20 Fun Things To Do in Honolulu at Night | Food & Nightlife In Honolulu

honolulu at night

Hawaii is known as a tourist destination around the world. It has resorts, scenic beaches and the luxury that people want to enjoy on their holidays. Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii, and it holds great importance in the state. Its situation is on the Oahu island of Hawaii. Several people from around the world choose to stay in Honolulu because of its livability. Apart from the usual tourist activities during the day, there are many fun things to do in Honolulu at night.

Honolulu is an extensive area covered with notable things such as the Art district and essential places like Downtown Honolulu. People may choose to explore the whole city to get its entire essence. Also, several pubs and restaurants exist that can heighten the mood of any person. So, let us learn about a few of the things to do in Honolulu at night. Honolulu isn’t just a tourist spot, it is also known for its work, as a hub of military defense and international relations.

Things To Do In Honolulu At Night :

1.Night at the Honolulu Zoo

The Honolulu Zoo is a famous attraction and is located in Waikiki, Honolulu. They have made the place special by introducing a twilight tour in their menu. This lets the visitors have a one of a kind look at the inhabitants of the zoo. The tours are generally held on Friday and Saturday nights. Another program called the Snooze in the Zoo exists that turns the zoo into a camping site. They even provide food for you to have the best experience.

If you like stars then Stargazing is an option open on Friday nights in the summer season. We can say that the Zoo takes several initiatives throughout the whole year to provide fun experiences at night time in Honolulu.

2. Take a tour of the Diamond Head 

People generally take this activity in the daytime. But it can be more fun to visit the place during the night. Segway of Hawaii are the organizers and they offer sunset tour of the place. The riding can be a little weird at first but the beautiful view of the sunset definitely balances it out. Till 6 PM you can enjoy the place as much as you like.

3. Enjoy the Fireworks

things to do in Honolulu at night

Waikiki is known for the fireworks that take place every Friday. Organized by the Hilton Hawaiian Village they are a spectacular scene to experience. The show is free to see for people who are on the beach. But Hilton organizes a special screening for their visitors in their lovely pool. You can definitely enjoy the scene with your loved ones.

4. Enjoy the Luaus 

Things to do in Honolulu at night

A luau is a traditional party of the Hawaiian origin. It has themes and entertainment according to their liking and ways. Some of the most common things are fire dancers and tasty food. When you are in Waikiki you cannot lose on experiencing an authentic Luau. You can either go for high-end one that takes place on special nights. Or even something like the Waikiki Starlight Luau which is more affordable.

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The common things in these parties are the authentic live music, hula dancing, fire knife tricks, and the beach. If you visit Waikiki never forget to include a Luau in your things to do in Honolulu at night.

5.Host a Picnic on the Waikiki Beach 

beach picnic at night

Picnics are generally attached to the idea of a day event. But no one has ever said that one cannot organize a picnic at night. Waikiki breathes life in its evening so it is always fun to enjoy the night at the beach. Local foods are always available on the beach shacks. It is a fun activity for both a family and a couple.

Experiencing a night at the beach seems very romantic for a place like Hawaii. The soothing breeze and the music will definitely give you an awesome feeling. A romantic date night at the beach is also an exciting option for couples. You may decide the things and surprise your partner just before the beautiful sunset of the Waikiki seashore.

6. Party at Duke’s

dukes, waikiki, things to do in waikiki

Partying at Duke’s is one of the most recommended things to do in Honolulu at night. It is good for everything from its food to its dance floor. You can sit right on the beach which makes it an even better place to hang out during the night. They host awesome parties with one of the best live music in the area.

It is a good place for having breakfast as well. The best thing about them is their authentic Hawaiian vibes which satisfy their customers. They have great reviews and going to the place is also very easy. Families can easily indulge in a dinner at the place because they have a nice kids menu.

