Haunted Places in Ooty that will terrorize you to leave your home at night

Haunted places in ooty

Ooty often gets counted as one of the most gorgeous hill stations of India. Settled on the Nilgiri Hills in the state of Tamil Nadu, Ooty is the most popular weekend gateway and holiday destination. The beauty of this place is hard to be described in merely few words. It is rightly been awarded the epithet of “the Queen of Hill Stations” as everywhere you look up, you will see the hills spreading to every inch of the planet. But, even the most beautiful city and a famous tourist spot is not a perfect one. Ooty has its share of some hidden spooky tales which many know, but a lot are not aware of.

Ooty too has a couple of places that have gained its reputation for being haunted to such an extent that can give one chilly spine even in a broad daylight. Well, Ooty may not have a lot of haunted places to satisfy the thirst of people who want to have a fun night out exploring the sightings of something spooky, but a few that are resting here are enough to scare even the tiniest part of your body altogether.

Here are those couple of places that pack the power, horror, spooky, fear, fright of haunted places altogether.

Haunted Places in Ooty

    1. Fern Hill Hotel

Haunted places in ootyLet’s talk about the place that has not only a famous haunted spot in Ooty but in entire India. You will probably get this place in every single list of haunted places in India that you will read. This introduction may have given you an idea that how haunted it is. There is a lot that is related to this palace, and we cannot just give you an outline because if after reading this piece, you are going to explore this place, you should know more details about it.

History Of Fern Hill Hotel :

The construction of this palace took place in the year 1844. It was made with the motive of serving as the summer residence of the Maharaja of Mysore back in that era. The property is spread over an area of 50 acres and lush greenery surrounds the palace, giving it more nature-centric look. The architecture of the palace follows Swiss Cottage style. Later in the 1860s, the property was handed over to someone else and it was named “Moonesami” for a very short period of time. It was even the very first club in the hill station.

During the British Raj, Ooty rose to fame and became a centre of people from all over the country, mainly of the elite class people. This Palace served as the great attraction for people visiting Ooty. It is presently open and is serving as a luxury hotel for tourists.

Haunted Story Of The Fern Hill Ooty

The hotel was shut for a good time for being home to many paranormal activities, but not anyone knows that what happened in the past that make Fern Hill Hotel a haunting sight. The only thing that people know is it being haunted and a girl committed suicide there. The very first time it surfaced was back at the time when Bollywood movie starring Bipasha Basu “Raaz” was being shot there.

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Not many, but couples of incidents that happened here are still fresh in the people’s minds. Some were even recorded by many leading magazines and newspapers.

One night when Saroj Khan with her troupe retired to the hotel at late night. They couldn’t sleep the entire night as someone was shifting and arranging the furniture on the floor above to them. The troupe got frustrated as they had an early morning shooting. They even tried reaching the receptionist, but the phone was dead. Finally, someone went to the receptionist to complain and the receptionist showed them that there is no floor above theirs. This incident sent everyone in frenzy.

One more bizarre incident took place with the team of Raaz. When the recording was done, the team heard a girl singing in the background. But she wasn’t there when the shot was being taken.

You can now experience the eerie feeling of staying at this palace when you are visiting Ooty.

  1. Hotel Lakeview

Another place that is in the list of haunted places in Ooty is again a hotel. The hotel is again a marvel when it comes to its architecture, but local people claim that it is haunted. Many have said that many paranormal and strange things happen here. Guests complain of hearing to the cries at the full moon nights, but no one knows the story behind it.

These two places are the only known that are haunted in Ooty. Both of them are a symbol of beauty but have a part that is undeniable.



  1. Wounder effort to bring out the story but what i have heard is people have seen maharaja taking walks near the bar where there is a tunel people who worked there are still alive who shared this story

  2. Tnku for ur information but of u have a detail that why this the fern hill hotel is hauted then plzz share the whole story😊


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