Best Camping places in the world


Travelling is a passion of many people. They think about roaming the world and backpacking through it. For some people, their work and family comes in the middle of it. But some enthusiastic people are clever enough to make time for travelling. Camping is one of the most thrilling experiences that one can have. They are close to nature and up-close-and-personal with the feeling of being out there. They can actually travel in the way that the natives would in that place. There are several amazing places around the world which are phenomenal for camping. We will list some of them down here so that you people can get an awesome bucket list to fulfil in the upcoming years.

Amazing Places for Camping:

  • The Alps, France: You will remember the Alps if you have read Heidi in your childhood. It is a dream come true as the lofty hills are beautiful and perfect for both trekking and camping. You can spend months at this place because of its uniqueness. The best time to visit the Alps is definitely in the Spring as the beauty reaches its peak at that time. Visitors see the new foliage and all the flowers of the season. The Alps are the highest ranges present in Europe, so it will be amazing to visit the place.

  • Outback, Australia: Australia is still a mystery to many people as it lies entirely in the Southern hemisphere. But we are sure that the country has some of the best nature reserves in the world. One of the most unique areas of the country has to be the outback. People are fascinated with this isolated part of Australia. There are some camping options in the outback. Friends and families can source a camper or van to reach this destination. The Gumtree website is a popular place to start.

  • Miyajima, Japan: Miyajima is an island present near the Hiroshima bay in Japan. Over the years, people have got to know more about its spectacular beauty. You can camp in the area anytime in a year and enjoy the scenery. Cycling around the island is a great attraction for the tourists. There are several ancient temples on the island and their location by the dense forests make them extra interesting.
  • Lake Mayvatn, Iceland: Most of us have seen the Northern Lights in photos. It always looks out of this world and we want to experience it with our own eyes. If you are lucky you can definitely see it in your camping trip to Lake Mayvatn. Other than that, the setting is picturesque and you are surrounded by nature itself. Take a bath in the hot springs and enjoy your trip. 
  • Zion National Park, the USA: You can find several national parks around the USA and the camping culture is also evident among the people. This particular park is known for the lofty red sandstone cliffs and deep forested canyons. There are 3 main campgrounds in the place and choose one that you like the most. The place looks amazing during the night due to the rugged terrain and also because of the clear, pollution-free sky. 
  • Asturias, Spain: This is a highly underrated part of Spain which tourists often miss. But you, as a camper, should visit these sites as they are unique and closer to the nature. The place is known for its rugged coasts, mountains and the forests. You will also find several midlevel sites across this region. Just spend some nights by the coastline and you will fall in love with this place. 
  • Aran Islands, Ireland: Ireland is often known for the sailors and fisherman who lived by the sea. Aran islanders have followed this heritage from a long time. These days the isles have developed their tourism and lets people experience the sea on their own. They can spend their days and nights by the beautiful sea at a place that still has that ancient vibe.

  • Ladakh, India: Ladakh is a high-altitude place in India where you will find the cold desert located. The place remains cold throughout the year and people do visit it from time to time. But it has remained underrated for a long time. You can definitely enjoy a camping trip to some of the places in Ladakh. Along with Ladakh, you can also camp around Leh and the Kashmir valley which falls in the same state.

So, here are some of the best places for camping in the world. The list has been kept quite diverse to excite all types of choices. But a true camper will always find even more interesting places to expand their bucket list. Show these places some love by booking your spot as soon as possible and get on the trip. Plan well and we are sure that you will have several amazing trips.

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