Want to See the World? Here’s How Digital Nomads Do It and Make Money!


How often is it that you get to travel? A few times out the year right? Well, to be fair, that’s the same amount of time that most working people have due to jobs and the amount of vacation time they have saved up.

Some people are pretty satisfied with it while others are long for the opportunity to travel more. The thing about traveling that stops people dead in their tracks is the fact that it costs money to travel. They can’t afford to live a life of travel no matter how hard they wanted to because their job won’t allow it. 

But what if there was a way to have the best of both worlds? What if there was a way for you to be able to fulfill your love of travel and make money while doing it? Would you actually take the opportunity? If you’re not “all talk” when it comes to wanting to live a life of travel, you actually can have the best of both worlds. You have to adopt the digital nomad lifestyle.

You could work one day and the next day, visit the seven most haunted places in Ahmedabad, Gujarat! That’s the freedom you have with the digital nomad lifestyle! 

What’s the Digital Nomad Lifestyle?

The digital nomad lifestyle is a means of earning money solely through telecommunications. In short, the way you make money is by working jobs over the internet. So, as long as you can connect to wifi, you have all the makings to earn income. The flexibility and freedom of being able to work jobs as long as you’re connected to the internet is what allows you to be able to travel all over the world.

During your travels, you, of course, have the opportunity to earn income through labor-related jobs like working in hostels or farms but, again, those will require some form of labor. Payment is typically paid through accommodations, which is nice too. But as a digital nomad, your primary source of income will come from internet-based jobs.

The money you make from the jobs you perform is what’s going to allow you to fund the travels to your next destinations. Just be sure to save the money you earn.

***Disclaimer*** To live the digital nomad lifestyle, it’s also important to understand that you will be living a life of travel, meaning long-term, so if you have any fears of traveling or traveling phobias, this may not be the lifestyle you want to live. According to verywellmind.com, the fear of traveling is called hodophobia. But if you do have a desire to travel and want to overcome this fear, there are ways to cope with the fear of traveling.

Digital Nomad Jobs

Now that you know what the digital nomad lifestyle is, you now need to know how you can make money as a digital nomad. Take a look at some of the most profitable to make money as a digital nomad. And remember, as long as you have internet access, you can do any of these jobs.

Coaching or Consulting

Did you know people pay good money for coaching and consultation services? And the even more convenient aspect of it is that people don’t have to drive to an office building to receive their consultations. With today’s advancements in technology, people can receive coachings and consultations by video and over the phone.

If you have an area of expertise that you specialize in, you too can provide coaching and consultation services to clients. If you have a degree in law, medicine, marketing, or any other high-skilled area, you can sell your expertise through various platforms like JustAnswer or Zeqr and earn by the minute or by providing courses.

Run an E-Commerce Store

By running an e-commerce store, your earning potential is limitless. You can sell handmade items or resell various retail products. The hardest part is determining your niche and target audience because that’s what’s going to determine how well your products will sell.

Lots of people tend to think that building an e-commerce site is the hardest part but it’s actually the easiest part. Website builders like Shopify have an easy, step-by-step process to build your website. Once you’ve determined your niche and target audience, you can start building your site and earn money before you know it!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can play a role in your e-commerce store. With affiliate marketing, you’re promoting another company’s products on your site. Every time a visitor to your site clicks on an affiliate link and buys a product, you’ll earn a commission.

Now, to not throw off your own business, you want to be safe and promote products that don’t compete with your own. If you have an online boutique with just clothing and shoes, you can have affiliate links that sell accessories like handbags, jewelry, and sunglasses. But the key here is that you have to have a website or blog in order to earn this way.

Resume Writer

As a resume writer, your work is very flexible and all you need is an internet connection, a laptop or computer, and word processing software… Oh, and you also need to have a knack for organization.

How many times have you applied to jobs and never heard anything back from the company? Everyone has experienced that at some point during their career. For the most part, we all “chalk it up” to the employer had way too many resumes to look through and ours got “lost” in the pile. Well, that’s the case sometimes but a lot of the time is that our resumes look awful and employers don’t even want to take the time to look at it.

That’s when resume writers come into play. Maybe you have a special talent for taking resumes that are “all over the place,” and formatting and condensing them to make sense and not overwhelm the employer. If you have that kind of skill then you will always have work because people need jobs and are willing to do whatever it takes to improve their chances of getting one… they’re even willing to pay to have their resume written for them.


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