5 Tips to Improve Your Solo Travel Experience.


Traveling alone is an amazing experience must for every traveler once in their life. Most of the travelers worry about the setting of a solo nomadic trip. We are usually not ready to face the troubles alone. But once you relish the taste of solo traveling, you won’t even think of the troubles and issues even once.

If you want to plan a solo trip and just waiting for the right time to set yourself moving, here are a few tips to help you out.

Carry minimal luggage:

traveling alone

Minimal luggage is something that every traveler learns but the hard way. Traveling alone itself means to pack least items only enough to spend the entire vacations without running short of clothes. Always pack according to the place you are traveling. Keep spare socks and inner-wear. Don’t carry too many books and gadgets for the trip. There are huge chances that by the time your trip ends, you’ll end up breaking one of your valuables.

Eat where locals eat:

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Never go to the lavish tourist restaurants when you are traveling on your own budget. It is always advised to visit hotels and street attractions (dhaabas) which are meant only for the locals. You can have fresh and delicious foods in the minimum price and more fun.

Use local facilities:

Go easy on your pocket and use public transport facilities like local buses and trains. Try to walk a lot, it will help you cover more distance, see more and experience a lot more than using bus or a car.

Safety comes first:

traveling alone

When you are traveling alone, always keep your instincts on an alert. Don’t wander off, keep informing your friends where you are, frequently live tweet or update your Facebook status. Keep extra sim cards in case network is unavailable. Keep a map in your hand and learn how to use it. Backpackers Safety is important!

Never go on trip packages:

travel alone

Some of you may disagree with me. Travel package operators provide travel package facilities and charge hefty sum for that. Trip packages are never recommended because you can explore more by yourself. A trip package will only show you what they want to show you. The amount you spend on a package is always going to be higher than what you will experience with your own choice and will.

I hope my experiences and tips will make your next or first solo trip much better. If you have anything else to share about your experience, post a comment and let everyone know.

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  1. I must say people get very overwhelmed by travelling alone. The thought of solo travel can be quite daunting, but its important for self growth. Simple yet good pointers for the solo traveller. Nice one seemah.

    • Hey.. Thank you so much.. and yeah Solo travelling is a great experience.. lot of learnings and exploring. 🙂 Thank you Nicholas, Cheers.

  2. Totally agree on using local facilities – however that turned into quite an adventure in Bangkok when trying to figure out the buses. That actually can’t be figured out. So here’s to growing in experience 🙂


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