A Mini Guide To Visiting Krabi, Thailand.


 When you talk about taking a vacation to Thailand, you should not miss Krabi at all. It is a beautiful set of islands that are located in the southern part of Thailand. They have great forests and beautiful shorelines. Apart from that, when you are in Thailand, you cannot miss the chance to visit Krabi. You may look for the best things to do in Krabi but we have some of the best activities you cannot afford to miss.

Hence, here are a few things to notice about it and then have a go time there. There are a lot of fun activities to do like incredible beaches, flea market shopping, fun activities and of course visiting all the beautiful places. Let us get into the details as in what to see and when to see and how to reach there.

What is the best time to visit Krabi?

There are a few places when you should visit at the right time. You cannot barge in there at any season and expect it to show its beauty like the way it does in a bright season. Hence, the best time to visit Krabi is between November to March. This time, it doesn’t experience any rainfall and the weather too is fine.

How to reach Krabi?

You can take a direct flight from your home destination to Krabi or else you can fly down to Bangkok. You can then take a bus or a flight again from Bangkok to Krabi

Island Hopping

As exciting as it sounds, it is exciting. Island hopping tour is a must and you will love all the islands you see there. There are tall cliffs- limestone and the turquoise waters are a sight for sore eyes. You can visit the Maya Bay Beach – which is quite famous for the movie “ The Beach.” There is a James Bond Island too.

Hence, you can also visit the Kho Phi Phi Islands and the beautiful monkey island. The island tours may take you a whole day which is why they include lunch, snorkeling and exploring the islands on foot. There are quite some boat trips to Thailand.

Venture into some scrumptious food trail

One of the most amazing thing about Krabi is that the food there is tasty. If you have to satiate your gastronomic wishes then Krabi is the place for you. You can find spicy, fresh, rich and at the same time authentic Thai food. You will love all your gastronomic experiences on this island. The best part is, it is not even costly! You will have a stomach filling meal for less than $10 and still have some more money left for the beer.

 It is one of the best islands filled with loads of food and if you want to go and experience to have some cheap food, the street food in the night markets are always there. The shopping in those markets is the best.

Try Adventure Sports at Krabi Islands

Those who have been an adventure junkie since childhood will associate with this experience at the Krabi Islands. They have a few adventure sports like rock climbing over here. Apart from that, they are many beginner tours too so if you are not acquainted before then you can still join the group. You can do rock climbing at Ton Say Bay or Railay Beach. Rock Climbing in Krabi is one of the most favored things to do and if you want to try this, you can take a look at the rock climbing tours and get into action.

Shopping in Krabi

When you are in Krabi, you are ought to go shopping. You can spend a whole day shopping if that is what you like to do. The night markets here are vibrant and you can buy adorable things for throwaway prices. If you want to extend your stay in Krabi and you are running out of clothes, they are never a problem because you can purchase them right off the day markets too. Haggle as much as you can because until then you wouldn’t like the whole idea of it.

You can visit a few famous markets but again, if you are someone who likes to take the underrated places, you are free to shop in any market. Hence, the Krabi Street Food Market-Khong Kha Road, Ao Nang market, Krabi Town Walking Street are all great markets worth visiting.

Go and check out the underrated places

Having a real experience is when you are exploring all those places that you haven’t explored before. There is more than just beaches in Krabi. You can go for a swim in those crystal clear waters in the Emerald Pool. You also can kayak in the waters of the Mangrove Forest. The Mangrove reserve in Krabi doesn’t get the praise it deserves. Hence, make sure you visit the Pa Phru Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam which is the Mangrove Reserve. Do make sure to visit the caves in Than Bok Khorani National Park.

Have a relaxing massage by the beach

Thailand is famous for its beaches and massages. You can have an authentic experience in Krabi. Get a special Thai massage done on the beach and the masseurs are really good. The massages take off a lot of stress off us and thus don’t be intimidated if they compress, pull and stretch you in every possible way. By the end of it, you are going to love it and don’t forget to have a great time. If you are not someone who likes strong massages, then you can opt for a shoulder massage.

Krabi is many things and you can take off the whole island on foot. You can have your time of life by exploring the beaches, limestone cliffs, clear waters, and whatnot. They have made the places favorable to tourists and hence, if you have to reach out for help you can quickly contact the Tourism authorities. Make sure you are safe and have a wonderful stay in Krabi. Don’t forget to visit the Ton Sai Bay, Railay Beach, and Ao Nang Beach.



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