15 Everyday Super Foods That Help You Lose Weight.


Did you know that there are foods that help you lose weight? Our modern lifestyle and work culture has numerous ill effects on our health. Most important being weight accumulation. It eventually leads us to various other health conditions that make our life harder.

Weight accumulation can be attributed to diet irregularities, junk food consumption, work addiction/ stress, and dodge active lifestyles.

Now that most of us have already crossed our ideal range of body mass index (BMI), we wonder if we can start over and maintain ideal BMI. So what could be the counter-mechanism? Exercise, food, rest, etc. what would be the perfect solution to this issue? We are clueless, aren’t we?

What if a simple diet could trigger your internal BMI regulatory mechanism if you are vigilant and precautionary?

Yes, that’s possible; better said feasible. Species of Foods do exist That Help You Lose Weight and can make your day regarding satiety and trigger weight loss at the same time. Mother Nature has answers to your woes, and these solutions are the ones that we shared below. Make these foods a continuous part of your diet and enjoy the lost weight and thin waist.

List of Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Apple:Image result for apple for health

It is rich in soluble fiber that helps in controlling hunger over long periods. It is quite ideal for breakfast; eat either raw or in salads, with custard or as apple dessert. Doctor’s frequently recommend Apples due to their rich nutrients and apple’s are one of the best Foods That Help You Lose Weight.

Avocado:foods that help you lose weight

Along with fibre and protein, this butter fruit has plenty of the variety fat to satisfy appetite while controlling hunger. It can be consumed raw or in the form of Guacamole sauce. Avocado is one of the best food’s that help with weight loss. 

Blueberries:foods that help you lose weight

These blue gems are low calorie and offer filling fiber. They can be blended into smoothies or consumed by flavoring Greek yogurt.


It is often said that overeating broccoli is better than cheating with chocolate. This super-food helps you be chock-full for longer. This vegetable has lots of fiber and high water content. Either steam to eat with rice or bake with Pasta or Pizza.


This distant cousin of broccoli is a non-starchy vegetable. Likewise, it is also rich in fibers has a high level of water content and low calories. It can be a satisfying meal regarding keeping you jam-packed and active.



It is an excellent source of protein which is low in calories. Eggs are the perfect food items to be eaten for breakfast, snack time or even in a sandwich. You can use some Kitchen Food Hacks to separate the yolk from the white egg.

Greek yogurt:

greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is indeed a very rewarding food because of its taste and thick consistency. As far as calories are concerned, it offers proteins to nourish calorie burning muscles. Besides, Greek Yogurt is a useful source of iodine that helps thyroid gland to maintain a healthy metabolism.

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Cayenne pepper:Image result for cayenne pepper for health

Colorful outside and fiery inside; this super food has a substance called capsaicin that fights food cravings. Never try the fresh Cayenne pepper, use it for seasoning.


Kidney beans:Image result for kidney beans for health

Kidney beans offer a mixed bag of proteins, fibers and other nutrients as well. Consume these beans in a soupy dish or serve with rice.

Oats:Image result for oats for health

Oats are considered as one of the best food for weight loss. They are full of carbohydrates which as a result help us feel full throughout the day. I would also suggest you start your day with a cereal breakfast.

Salmon fish:Image result for salmon for health

Salmon dishes lean protein combined with appetite while suppressing the healthy fats. It’s best to have them shallow fried or smoked. Hunt out for the freshly-caught fish at your nearest local market.

Spinach:Image result for spinach for health

Spinach is ideal for salads when combined with olive oil. The compounds in spinach reduce hunger cravings for unhealthy food and therefore boost weight loss.

Almonds:Image result for almonds for health

Eating a handful of almonds in place of a regular snack can help you lose weight quickly. Almond is rich in fiber and healthy fats while being low in calories. As a Result, Health and weight loss together!

Banana:Image result for banana for health

Blend this tasty fruit in a smoothie or consume it raw. Banana is loaded with calories, carbohydrates, fiber and natural sugar. Isn’t that the simplest tip of weight-loss?                      

Lemon:Image result for lemon for health

Ideal for beverages, lemon a low-calorie alternative furthermore helps you to meet your weight loss goals. Simply drinking lemon with water can help keep your metabolism rates higher than usual.

So these are 15 Foods That Help You Lose Weight, so don’t forget to include them in your diet. Pin it for Later and Share it 🙂




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