7. Enjoy Music at Blue Note Hawaii 

things to do in honolulu at night
A musical night at blue note, hawaii

If you want to listen to some music with your family or friends, this is a good place to visit. Situated in the Outrigger Resorts, it has an ambiance of great live music. The place plays Jazz, Blues, and Hawaiian specials and has performances of renowned artists around the world. You can refer to their website for the current artists that are playing on that day. So, if you love some jazz music, Blue Note is always open for you. They have several locations around the world and Hawaii is among one of their bests. It is also one of the most noted places in Honolulu.

8. Enjoy Karaoke at Wang Chung’s

Karaoke is a fan favorite of many as a night time activity. To enjoy it Wang Chung’s has a great ambiance ready for you. Situated in the Stay Hotel of Waikiki it is a nice place to visit. Along with the singing you are able to enjoy cocktails and several other drinks. The food menu is extensive and the place is very LGBTQ friendly. In all, we can say that if you want to have some fun, Wang Chung’s is a really great place to do that.

9.Have a drink or two at the Mai Tai Bar

The nighttime calls for some good drinks and Mai Tai is there to provide people with that. Its location is The Royal Hawaiian Resort which is already known for several events. But this bar looks on to the beach and has been set up in a lovely way. It has a large menu for both their drinks and the bar. People who love to sip on cocktails will love this place because of their variety. The atmosphere has a classic feel to it which is quite intentional. The quick service and hospitality make it even better. The price is on the higher side because of its popular location in a luxury hotel.

10.Drop in at Rumfire

things to do in waikiki at night

This is another place that is always mentioned in things to do in Waikiki at night. People like the place for its ambiance and quality of food and drinks. One cannot miss the place when they visit Waikiki. The view from the bar is also quite spectacular. The Asian Fusion cuisine is also loved by people who visit the place. The best thing about Rumfire has to be their dance floor. Hawaiian holidays are always about the party, so this place becomes apt for it. Drink in their full bar and enjoy your night to the fullest.

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11.Dine at House Without a Key

house without a key honolulu

A classic bar and seafood based restaurant situated in the Halekulani hotel. They are most noted for their spectacular sunset viewing arrangement and also the food. The live music is also quite enticing because of its quality. You wouldn’t find the quality that House without a Key offers to their guests. The restaurant isn’t cheap but you would love every bit of people. People who want to beat the rush should definitely visit this place. Its location is also perfect for an awesome date night. You will definitely enjoy the drinks and they provide you with complimentary free fries.

12.Hang out with your Gang at Nextdoor

party in honolulu

Lounging helps you to relax on your vacation. You may definitely enjoy it at Nextdoor in Downtown Honolulu. The ambiance of the place is also quite nice along with the music. There is a dedicated dance area and the bar is also extensive. So, if you want to do some dancing in Honolulu, this is the place to visit. Friday and Saturday are the best days to visit this dance club. Also, remember to bring your gang to have the best time ever.

13.Enjoy food at Roy’s Waikiki 

roys waikiki

Food definitely tops the list of things to do in Waikiki at night. As we said, several food joints have opened in Waikiki to serve the influx of tourists. Roy’s is a reputed place among one of them. In Honolulu, you definitely need to try the Hawaiian food and seafood. Roy’s serves both of them and also has a menu for Asian fusion. It is one of the best fine dining places that someone will find in Waikiki. It definitely is on the high-end sides but everyone should try it at least one. Their dessert menu entices people into trying at least something from it. The location also is quite nice and one can sit on the patio to get some fresh air. People who like to drink can also enjoy a fun cocktail with their dinner.

14.Enjoy Chilled Beer and Awesome Pizza at Bar 35

bar 35 honoluluIf you are looking for things to do in Honolulu at night then you may want to visit this place. It is the perfect place for people who want to enjoy drinks and awesome food. The menu is also huge for both the bar and the food. You may order anything and they have got you sorted. The ambiance remains homely and enjoyable. A lounge area is also provided for people who want to remain away from crowds. But overall it is a nice place to visit in Downtown Honolulu.

