Things To Check Before You Depart For A Long Holiday.


Are you taking a vacation after a long period of time? Then you must have so many things in your head. The first thing should be the home security, which is important because if you are leaving your house alone for a long time, burglars or thieves might try out breaking and entering into your house and steal valuable things. Thus, this is the first thing you have to keep in mind.

On the other hand, while going on a long holiday, you have to take note of so many other things. After you have finished with all the responsibilities, then only you can go on a stress-free vacation. Thus, here are the tips for your convenience.

Inform Bank before Setting out:

Before you go for a long vacation, you need to call your bank and let them know about your next status. It will help you very much if you are carrying a credit card and your bank will arrange the foreign transaction and withdrawals for you. Also, you have to tell them the returning date from your vacation.

Check Travel Insurance:

You must check your travel insurance and make sure you have enough of it. You definitely need coverage if you are driving a car on the vacation spot; also, you must carry your driver’s license with you.  

Get Copies of Crucial Documents:

You need all the important documents with you when you will be traveling for a long time. The things you need to get copies of are your passport, credit cards, other itineraries, and it can be a hard or soft copy, but keeping them with you will always save you from so many troubles. Keep them in a handy pouch and it will be your safeguard.

Be Alert about Your Home security:

The first thing is to secure your home in a perfect way and for that, you can install a house alarm, and a camera as well. But before you do so, it is wise to request a quotation from an alarm systems company via a home inspection. A visit to your home by a qualified expert will make sure that you get the security system you need based on your home configuration, lifestyle and needs. Afterwards, they will instal the right alarm system so that you can leave your home with the peace of mind of knowing that your house is kept under surveillance and protected from any burglars.

Pay All the Bills:

You must pay for all the bills you have due. If you haven’t got any bill, then you must schedule them for automatic payments. This measure should be taken because when you are away, the electricity might get cut off by the non-payment status of the bill. So, if you don’t want any hassle after you get back all sweaty, and in the night time and there is no electricity or water, you will be in a sufferable position. Thus, you have to check the bills and pay them beforehand.

Reschedule the Appointments:

If you see that you have some appointments or some email to respond during the vacation, you must reschedule them or finish the same before you set for the holiday. You can create an ‘Out of office’ email to other people who will know about your unavailable status. This will help you in a perfect way, and you will face no urgent call or meeting while you are having some good days.

Make a Checklist of Items:

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So many people pack their bags and most of the time, they forget to bring at least one or two important things to them. If you want to avoid such scenarios, then it will be best if you make a checklist of items beforehand. Here will be all the stuff you need for the journey, from prescribed medications, chargers, adapters, passport, first aid, and clothing to toiletries. All should be on the list, you have to pack them and then tick on the items you have packed. You must also check it again to make sure everything is in the bag.

Inform the Mail:

You have to put your newspapers and mails on hold. If you forget to check this thing, then upon returning you will get emails, newspapers all dumped at the front of your door.

Clean the Fridge:

You must clean your fridge before you leave the house for a long time. There should be no food left in the storage, otherwise, it will rot in there and then when you get back, you will face with a bad smell coming from the fridge. If you don’t want to face it, then you must clean it well.

Charge and Then Don’t Forget to Unplug:

You need to charge all the electronic appliances that you are taking with you. After you are done with this task then you must unplug the devices. It will save you from the insufficient power problem and there will be less risk of fire in your home.

Clean the House:

You have to clean your bathroom and change the bed sheets to cleaner ones. It will help in preventing germs in the place. You will also praise your own thoughts when you come back home to a clean environment.

Pack the Valuable Things:

You need to pack the valuable things in your carry bag because putting them with other luggage will not be a secure thing to do. If precious things stay with you, it will be highly secure.

Pack the Liquids:

If you are carrying some liquid with you, then you have to be very careful of it and store the stuff in a bag that you can re-seal again.

Pack Snacks:

You must not forget to pack some snacks and reading materials with you, because when you are having the journey, it will get boring after some time, then the snacks and the book or magazine will help you.

Lastly, check the weather of the place you are going on vacation, and make sure to take clothes depending on that. Also, you must get locks for your luggage; it will secure your stuff in a better way.



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