Tadka Singh,Indiranagar, Bringing Punjab in Bangalore?

Tadka Singh

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Are you craving for yummy homely Punjabi food or healthy food in Bangalore? Tadka Singh can make your taste buds go on a Punjab tour, it located in Indiranagar, church street, whitefield and Koramangala in Bangalore. The below experience is of Tadka Singh Indira Nagar review. 


Located opposite to the Metro Station, CMH Road,  Indiranagar, Tadka Singh is a worth visiting eatery with an attractive and lively ambience. The atmosphere of this eating house is fantastic with funny utterance hung all over and a complementing decor.

Tadka SinghTadka Singh

The service here is good and novel. Most often, when we go to a restaurant, we have to wait for hours even without a clue when our food will be served. But here, at Tadka Singh, once you order your grub they will give you a disc. The disc will start vibrating indicating that you can grab a bite to eat as the food you ordered is ready! You have to simply sit with your loved ones, and your food is ready before you could finish your talk. They serve you within 15 minutes. Amazing, isn’t it?

Taste and cuisine:

They provide you with home made style food. But they are known for selling yummy Punjabi cuisine. From Amritsar paratha to Tandoori chicken, from achari paneer masala to lassi, every dish has a homely taste which makes you feel as if you are at home away from your home.Tadka Singh

Can you imagine any place where you can get food without a pinch of the chemical in it? I can very well say that here we get chemical free and surprisingly, they don’t use maida because this (maida flour) stays in your tummy for a long time before getting digested.



Moreover, what impresses me more is their attitude towards community service. Isn’t it a  good thought to donate the leftover food to the nearby Rakkam school. Thus, they provide fresh food to its customers.
When you get bored with cooking or eating from home, you can go with your family to make your evening memorable. Or if you are waiting for a chance to impress your lady or even your boss, this restaurant provides different dishes for every hungry stomach. Just grab the menu card, order and it lets you forget yourself in the luscious and appetising food of this hotel.

Panda’s Recommendation:

You should taste chole kulcha, Punjabi parathas, paneer, rajma curry and butter chicken. Add a couple of these dishes in your must have list! Visit this place once and you can no more escape from the attraction you develop for the food being sold here. Honestly speaking, I would like to go whenever I develop a craving for eating out.

Value for money:

We would certainly give a full score for the value for money spent, their price is very affordable.

Happiness meter at Tadka Singh:

In short, you can expect Tadka Singh to provide you with good service and decent tasty food and regarding the overall satisfaction, we would give a 4/5. The mouth watering Punjabi cuisine will take you to the food bowl of India within no time!

Tadka Singh

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