Chhattisgarh Food : 22 Food Dishes Of Chhattisgarh That You Should Try Once!

Chhattisgarh Cuisine and everything you need to know about it. From Breakfast to the sweet dishes of Chhattisgarh.

Chhattisgarh Food

Chhattisgarh is known as the “Rice Bowl of India” and rightly so as Rice heavily dominates the Chhattisgarh food. The Staple Food of Chhattisgarh includes Wheat, Millets, Rice flour, High Protein Lentils, Bajra, Maize and Jawar. The food cuisine of Chhattisgarh is influenced by its neighboring state Jharkhand and their Food cuisine.

Here is a list of 22 Food dishes of Chhattisgarh that you must Try to experience the variety of the Food culture of India.

Chhattisgarh Food & Cuisine

1. Muthia

muthia chhattisgarh food

These are tasty and delicious steamed dumplings which are prepared in Chhattisgarh. This food is generally served as breakfast during the winter season in the rural areas of Chhattisgarh. Muthia is prepared with rice batter and is beautifully garnished with coriander leaves and sesame seeds.

The reason why this snack is not fried but steamed is that it retains the original value of its ingredients. Muthia is popular in Gujarat cuisine as a snack but is widely also loved in Chhattisgarh as breakfast and is finger licking delicious.

2. Aamat


Aamat is also known as the Chhattisgarh sambar. This dish is prepared with perfectly cooked mixed vegetables along with various spices and ginger garlic paste which enhances the flavor of this dish.

This dish is traditionally prepared with the bamboo shoots which retains the flavor of ingredients and adds a unique flavor to the plate.

3. Bara – Food For Every Chhattisgarh Festival

Bara chhattisgarh foodBara is the most delicious snack of Chhattisgarh and is just a variant of South Indian dish named ‘Vada.’ This dish is made of lentils or fermented urad millets. It is usually prepared at the time of Chhattisgarhi festivals, and not much oil is used to prepare this dish.

The other ingredients included in the preparation of this dish are fresh coriander, chopped onions, chopped chillis, and batter. It tastes good when served with tomato chutney or tamarind chutney.

4. Bhajia – Chhattisgarh’s Favorite Snack

Bhajia Chhattisgarh

This is popularly known as bhajji in the south. Bhajia is similar to this south dish but with small variants in its ingredients. Instead of using corn flour they use gram flour. It is available in two different dishes one is Mirchi bhajji (made with chillies) and onion bhajji (made with onions). Chattisghari Bhajia are popular for the delicacy due to the perfect blend of spices and aroma. This dish is best served with tea.

5. Sabudana ki Khichdi

Sabudana ki Kichdi

This is one of the delicious and healthy foods which is taken not only in Chhattisgarh but also in all parts of India. This dish is prepared by adding vegetables and spices to soaked sabudana balls which add delicious taste and perfect aroma to the dish.

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Sabudana Khichadi is usually eaten during the fast, but it is important to make this kind of dish a part of daily routine. Adding onions and peanuts to this dish will increase the taste of the dish.

6. Chilla


This is not a special Chhattisgarhi, but it is made a part of the daily routine in the families. This is a simple dish prepared with urad millet and rice batter. This dish exactly looks like a pancake.

You can also make this Chilla with besan, water, onion, and coriander leaves. Grind this mixture properly and then add oil to the pan and prepare it like a dosa.

7. Hatphodva (Chattisgarh Idli)


This dish is usually prepared with rice batter. It is usually cooked in steam on an earthen pan. It can be served with milk or any chutney, as you can find this dish in two different flavours: salt and sweet.

8. Faraa/ Phara – A must try Chhattisgarh Snack.

Faraa chhattisgarh

This dish is a perfect desi style momo which is prepared with rice as its main ingredient. It is made in the form of a dumpling with minimum spices and coriander leaves that add the best flavour and aroma to the food.

After making it as a dumpling, it is put on steam for 10-15 minutes and then served hot with chili sauce. It is also best served with aloo ghobi ki khurma and ghee.

