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Solo and budget travelers usually complain that Goa is not budget friendly location. Actually, on the contrary, Goa is one of the most budget friendly tourist locations. A few tips and tricks will always help you to explore and experience the Goa trip in the most budget friendly way you can ever imagine.

Public Transport:

Goa trip

Bus service in Goa is probably the laziest service but it reduces your Goa trip cost. It is also very efficient to travel from one location to another. Goa has an efficient network of buses running across the area. Traveling in Goa by bus takes a lot of time so plan your daily excursion routine in advance and confirm for the last returning bus from the place you are traveling to.


Ditch the cab and hire a bicycle. It is very easy to find a gear or gearless bicycle on rent at Palolem beach and Calungute. While you cannot cycle on the beaches, this is the best way to travel around the town.

Public Amenities:

Goa trip

If you are planning a one day Goa trip or want to skip hiring a hotel for a day, try out any public amenity. It is best to deposit your luggage at cloak room at Panjim bus stand and then you can visit rest of the city and beaches without any additional burden.

Stay locations:

For low-budget travelers, Palolem and Arambol beach are few of the most recommended locations to stay in Goa. These places offer more scenic beauty, trekking, hiking and cycling opportunities than tourist beaches locations. Angoda beach in South Goa is another place to camp at beach for overnight stay and meet your fellow travelers. If you want to stay in North Goa, head towards Anjuna Beach as this is one popular destination for solo travelers.

Local Cuisine:

Goa tripGoan cuisine is a must try for your Goa trip. However, most of the restaurants along beaches have huge prices in the name of ‘Local Cuisine’ and they don’t even taste half of what Goan food actually tastes like. When you are in Goa, try local hotels tucked in a corner of the villages. Avoid restaurants and you’ll always end up saving a lot of money for yourself.

Goa is very easy place to travel for the beginner travelers. Many nomads who visit here end up staying for a very long time enjoying the lovely climate and beautiful sceneries. When you are in Goa, follow these hacks, stay away from travel touts and you’ll actually end up saving a lot of money than you have actually planned for.

Planning a Goa trip? Been there? Share your thoughts and stories with us in comments!

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