Sherlock’s Pub in Bangalore, Full Review.

sherlocks pub bangalore

Named after the famous Sherlock, This place Sherlock’s Pub, is Located on the 4th floor in Kalyan Nagar, this place is a hub for everyone who loves good music, or just to have a drink or dance, or play some pool. The music will make you groove and dance, you definitely cannot control shaking a leg here.


The atmosphere of Sherlock’s Pub is chilled out, this place conditions itself with the natural breeze which is perfect for the climate in Bangalore. They have a roof top on the 5th floor. The music and the Dj totally rock this place. We also played some pool, which was fun.

Food and drinks at Sherlock’s Pub:

We had two cocktails, one long island ice tea which was modest and decently strong as per our taste. We also had Sherlock’s special, as shown in the picture below, it’s vodka and kiwi based , it felt great. The mocktails were tasty as well.

Sherlock's Pub bangalore

Coming to the food, we had a pizza which was stuffed with mushrooms, jalapenos and bell peppers, but needs more improvement.  The crispy chilli baby corn did justice to its name, and the paneer tikka was our favourite with perfect marination and spices and the generous quantity of vegetable.

sherlocks pub

A hot chocolate brownie with ice cream was a classic finish to the delicious day at Sherlock’s Pub.


The staff was friendly and was attentive to our table. The food did not make us wait long either. Happy with the service.

Value for Money:

The menu and the prices were at par with any other place with similar standards, yet the taste did a justice so we feel the value for money was justified and positive. We will rate Sherlock’s Pub 8/10 (averaging food and drink)

Happiness Meter:

We came out smiling, Overall, we recommend Sherlock’s Pub for a ladies night or just to enjoy the music and drink along with a match of pool for our weekend visits list.






Food and Drinks


Value For Money


Happiness Meter

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