15.Dance at the Ginza Night Club

Dancing is the best thing you may do on your vacation. It starts you up and gets you excited about the whole trip. In Honolulu, you may get this at the Ginza Night Club. Their music selection and everything else is quite amazing. But make sure to drop only on Friday and Saturday. The youths visiting the place love it quite a bit. The party just gets started at 12 AM and goes on till 4 in the morning. So, remember to adorn some comfortable shoes when you are at this place. Its situation is at Ala Moana in Downtown Honolulu.

16.A Date for Orchids

orchids oahu hawaii

The first thing that they will notice is the beautiful surroundings and the setting. The main cuisine that they serve is the Hawaiian cuisine and people recommend you to taste it. They have buffets on a daily basis and so keep the time in mind. Include Orchids in your things to do in Honolulu at night as it is something that everyone should experience. They have cute desserts on their menu as well which children will love. If you want something different, check out their Afternoon tea buffet having some fine options for tea. They even add a nice touch by adding different types of orchids as their decoration. You will feel engrossed in their designer wine menu as well.

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17.Taste the Japanese flavors at Marukame Udon

marukame udon waikiki

One of the most loved restaurants in Waikiki is the Marukame Udon place. It serves authentic Japanese Udon noodles that everyone seems to cherish. You can never beat the line when you are at this place. If you want to do at least one of the things to do in Honolulu at night, definitely try this place. Their price isn’t much which is one of their plus points of pulling a lot of crowds. If you feel like enjoying a hot bowl of Udon as a dinner, go to this place. The surroundings and decor isn’t something that has any importance at this lovely place. Choose all the things that you want to eat and you will definitely feel satisfied.  Definitely, visit this place if you are in Honolulu.

18.Have a Drink at Bar Leather Apron


You must be thinking that the name is very funky. But the drinks are even more exciting at this place. Often you want to drink something out of the box when you are on a vacation. You may definitely do that in this place. They have a lot of options for their guests. It is also one of the highest rated places in Honolulu. The place may become a little pricey but the food makes it justified. So, if you want to taste some exciting cocktails when you are in Honolulu definitely try this place. They have several signature cocktails that numerous people have tried and loved.

19. Enjoy health at the Heavenly Island Lifestyle

Heavenly island lifestyle honolulu

Usual Hawaiian food is quite tasty but it is also unhealthy. This place has given a healthy twist to it and people can tickle their taste buds with something healthy. The location of the place is the Shoreline Hotel and it is also chic and casual. They haven’t paid much attention to their ambiance but their tasty food makes up for it. Health conscious people will find the place used to keep a track of what they are eating. They use fresh ingredients and everything is also planned in a healthy manner. The place has nice options for vegans and vegetarians as well. In the night, people can also enjoy a beer or a cocktail. Some of their favorite items are the acai bowls and the smoothies. They try to use organic produce whenever it is possible for them.

20. Enjoy Lots of Beer at the Maui Brewing Company

maui brewing company

Often a tall mug of good beer makes the night. It may definitely happen at Maui because of its nice classic environment and home-brewed beer. The place has an atmosphere close to the all-American feel of a beer bar. Live performances and music are a great part of the experience as well. Live sports screening, a bar, and a large area are the first things you notice when you get inside the place. Handcrafted beers are their specialty and along with it, you can order their mouth water pizzas. They have several other appetizers as well that goes well with the chilled beer. People who are on vacation with their friends should definitely try this place as its one of the most fun things to do in Honolulu at night.  

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Here are the options for the things that are nice to do in Honolulu at night. Most of them are pubs or restaurants that you may visit to enjoy yourself. Both inexpensive and expensive options are there throughout Waikiki and the whole of Honolulu. Most resorts have great nightlife options for visitors. But a romantic date at the beach or a beach picnic is also apt things to enjoy at Honolulu. So, do not forget to enjoy yourself in Honolulu and try some of the options from the list.


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