need to know about is the benefits of blue tea.

For the most part, many influencers on the internet suggest it for weight loss and overall better health.

To help you make a better purchase decision, here are some of the benefits you likely didn’t know about.

Loaded with antioxidants

The very first and likely the highlight of this herbal tea is its wide range of antioxidants.

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The flavonoids paired with that helps improve your overall health for the better, especially when discussing oxidative stress and free radical damage.

The reduced oxidative stress helps in keeping your well-being in check and prevents the risks of cancer too.

Enhances cognition

Apart from the antioxidative properties, the blue tea also helps in improving your mood and brain function.

The earthy and soothing taste and flavor of the blue tea are considered to be a mood enhancer. It also helps prevent the haywire of your brain functions, calming you down for the better.

It has direct impacts on handling signs of anxiety and stress, both of which can impact your overall mental health for the worse.

Drinking this tea helps refresh your brain and at the same time, keeps you refreshed and energetic throughout the day.

Promotes weight loss

Of course, how can we even miss out on this health benefit? 

The reason why blue tea gained so much popularity over time is because of how well it works with your weight loss goals.

It is a natural diuretic, which means that it helps rid you of the excess body water, enabling weight loss.

But, you must consult a doctor before consuming this, especially if you have renal disorders.

Might help with diabetes

Even though there is not much evidence to back up the claims, it is believed that the consumption of blue tea further promotes blood sugar regulation.

Further studies need to be conducted to get more conclusive knowledge surrounding the same.

The blue tea consumption also helps with excess cholesterol and liver diseases, especially fatty liver disease. 

The combination of the two keeps your metabolism and overall well-being in check.

Slows down aging

One of the primary reasons behind premature aging is because of oxidative stress. Since blue tea has a good level of antioxidants in them, it has been found beneficial in helping improve the skin texture.

It makes your skin look younger and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, in the long run.

The anti-glycation effects of blue tea have further benefits in fighting complaints of skin aging.

It also has flavonoids that promote better collagen production, restoring the lost elasticity of the skin.

Promotes better hair health

Last but not least is the benefit of blue tea for your hair health. 

It contains an antioxidant compound, anthocyanin, one that helps improve the blood circulation in the head, enabling better hair growth.

It also nourishes your scalp and strengthens the hair follicles too.

Improves vision

If you wear glasses or have blurry vision, blue tea is considered good for your eye health.

The main component in the blue tea that helps improve your vision is the active antioxidant, proanthocyanidin, one that helps improve the blood circulation to the capillaries to the eyes.

It also helps fight against the damage of retinal damage and glaucoma.

The majority of the natives in Indonesia tend to use this tea as a natural treatment option for your eyes.

Improves heart health

Not many realise or know about this but the consumption of blue tea is considered beneficial for your heart health.

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Several studies have found cholesterol-lowering properties of blue tea, the pivotal risks behind heart diseases.

It also reduces the risks of hyperlipidemia, further curbing the risks of heart diseases. It reduces the incidence of blood clots, which further keeps your cardiovascular health in check.

Blue tea also reduces the levels of LDL and triglycerides in the body.

Reduces risks of Premature greying and balding in men

If you have an affinity towards hair loss and prematurely balding, the consumption of blue tea can likely help.

The anti-glycation properties of the blue tea help reduce the incidence of aging, slowing down the process. It also reduces the appearance of grey hair and receding hairline.

Additionally, it also has Quercetin, which strengthens the hair follicles, allowing better hydration in the hair and skin cells.

Improves more Brain Health

Another reason why blue tea is considered good for you is to improve your brain health. The antioxidants in the blue tea further boost brain power and enhance your memory and cognition.

Several studies have found effective impacts in reducing the signs of depression in individuals and helps calm down your nerves.

Even a conducted study found that the root of the blue tea plant is more potent than the leaves and stem.

The blue tea has good levels of acetylcholine in it, which is beneficial for improving nerve health for the better. Overall, it boosts your brain function and health for the better.

Reduces inflammation

Lastly, if you struggle with inflammation, the consumption of blue tea has been found helpful for your health.

The antioxidants in the blue tea suggest that the high levels of the same are effective enough in fighting against inflammation.

It also protects your body against chronic diseases. It has anesthetic diseases that reduce pain and swelling.

Additionally, flavonoids in the blue tea help boost the immune system, enabling a better fight against inflammation and infections in the body.

What are the side effects of blue tea?

Apart from the benefits, blue tea consists of a few side effects too.

It is an herbal tea, which ensures that the caffeine content in it is close to none.

Even though the list of side effects is not very prominent, studies suggest that overconsumption of the blue tea can lead to nausea, indigestion, and diarrhea.

In case you are pregnant or breastfeeding your child, it is better you don’t consume this tea at all.

Since this is an herbal tea, you must practice caution before starting drinking it.

What is the best time to drink?

If you are worried when to drink this tea, consuming it in the morning and evening is considered best.

Always ensure that you drink or eat something before drinking the blue tea. 

Since this is an herbal tea, drinking this on an empty stomach might not be considered the best option, especially during the mornings.

For steeping the blue tea, you must strain the tea after 2-3 minutes. Steeping it more leaves a bitter taste which is not favourable at all.

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Best Blue Tea Products You Can Buy

In case you are planning on starting drinking blue tea, there are a few different options that you can look at. We have sorted out a few top ones.


From Amazon Indian find the link below



From Amazon.com find the collection below,

Butterfly Pea Flowers by Majestic Herbs


The very first option in the list is this one from Majestic Herbs. It is a memory enhancer and brain booster, allowing you to calm yourself down throughout the day. It is also packed with a host of antioxidants, reducing the risks of oxidative stress in the body.

Some of the other benefits of this blue tea are on the skin and vision. It improves skin elasticity and promotes hair growth and health. If you are constantly complaining about reduced libido, this is your safest bet.

The best thing about this brand is likely organic property. It is chemical-free and is freshly packed every time you order the tea. The package comes with 50g of tea that you can use according to your daily needs.

Incas 100% USDA Organic Premium Butterfly Pea Flower Tea


Second, on the list is this popular one from Incas. Even this one is a 100% organic and chemical-free option that enhances cognition and improves your overall well-being. It has a very concentrated nature, so you don’t have to steep it for long.

It is packed with antioxidants and flavonoids, all of which have promising benefits on your health. It rejuvenates your skin health too. It has nootropic and anti-inflammatory properties too, aiding better physical and mental health in the long run.

It is sustainably sourced from Thailand and is chemical-free. You also get a 100% money-back guarantee along with complete customer satisfaction.

Blue Tea


The last option on the list is the Generic Blue Tea. This is a good quality blue tea, one that you wouldn’t regret buying. 

It is gluten-free and is perfect for individuals who have trouble sleeping and suffer from lucid dreams. It helps cool down your nervous system, allowing better health in the long run. It is also biodynamic and vegan.

In case you are planning on making this tea, it is better you infuse it not more than 2 minutes to extract the health benefits but not make the taste overwhelming.


When talking about blue tea, there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind. It is a healthy herbal tea but at the same time, overconsumption can lead to serious side effects. This is the reason why you must practice consuming it in moderation.

At the end of the day, you want to extract the benefits from the blue tea and not the other way around. If you are starting to drink this tea for your weight loss journey, you must consult your doctor first.

Blue tea is presumably still new in the whole weight loss trend. So, being cautious about its consumption is very important. It could hinder your medicines and even affect your digestion in the long run. In case you experience any kind of side effects, you should consult a doctor without fail.



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