9. Til ghur / Til ke Ladoo 

til ke ladduThis is a famous sweet of Chhattisgarh and is also known as Til K Ladoo. Jaggery is mixed with peanuts and roasted sesame seeds. It is then shaped in the form of Ladoos. This dish is mainly prepared during Makar Sankranti and other religious festivals of Chhattisgarh.

If you would like to enjoy these laddu’s but are worried about health, then check out these Healthy & Organic Til ke Laddus.

10. Khurma

Khurma Chhattisgarh

This is also known as Kheer is some states. Khurma sweet is prepared with milk and vermicelli. This sweet dish is prepared by boiling water and adding sugar or jaggery to prepare sugar syrup. Roasted vermicelli is added to this sugar syrup, and dry fruits are also added to it. Later milk is added to this mixture and ghee is added in light quantity to get this lip-smacking dish.

11. Bafauri – Healthy Steamed Pakoras.


This dish is a perfect alternative to oily pakoras which is a favorite snack of every Indian. This dish is prepared of Channa Dal Flour which is nicely cooked with right amount spices and vegetables. The dough is prepared in the form of balls and is put to steam. Since oil is not added to it, the dish is perfectly healthy to eat.

12. Dubki Kadi

Dubki kadhi

This is a famous dish of Chhattisgarh which is made of curd and besan. Pakoras which are made of gram flour are added to this dish along with spices and yummy curry.

13. Dal Pithi – Most Popular Dal in Chhattisgarh Food Cuisine.


This is a popular Chhattisgarhi food which is prepared during festivals. This dish is super simple to prepare. Small Pithis (chapati dough) are added to dal and cooked on a medium flame for about 20 minutes.

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14.Moong Dal Halwa – Popular Sweet Dish in Chhattisgarh.

Moong Dal Halwa

Dals not only make meals but also you can prepare interesting sweet dishes like Moong Dal Halwa. This dish is prepared with Moong Dal, sugar, and ghee. Finely chopped dry fruits and cardamom powder make this dish more delicious.

15. Mahua Juice

mahua plant flowers

This juice is prepared from a tree known as Mahuwa. Mahuwa fruit is soaked in water for some time, and then it is finely grinded with water. Lemon and salt are added to this mixture along with jaggery, to enhance the taste of this juice.

16. Kusli

Kusli Chhattisgarh

This mixture is prepared with white flour, sooji, and ghee. Dry fruits are also a part of this sweet dish ingredient, which makes it yummier to taste.

17. Lavang Latika


This is a delicious Chhattisgarhi dessert. This dish is deeply fried and then soaked in the sugar syrup. One of the best things about this Chhattisgarh sweet dish is that it is crispy in texture and tastes sweet.

18. Shikanji

Shikanji Chhattisgarh

Shikhanji is one of the Best Indian Summer Drinks. It is a lemon drink which is usually taken after meals. This juice is prepared with lemon juice, black pepper powder, jeera powder, and a sufficient amount of water.

19. Dal Makhani Bukhara

dal makhaniThis is an amazing Chattisgarhi dish which is made up of beans and lentils with fresh cream.

Dal Makhani is best served with butter naan and phulkas.

20. Rice Flour Roti

rice flour roti

This dish looks like a chapati, but it is made of rice flour. It’s made by the hand and not by the rolling pin/belan. The thickness of this roti is greater than the thickness of a traditional chapati. It is best served with green chilli and coriander chutney.

21. Arsa

Arsa Chhattisgarh

This is a popular sweet dish of Chhattisgarh which is usually prepared during Holi. This dish is prepared by soaking rice in water for one day. This soaked rice is mixed with jaggery, and this dough is cooked on a light flame.

22. Dehori

dehrori The process of this dish preparation is similar to Arsa but with some minor changes in the preparation process. The soaked rice is finely grinded and marinated in the curd. This dough is then fried and dipped in the sugar syrup. Though the process sounds bit complicated, it is still easy to prepare this dish.

So, these are some of the best and traditional foods in Chhattisgarh which you must give a try.

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