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When in Hawaii, you might run out of ideas on what to do in Big Island. Bored of the beaches or surfing the waves? Want to do different things? so why not explore the island of Oahu? There are many interesting things to do in Oahu. Oahu, which is also Known as “The Gathering Place”, Oahu is the third largest among the Hawaiian Islands also happens to be home to most of the state’s population.

On Oahu, you will find in the southeast the state capital of Honolulu. The island is a favorite among tourists, mainly because there’s simply so much to do on it and so many places to see. To assist you in making decisions as to what exactly do during your stay, here are a few suggestions of

Things to do in Oahu Hawaii 


wailo shave iceWith the warm Hawaiian weather, there is a tendency for you to feel a bit hot and sweaty; you might want to cool off a bit. Don’t fork over those two dollars for an ice cream bar just yet because there’s a cooling treat that’s way better than that. Just ask any local and there’s a strong likelihood they will direct you to Waiola Shave Ice.

This is one of the fun things to do in oahu hawaii. Found in Honolulu, Waiola’s shaved ice is the best you’ll ever have in your life; your hard, artificially flavoured childhood snow cones are incomparable to this stuff. It is melt in your mouth, fluffy goodness made with the tiniest ice particles possible. There are tons of flavours to choose from, but their signature rainbow shave ice is highly recommended.


things to do in oahu hawaii

History must not be ignored and on the island of Oahu is a reminder of how one decision can lead to the demise of many. Pearl Harbor is one of the most popular oahu attractions. Not just because it’s the title of a Josh Hartnett and Ben Affleck film, but because it’s the location of the surprise attack by the Japanese on December 7, 1941 during World War II. It was after this attack that the United States formally entered World War II.  On that day, many souls were lost, including the 1177 crewmen aboard the sunken USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor.

The USS Arizona Memorial off was built in 1962 atop the sunken battleship. To get there, you will board a US Navy boat from the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center and upon arrival, tour the memorial. For a small fee, you can go on a narrated tour, which is available in nine languages. They include English, Spanish, Korean, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Italian.

There are 10.50 acres to explore, with the memorial divided into three parts, namely the entry, assembly, and shrine. At the visitor’s center entrance, you will see one of the ship’s bells and the massive, 8,884 kilo anchor that was once attached to the ship. In addition, you need not go diving to see the sunken ruins as there is a floor opening overlooking the battleship. If you have any relations who passed away during the sinking, there is marble wall shrine containing the names of the fallen crew. Truly, we must learn from history and ensure it will never be forgotten.

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things to do in oahuThere are plenty of waterfalls in Oahu, but not all of them can be swum in. For example, it is illegal to swim in wondrous Sacred falls due to a massive landslide on Mother’s Day 1999, where eight people perished and 50 injured. Another waterfall that’s just good to look at is the striking Manoa falls. But swimming is highly discouraged due to the strong presence of leptospirosis bacteria. Luckily there is a waterfall up north shore that’s not just gorgeous, but swimmable as well—the Waimea Waterfalls.

Waimea falls is located in Waimea Valley on the North Shore of Oahu. Waimea Valley has historical and religious significance to Hawaiians, as it has some structures which date back to Hawaiian Monarchy.

To get to the Waterfalls, you will need to undergo a 3 and a half long mile hike on paved ground; but since Waimea Valley is lush with greenery and gorgeous botanical gardens, you will hardly feel the hike.

If you’re with senior citizens or little tots, you can also opt to just get into the shuttle service. Once you get there, you may opt to just relax or get into the water. If you choose the latter, you need to wear a life vest, as the water is 30 feet deep.


Rid yourself of the gym during your stay because if there’s one thing you won’t lack with Hawaii’s terrain, it’s exercise. On that note, if you’re more of the athletic type or you are simply the person who is up for a challenge, you may want to hike Koko head. You can also go for Pacific SkyDiving in Oahu.

On your plane to Hawaii, you’re likely to fly over Oahu and you might spot it on the southeast of the island.  The trail is quite steep  as it was Formerly a railway track. So best to ditch your flip flops and put on a good pair of hiking shoes. Because it is a bit of a climb at 0.4 miles or 2,036 feet round trip. Bring a bottle of water and snacks, wear a cap, and slap on some sunscreen.

When you get to the top, all those 1048 steps will be worth the view. From the apex of Koko Head, you can see the surrounding islands, a bit of Honolulu, Diamond Head crater and more. Since it is a rather steep trail, don’t hurry down and do it at your own pace. Best to be safe than in a hurry.

Oahu may be just the third largest island, but it is definitely not lacking in activities. May your next visit to Hawaii be as enjoyable as your last. A hui hou!




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