Malcha Mahal, New Delhi-The Story Behind India’s Most Haunted Mahal. [updated 2020

malcha mahal

We won’t forget the setup Ram Gopal Verma had created for “Darna Mana Hai“. The dark forest and people go missing. Now, what if we say we have a similar place in Delhi, Malcha Mahal, which is one of the Most Haunted Places In Delhi.

Curious, are you? And to add to its spookiness is a Mahal, which was a hunting lodge in the days of Kings and Emperors. A perfect set for mishappenings?

Location of Malcha Mahal in Delhi: 

Malcha Mahal Forest

Malcha Mahal is situated next to Delhi Earth Station on the Bistdari Road in Delhi Ridge. It is the restricted part of the forest behind the Buddha Jyanti Park (Buddha Garden). Malcha Mahal is also known as Bistdari Mahal

Many people have come out of the forest, scared or have not come out at all. Yes, you heard that right. There have been many journalists who went missing.

The Malcha Mahal Mystery

malcha mahal forestThe story dates back to the time of India’s freedom when the Malcha Mahal had lost all its glory. Begum Wilayat Mahal found a unique way to protest.

Malcha Mahal was occupied by 2 members of a royal family of Oudh, Prince Riaz, and Princess Sakina, children of Princess Wilayat Mahal, the Begum of Oudh.

Princess Wilayat Mahal was the granddaughter of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Oudh. When Nawab Wajid Ali deposed and his property was seized by Britishers, Begum started to fight with the Indian Government for their property to have that back which is currently shaped into a pharma research center.

She along with her two children and a dog confined herself to the VIP lounge of Railway Station in Delhi for 9 years.. That’s when the Government decided to give them the Malcha Mahal back. But sadly, by that time the Malcha Mahal didn’t provide all the luxuries that it used to. This was surely not less than a ghostly place for a human being full of lizards, snakes, and other insects.

Who possibly can live without water, electricity, and bats all around? The family had also cut themselves off from the outer world. This type of living condition would have an adverse effect on anyone.

Malcha Mahal Begum

The children couldn’t bury her body and lived with her for 10 days. People had a belief that the Mahal had hidden treasures and hence, attacked it and even dug the Begum’s grave. Her children then burned their mother’s body.

Current Situation of Malcha Mahal

Apparently, the entrance is guarded by two dogs and a revolver which was permitted to the remaining royals.

Prince Riaz has been given a firearm and its permit to shoot in self-assurance by the Lt. Legislative leader of Delhi, since 1990, after they were assaulted. Because of fear and torment, the royal siblings haven’t talked with anyone from the outside for years.

malcha mahal guard dogThe unfortunate death of the Begum gives way to the mystery around the place.

The place carries a board saying intruders shall be gunned down.Malcha Mahal Warning Board

Malcha Mahal is known as undoubtedly a mysterious and one of the Most Haunted Places In India, But the truth is that what happened to them is the real terror and not the place.

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[2017 march] Latest Update: A few people have seen Prince now and again, riding a cycle to get meat for their puppies. The cycle was in absolutely terrible condition.

A few watchmen of the earth station have guaranteed that they have not seen Sakina for years and questions on the off chance that she has apparently died.

Latest Update as of December 2017 : 

The prince has died. 🙁 That’s the end to the legacy of the royal family.

So if you were planning to explore the place for a thrill, you need to think again!

Been to Malcha Mahal before? Let us know your experience in comments below! 


  1. It appears that Prince Riaz or Ali Raza was only waiting for this blog to be published. He died four days later on 2nd November, 2017.

  2. I am a delhiite but i wasn’t aware of the many things you have told about Malcha Mahal. Thanks for a provocative post and i think injustice has been meated out to many royal families. However, everyone has his/her way to avenging their pride.

  3. Few days ago i visited there with my two friends… There were so many monkeys… And place is scary as hell….. There was a lots of foreign material in the form of garbage… Like refrigerator of 1984 etc and shoes …. And chair table of 18 19s…. Seriously there was some negative energy too and errie sound from forest was adding more adventure…. Before entering into the mahal we didn’t know that this place is restricted…. When we were coming back one of workers of ISRO told us that we were lucky cuz we didn’t caught up by police and he told us just before 4 days ago police arrested some people just cuz they visited there

    • I totally agreed with you its really haunted I felt some strange feelings as I entered the place .I went with my friend in the evening today and there was no other people there and it spooked the hell outta me

  4. This is such a fascinating place and the story of the family who lived here is wonderful. It is made even more romantic by the discovery that they were in fact imposters who successfully convinced many people of their royal story after living for 9 years in a railway waiting room.
    This link gives the most up to date information on their story…

  5. Feel really sad and sorry for the family. Real tragic end. Pray they rest in peace. I think the place must be investigated thoroughly. Where is Sakina buried. Surely someone would know. Their life was hard and terrible. There are some cruel articles written about them without knowing complete truth. I hope they found peace in death.


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