7 Tips & Tricks for buying minimalistic furniture online


A home is where we unwind and at the same time host events and parties. With these two extremities coming in and being crucial to our social and personal images, our home should be able to reflect both without causing a visual disorientation. Minimalist décor is the answer for this as the décor features the bare essentials in terms of furniture but the sharp edges and neutral tones works well to give your house a modern look that plays well with the party theme. The base idea for minimalist décor is to have less to reflect more. 

Tips on buying minimalistic furniture online

While the idea of minimalistic décor sounds simple, after all how hard it can be to reduce clutter and stick to the essentials, in reality it is pretty difficult and finding the perfect balance between neutral and warm is tricky. You can easily end up getting a room that looks too cold and empty or have a clash of focal points. But, here are seven tips and tricks to guide you through this tricky yet fun decorating journey:

  1. Color palettethe neutral shades are a must for minimalist décor. Whites and light greys with subdued and faded pastels are your friend but too much white will give a clinical look to your house. Adding dashes of colors with accessories or paint is a great way to balance the two look.

  2. The furniture – cutting down the clutter is essential. Take a look around and list all the furniture and accessories you do not need. Do away with those. The bedroom might be tricky as you rarely have things that you will not require but saving up on space is your goal. You can look for storage beds online to invest in dual functionality. Warm up the room with dark blankets and light pastel hues on the walls.

  3. Quality designs – your furniture should do the talking. While you are doing away with the unnecessary, make sure that you invest in quality pieces and that includes furniture that offers multiple functional options. Your sofa can turn into a bed or your bookshelf door can double as a table. These premium quality designs will work wonders for your room.

  4. At the edge – the design of minimalistic furniture is sharp and edgy with defined lines. Functional is what the minimalist is all about but playing with rounded stools or geometric tables break the monotone without disturbing the overall theme.

  5. Brighten it up – with all the neutral tones, you might think that you do not need much light but that will make the whole design fall flat. The proper lighting is the answer to make the room look cosy. Highlight on the pieces and accessories that will form the focal point in your rooms – be it the sofa or a painting or the dining table.

  6. Go green – the best way to break the cold feeling of the minimalist décor is adding small plants to your room. The greens and the multicoloured leaves will do the task for you.

  7. Focal point – there are lots of empty spaces in the minimalistic décor and playing it right is difficult. While the furniture often acts as the focal point, you can add something decorative – like pictures or an elegant lamp – to be the focal point.

Going minimal is often the best decision especially if you are the kind that likes to feel de-cluttered after a long day. The minimalist trend is slowly, but surely, catching up in India and when you are looking to purchase furniture online india then a bit of surfing will guide you to the right place.

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