9 Helpful apps for every traveler


If you are a traveler, I bet you understand the importance of travel applications. Nowadays, there is no need to worry about where you will sleep at a particular destination, language barrier, and other particulars during your journey. If you are a new traveler, you might be wondering where to start, and that is why I provided a list of travel apps to help you enjoy your traveling.

1. Trip advisor

This is among the best applications that you can have during your traveling. It has earned positive reviews from satisfied travelers. Therefore this application will allow you to locate your destination and attractions easily by providing the exact details of a particular location. Additionally, you can use it to look at restaurants and accommodation and anything else that you might need during your trip. It also provides a precise mapping to allow you to trace your location easily.

2. Google Translate

The language barrier is a common challenge to all travelers when touring different countries. Therefore I know you would not want to look nervous when you can’t interpret the language of the native people. That is why Google translate can help you to know the native words of the country that you are visiting. It supports up to 58 different languages and various foreign phrases.

3. Packpoint

One of the most stressful moments during a trip is second-guessing if you have packed everything that you will need during the journey. Therefore pack point will create a packing list based on your requirements. For instance, if you’re traveling to the business summit, you will require formal attire and other particulars. Once you have made your packing list, you can save it on this application to help you with future trips, or you can share it with your friends who are planning to travel too.

4. XE currency

This application is ideal for those travelers who constantly travel to various countries, and they require the latest currency exchange rates for those particular countries. When you have this app, you are sure to make currency exchanges comfortably because it is a free application that only requires data to access the information. This is helpful because there are scammers who exploit unsuspecting travelers, especially during the currency exchange.

5. Viber

This is an application that functions relatively like a social media application. It only required data to send messages to various people irrespective of the destination. It also allows you to make phone calls to ensure you are in good coordination with a place that you are traveling to. You can also say hi to your family and friends back in your hometowns as you proceed with your journey.

6. GasBuddy

If you are fond of road trips, you are required to have this application because it helps you locate gas stations so that you may not get stuck on the road.

7. Google maps

Almost every traveler requires a Google map to explore different destinations without getting lost. It allows you to save maps offline so that you can even access them when your data runs out. Google maps also show you precise location and the trail which you will need to follow until you locate your destination comfortably. You can check out newest version at rocketfiles.

8. Kayak

This is also another popular app which as almost has all the answers to most of the travel questions. You can read local guides, find accommodations and flights easily. Additionally, you can also check your flight status to ensure you save yourself from inconveniences.

9. Trip it

Tripit can be typically described as an online travel itinerary, which is ideal for those people who like to plan for traveling in advance. It allows you to manage everything from hotel booking, car rentals, local maps, and flight information. This app will save you from the last-minute rush.

The internet is also full of web services that enable a traveler to book a flight, look for accommodation, restaurants, and locate destinations. Therefore you will need Firefox 64 bit download to allow you to access these sites faster.

It is now evident that travel apps are essential for every avid traveler; it makes your journey more interesting and convenient. All you need to do is to identify an application that will meet your traveling needs.


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