10 Unique Hotels in the World

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A traveler always looks for something memorable to make the experience worth it. These experiences include transport, food and of course hotels. Around the world, there are some places where you can stay in a very off-beat style to make your experience memorable. Here are top 10 unique hotels in the world.

1. Van Gogh’s Bedroom:

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Picture Credits: Muscache

Van Gogh was one of the greatest artists of all times. The bedroom where he lived and the place inspiring him to make the most magnificent paintings is now available on AirBnB. Being one of the top 10 hotels in the world, you can rent it for a night to dwell in the heart of the place which inspired the greatest artist of the world. 

2. Mongolian War Tent:

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Picture Credits: ABC

Mongolian war tent is one of the unique hotels in the world. Mongolians used to be the great warriors. They used to set up camps wherever they went to conquer. You can experience their style of living at Mongolian traditional camps at Gobi desert. One of such tents is available for rent at Highland Park resort.

3. Batman Hotel, Taiwan:

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Picture Credits: Royal Fashionist

Who doesn’t want to stay in a Bat-cave? Being one of the top 10 hotels in the world, the hotel not only has a Batman themed hotel but it is designed in such a way that it perfectly describes the appearance of Bat-cave in real life. A ‘Knight’ stay at Batman hotel is enough to make you feel like an action hero Bruce Wayne.

4. Live like the Hobbits in New Zealand:

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Picture Credits: Telegraph

New Zealand is the country of beautiful scenery, waterfalls and of course, the Shire. The movie Lord of the Rings was shot here for a reason. The Hobbit themed hotel at Woodlyn Park invites you to experience the Hobbit’s life.

5. A Traditional Haveli in Mandawa, Rajasthan:

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Picture Credits: Vivaana

Mandawa in Rajasthan is known for its intricate beauty that shows up in its art and architecture. Many of these Havelis are today available for rent. Vivaana Mandawa is one of the few Havelis in this area. It truly gives you a royal experience of an exclusive lifestyle.

6. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland:

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Picture Credits: Bored Panda

Northern lights are a unique phenomenon of the beautiful Mother Nature. Glass igloos of Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland, which is one of the featured hotels in the world, are the best way to experience the color transitions in the sky.  It is a unique hotel inside the Arctic Circle with the rooms shaped like igloos, built with insulated glass.

7. Treehouse on Rent in Waynad, Kerala: 

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Wayanad is known for its natural beauty and lush forests. These forests have enormous, and tall trees which block the sunlight. Living at such place is not a dream anymore. You can now have your very own treehouse on rent in this lush green area.

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8. Buddhist Temple at Osaka, Japan:

Jofuku-Inn is a Buddhist temple in Japan where you can stay during your vacations. The temple is constructed in the traditional Japanese style of living. They offer you their traditional and local cuisines to relish the taste of Japanese food.

9. Houseboat in Kashmir:

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Srinagar is the city of immense beauty and natural wonders. The natural landscapes surround the lakes of Srinagar. Nagin Lake in Srinagar has some houseboats available for staying, and it is one of the most unusual travel experiences of the World. Such a special hotel in the world is definitely worth visiting.

10. Traditional Mud House in Bhutan:

While traveling in Bhutan, the only way to experience their local lifestyle is to spend a night at their traditional mud house. These mud houses are located in the far off jungles surrounded by lakes and wildlife. Don’t expect to have access to electric supply in these mud houses. You can find these mud houses offered by Ampersand as a part of their eco retreat plan.

The traveling experience cannot get any better without these unique and stylish hotels in the world. So forget the usual bed, breakfasts, and spa and set. Get rid of your artificial lifestyle and live a natural life.



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