No money and desire to travel? Here is the perfect guide to traveling when broke!

how to travel without money


I lately got some information about the main thing that keeps people away from voyaging. The close general answer? Cash. No Money!

This is something I get from everybody I converse with: “Abhishek, I just don’t have enough cash to travel.”

Since this issue comes up so regularly, I get a kick out of the chance to always help individuals to remember this reality: You don’t have to be rich to travel.

How about we rehash that?

You don’t have to be rich to travel.

I beyond any doubt wasn’t any rich either. I exited for my first excursion with around 3k bucks. It wasn’t a great deal after assessments and exams, but it was worth it.

However, I figured out how to sufficiently spare to venture to the far corners of the planet. How? I made it a need. On the off chance that travel is not a need for you, you will dependably locate some different things to burn through cash on, and you’ll never have “enough” cash to travel. All that I do is focus on having more cash for travel and journeys.

In any case, you still think “I don’t have enough money, what do I do?” Numerous things.

So, today’s topic “You don’t have to be rich to travel” update is to talk about all the ways you can go for basically free. You needn’t bother with a great deal of cash to start. Regardless of the fact that you don’t win a considerable measure or have an obligation, there are approaches to go abroad still – let’s talk about how to travel without money.

Work abroad 

Not profiting at your employment? Why not land a position abroad? There are a lot of chances on the planet the length of you aren’t exacting — and all things considered, this isn’t a vacation you are beginning; it’s only an approach to gain cash for travel.Working abroad regularly gets reduced as a choice since it appears to be difficult to do. It’s most certainly not. Simply be open.

Get free flights

There are such a large number of approaches to procuring free flights; I despise when individuals let me know they can’t bear to fly. So how to travel without money? Agree with a couple of travel charge cards, gather miles, and afterward, fly for nothing. Most cards offer sign-up rewards of 50,000 focuses — and on the off chance that you agree with both an aircraft card (think a United carriers card) and a general prizes card like the Chase Sapphire or AMEX card, you can join the two point adjusts and get a shoddy flight speedier. If in India, trains and buses are cheaper. Also book flights in advance to get the best price.

Keep an eye out for offers

I agree to all the carrier mailing records. I generally keep an eye out for exceptional 2-for-1 miles bargain, or when they have unique card offers to get additional miles. Joined Airlines just gave me 1,000 miles for watching a demo on their new shopping toolbar. I once got triple miles by purchasing some garments from Lifestyle just by seeing it on their mailing list. That doesn’t use all the exceptional extra offers carriers have on autos, eateries, and inns. You gotta keep an eye out for offers when you are thinking how to travel without money.

Shop at their partner stores 

All carriers have unique offers with all the huge stores: Amazon, Apple, SnapDeal, and so forth. Shopping at those favored stores will procure you 2–4 miles for each hundred rupees spent, some of the time considerably more. In the event that you burn through 5000 rupees a month, you can procure up to 300 miles just by experiencing their sites. The items don’t cost additional. I do all my shopping through the carrier shopping centers basically for the additional miles.

Put everything on the card

I pay nothing in real money. I put everything on my card, from Starbucks to telephone bills. My aggregate month to month spending is about 20000 rupees every month. That is more miles for me. All that I do is to profit my mileage account.

Stay with local people for free

There are numerous administrations that interface voyagers with local people why should willing give them a chance to stay with them for FREE. This comes in handy when you are worrying “I am broke, how to travel without money”. Utilizing this site you will never need to pay for convenience. Some of the time you get a room, once in a while a lounge chair, once in a while an inflatable cushion, however, it’s generally free. Besides, in light of the ascent of the sharing economy in the most recent couple of years, there are presently sites that let you stay with local people as well as offer rides, suppers, train tickets, apparatus, and a great deal more! Couch surfing is one such site you can have a look at.

Utilizing the sharing economy

You can discover the less expensive convenience, idiosyncratic visit guides, rideshare alternatives, and home-cooked dinners with nearby gourmet specialists. You can sidestep the conventional travel industry with sharing economy sites and access local people utilizing their own advantages and aptitudes to wind up little tourism organizations with less expensive costs.

The key is to escape the mentality that you should travel utilizing the flight/lodging blend. Utilizing out-of-the-container, non-traditional approaches to travel can prompt huge savings on the cash.

Also, that ‘to go’ transforms from a fantasy into a reality.


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Did you try any of the above? Have better ideas on how to travel without money? How do you travel with minimum cash? Let us know in comments.



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