10 Most Weird Foods of the World. Have you tried any?


“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.”

― Orson Welles

Well, only the foodies around you can understand that. J Food is the ultimate love of every person alive on the Earth (I will ask you later about the same statement). Yumilious, tasty and delicious food has the kind of attraction and charm none of us can resist.  But have you ever thought what would happen if the creepy, unusual and gross dishes end up on your plate while you are enjoying dinner in the lavish restaurant?  Scary worms, starring crabs, fried snake, or even deadly tarantulas waiting for you. Eat or be eaten. Ah! It sent shivers down my spine. But still, how can I leave without sharing my beautiful (beautifully scary) experience with you guys?  Curious to know? Let us find out more.

Surstömming (rotten fish):


Picture Credits: wikimedia

What you see above is rotten fish dipped in brine from the northern Sweden which means ‘sour herring.’ An adequate amount of salt is added to prevent fish from rotting (chemical decomposition). A fermentation process is carried out for at least six months which renders strong smell and acidic taste to the lightly-salted fish. German food critic and author Wolfgang Fassbender shared his ideas about the dish as “the biggest challenge when eating Surströmming is to vomit only after the first bite, as opposed to before.” Gross!

Bird’s Nest Soup:


Next up on the list is one of the most expensive dishes of China- nests alone priced at $2,000 USD per kilogram. These bird nests are made up of dried and hardened bird saliva. The bird’s nest soup is served with frowned-upon onions to enhance the taste. In the places like Hong Kong, the demand for bird-nest dishes outweighs the supply resulting in a high market price of this meal. Don’t be surprised my friend! Just believe.

Fried Brain Sandwich:


‘Don’t eat my brain’- a common idiom we used to hear from our scolding mothers. This dish on the list has turned it into a reality-serving sandwich of the brain from a cow; it must be over 30 months old at slaughter. It is one of the most popular dishes of Central United States. However, these sandwiches are no longer permitted in human food in the United States due to ‘mad cow disease.’

Kopi Luwak:

4Picture Credits:  daily coffee news

This coffee is not just the ordinary one as it might look. You are looking at one of the most expensive varieties of the coffee, reaching up to 150 USD per pound. This coffee is made by the coffee berry beans digested by Civets; Indonesian cat-like animal native to Southeast Asia. Most of the Kopi Luwak customers are Asian, especially those originating from Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. It is, however, known for its novelty more than its taste.



Say hello to the cow skull popping out of the pot above. Next on the list is a dish of boiled cow or sheep’s feet and head famous in the Middle East, East Europe, and Turkey. This Armenian soup was commonly used as nutritious winter food, but nowadays, it is a delicacy and festive dish. It is eaten with dried lavish bread crumbled into the broth- a party dish indeed. The meal is often served with vodka (preferably mulberry vodka) and mineral water.

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Pickled Egg:


I know a dozen of egg-lovers but pickled egg-lover? This unusual dish belongs to the UK which was once used to preserve food. It is a hard-boiled egg that is pickled in distilled white vinegar (sometimes peppercorns or other spices are added). They are then kept for three months before eating. The acidic liquid penetrates in the powdery yolk making it uncomfortably bitter to eat. They are usually found in the British public houses and fish and chip shops of UK.

Chicken’s feet:


Asians may find it hard to accept it as one of the weirdest dishes, but a foot above will justify that, though. This recipe mainly belongs to the East Asia, Caribbean, South America and South Africa. Once the outer layer of skin is removed, most of the edible tissues on the feet consist of skin and tendons, with no muscle. The gelatinous chicken feet are cheap and readily available in Asian countries. Moreover, these are quite nutritious and good for your health. One of the positive, health-related benefits of eating chicken feet is a good, clear complexion. Wow!

Casu Marzu (rotten cheese):



You might be thinking what on Earth happened to me when I included this nasty cheese meal in the weird dishes of the world. It is the sheep milk cheese but what you don’t see is the presence of live insect maggots. These worms are produced when cheese is left outside until thousands of cheese flies lay their eggs inside. Apparently, these larvae enhance the flavour, but they jump in panic, so you better not scream. It is found exclusively in Sardinia, Italy.

Puffin heart:


How can one take out a heart of such innocent little animal and cook it? Believe it or not but this dish on the list serves puffin heart dish- a delicacy from Iceland. Once the puffins are caught, their necks are broken, and their body is skinned. The heart is removed and eaten raw while it is still warm.  Some people also serve the heart smoked, grilled or fried.  The meat is very smooth and often used as an appetizer for whale steak. Barbaric! Isn’t it?




Let me tell you the dish is not as usual as it looks. Damamian is a rare dish prepared by Taiwanese aborigines. It is made with raw pork, rice, and salt that’s been fermented and left to rot in a jar for 30 days. Though the pork need to be cooked thoroughly, yet, this fermented dish is not cooked at all and served with rice. “Part of my brain was telling me I could get horrifically sick…but I ate it. I cleaned the plate,” Zimmern said.

The list is finally over but my dear, there are still dozens of weirdest dishes you would never want to look at them. You should thank me for choosing least creepy dishes. Otherwise, you could have puked.  Feel free to contact us and find more spooky dishes right at the top of your newsfeed.  Share your unusual experiences of food and don’t forget to share this article with all the food lovers out there. They would love it, believe me! (You know better though xd)

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  1. I’ve tried a lot of strange foods from all over the World, but apart from bird’s nest, not a lot of these! Puffin heart sounds kind of extreme…Not sure I would try it because puffins are so adorable, I might not be able to bring myself to do it!


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