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Obesity not a problem

Plus size girls are conceived differently in society. People nudge them with their stereotypes about their lifestyle, choices, habits, and what not. Being skinny is too a curse, it’s as if they will blow me away. In that case, the cuss should be done away with. You will be flabbergasted if you go through the lifestyle of Jacqueline Kiara Ledlie.

Stereotypes are bane, just break the shackles and look through it. Here are few:-

1. They don’t look beautiful !! Is it?

Please come out of the fantasy, I think they can make for most of the winners of the beauty shows. It’s just a Western outlook that a woman with zero size looks beautiful. Oh, it’s a new era just deconstruct the mental setup and look at these few pictures.

Jacqualine Kiara Ledlie

They are as glamorous as any girl…

2. Health Freaks Stay Away

Hey, do you know all my medical reports are normal? Her friend replied, ” But how is this possible? You are so overweight.”

Oh, readers just imagine how can one infer an unhealthy one just because of plus size.  BMI is not an accurate way to determine a healthy body.

I am okay

It’s obviously how healthy you keep it so that the metabolism of your body is intact and is wearing well, all your endeavours of life. Obesity is not that huge a problem as portrayed.

3. Oh they can only wear black and shades which are dark

Just a frivolously freaking thought of restraining your imagination. Just go for any shade anywhere you want. Be it western or Indian. Be confident in what you are and whatever you drape yourself with.

Colourful clothes

How can someone else determine your wardrobe colour?

4. They gobble voluminously

Oh please, plus size girls just don’t sit and eat. They are as energetic and engaging as any normal being. They love to eat but aren’t gluttonous about food.

Foody yet healthy

In fact, they are much more considerable about food and has a good choice for their meals.

5. Exercise, Not their Cup of Tea!!

They can do any turn they wish to. It’s just that they have to have that confidence within them. This is the play with our presupposed mentality.


They get physical and look cute while doing it. Have a look on their stretches.

6. Loud and Obnoxious are their characters

Please come out of the build up notions. These people are as good as any other. Why did media take initiatives to portray them as loud and obnoxious? It should be our prerogative to decide what and how anyone should be.

Such preconceived notions is an impediment for free thought in society.

Think yourself and decide. They can be as melodious and attractive as Eleanor or Helen.

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7. They want to loose weight

I am oky

Doesn’t look so! they feel happy in carrying such a huge body. They are as comfortable as anyone around. And to judge anyone in this light is ridiculous. Just don’t Dash with a placard of weight losing nuskhe!!!

8. Don’t expect them to be a fun package!!!! Beware

how dare you

They are beings like everyone… They do cheer up things as some of us but not to make fun of themselves. They have an agreeable personality, love to live in a lighthearted, jolly environment.

Being overweight is not a problem!!! BEAUTY lies in the EYES OF THE BEHOLDER !!! OBESITY AND BEAUTY can always be together!!


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