Pho Y #1 Noodle House, San Jose,Restaurant Review.


Looking for Vietnamese food in San Jose?  Pho Y #1 Noodle House, San Jose, can be the place you’re looking for. Pho Y is one of the most famous Vietnamese food item. 

It is noodles with meat, soup and vegetables. Living in the US, especially in California, would not make it difficult to find a Vietnamese restaurant. But finding a good one can be hard. Fortunately, Pho Y #1 is one of them. It is located at 2050 Concourse Drive, San Jose. Pho Y #1 welcomes customers everyday from 10:30 AM to 8 PM.

Pho Y San Jose


The restaurant, Pho Y can be from very quiet to very busy. If you come here at noon, you can expect every table to be occupied. However, there are enough tables, so you will not have to wait too long. The waiters may not speak English very well, but they will make sure you will be taken care of. The menu is easy to read, and you can just point at the number to show them what you want.


Pho Y #1 obviously serves Pho. You can choose your preference for meat, which are beef, pork and seafood. Every bowl of Pho comes with a plate of fresh vegetables. This restaurant also serves rice menu and rolls, which comes with fish sauce. Moreover, you will see a big section of dessert menu.

Pho YPanda recommendation:

If you do not mind having organs, Pho with tendons is so delicious. As for the rice menu, Shaking Beef is very soft and tasty as well as grilled chicken, pork or shrimps. However, the most worthy dish has to be the Rice Rolls. You will get 6 rice rolls accompanying by an eggroll and many slices of pork sausage with the price of $8.95. As for the dessert, YOBA with honey boba is the best. The yogurt does not taste too sour like the usual one you find in grocery stores. And it goes very well with the honey black pearls.

 Pho Y #1 Noodle House, San Jose.Value of money:

Anything less than 10 dollars always sounds good. And every dish here at Pho Y #1 is in big size. You will feel like you are having two meals. Or one meal, if you take the rest home.

Happiness meter:

The restaurant can be too crowded and noisy, but when your food arrive, you will forget about the surroundings.

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