Babai Hotel Vijayawada Same Lip-Smacking Food with A Revamped Ambiance


When we are out and about trying to explore new places, the one thing that every person doesn’t want to compromise on is the quality of food. OG food places aren’t a new concept and so isn’t the popular food joint, Babai Hotel. This Vijayawada delicacy is more than a restaurant, it is sheer nostalgia.

renovated Babai Hotel Vijayawada

The place has witnessed the presence of some of the most popular South Indian movie actors and eminent personalities who revert just for the food. It is not your typical five-star hotel but the food is immaculate and the White butter topped on Soft Idly Combination is just out of the world.

With the constantly growing popularity of this joint, our famous old Babai Hotel has undergone a complete makeover. The entire place has been revamped, giving it a more modern and spacious look. But, the one thing that hasn’t changed there is the quality of the food. 

I recently visited the hotel after its reconstruction and I thought why not share the same experience with my readers too.

Location and Address

If you are anywhere around the NRP Road, Gandhinagar in Vijayawada, the Babai Hotel is located just around the area. All you have to do is reach the main road and ask someone around you 🙂 . 

Location – N R P Road, Gandhinagar, Vijayawada 520003, India

The Ambiance of Babai Hotel

Just because the hotel is famous across Andhra Pradesh and even Telangana, doesn’t mean that you can expect something majestic. The ambiance of the place isn’t on the priority list, the food is. So, if you are going with expectations of finding a royal and premium looking hotel, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

It has a very basic layout with a clean and very well organized setting that allows the customers to get their tokens and then reach out to the self-service counter where they need to wait for their food to be prepared.

Babai Hotel Idly
Ghee Karapodi Idly at Babai Hotel

Once the food is done, you can secure a table for yourself and enjoy the lip-smacking food in peace. But, make sure that you avoid the rush hours because finding a proper place to sit during those times is nothing short of a dream. The ambiance is very crowded with the constant chatter of people around you but somehow, you fall in love with the place even more because of its simplicity.

Service at Babai Hotel

I wouldn’t say that the service is Top notch but yet it’s decent enough. You might not have to wait for a long time for your food, which is pretty awesome but the employees there  handle so many customers at a time which is kind of a tiresome job that they endure throughout the day. So be nice to them 🙂

The food at Babai Hotel

Coming round to the centerpiece of this review, the food. If there’s one thing you wouldn’t regret visiting this hotel for, it’s the food. The South Indian delicacies are delicious and too good to be true. While you are there, try the ghee Karam idli or dosa and the Upma Pesarattu as well. I can vouch that these are one of the best you have had so far in your life.

The steaming hot idlis with a dollop of butter and the Karampodi on the side along with the accessory chutneys are a match made in heaven. When there, try out the ginger chutney, even that is pretty amazing. The breakfast rush in the place is what the hotel is known for. So popular that even some of the leading actors and politicians come in and wait for their turn for the food.

If you aren’t very fond of Idles and Dosas, they also have Upma and other breakfast options like Mysore Bajji/Bonda, Gowduma Rawa Upma (broken Wheat/Daliya upma), etc.. are also available  that you can try out.

They also have the Iconic Filter Coffee which is very popular for its authentic taste among their Customers.

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With the revamped look and feel, Babai Hotel has managed to hold its integrity in, which is enough of a reason why you wouldn’t regret visiting this place at least once in your life. So, the next time you are in Vijayawada, make sure that you drop by this place and try out some Authentic Vijayawada Style breakfast at Babai Hotel.


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