5 OffBeat Things To Do In The East Coast Of Australia


Australia is a vast place in itself with a vivid spread of places and adventure to take upon. While people and tourist from across the world tend to indulge in the common tourist destinations around the country, the east coast of Australia is definitely something that not many people are either aware of or are intrigued enough to pay a visit to. This side of Australia is home to more or less every kind of natural attraction one could ask for – national parks, beaches, and even rainforests.

Sounds riveting, doesn’t it?

Well, for better guidance, we have narrowed down some of the best things one can indulge in while visiting the eastern coast of Australia.

Rent a Campervan

rent a camper van

You might be sitting here thinking why does one even hire a campervan when the conventional travel fare for the public transport in Australia itself is quite cheap and affordable, right? Well, having your own campervan and striving through the roads of Australia will never compare to the ordinary travelling on the bus.

You get to do things on your own pace and cruise along some of the most important tourist attractions. These campervans not just help you drive through the various destinations but also takes off the stress of accommodation because the majority of them come with bedding and other accessories.

Wilson’s Promontory

This is considered one of the most underrated yet one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Victoria. It is located at a distance of 2 hours from the city of Melbourne. Known for its beautiful and pristine beach, you also have the perfect view of a number of Australian animals like Wombats, Kangaroos, and even Wallabies. The trail of 32 km of the national park is open and animals have the complete freedom of roaming around.

There are amazing stroll trails that you can set on, pick a route and just start walking and the beauty around is surely going to encapsulate your senses. It is not that easily accessible by public transport which is why it is best to either rent a car or hire a campervan for the best experience.

Mt Kosciuszko & the Snowy Mountains

Koscuiszko National Park

Just the name should give away the amazing hype that goes around the place. The name Snowy Mountains is not something new and should be well versed within your brain if you have gone through the places to visit in Australia.

It is located 150 km inland from the coast of the New South Wales and is considered the highest mountain in Australia. If you know about the Alps being the most snowed in mountains, you are mistaken because the Snowy Mountains get snowed in more than that of the Alps and the amazing view during that time of the year is definitely something to die for.

A quick visit to Canberra

As cheesy and cliché as it sounds if you visit Australia and miss out on visiting the capital of the city, what even are you doing? Even though you will hear more about Melbourne and Sydney when one mentions Australia, visiting Canberra is a definite treat.

Do what a traditional tourist in a new city would do – explore the city with a guide around to lead your trail. Visit the Parliament House and then you have the free reign of going wherever you feel like.

Secret Bars

Melbourne is not just known for its stadium but its amazing array of secret bars that many tourists often miss out on because of the lack of knowledge about it. Spare a day or two from your jam-packed itinerary and pay a quick visit to the inner city of Melbourne which is famous for its laneway bars.

The reason they are called secret bars is that of the fact that they are sometimes hard to find because of the secret doors that are hidden down the graffiti-lined streets. From hippy and happening bars to full banquet restaurants to try out the cuisine, you got it all there. So, next time, make sure to not miss out on this specific one.

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With that being said, make sure to go out of your way to do these above-mentioned things that you possibly might not even think of in the first place. After all, what even is life without a bit of adventure, right?

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