7 Things To Do In Auckland, New Zealand.


Foreign tours are always exciting. You get to see a whole new country with its rich culture and tradition. You can know about the local people, their lifestyle, apparels and obviously, the food habit. Local cuisines always are the best attractions for the foodies while roaming around the world. Where are you planning to visit in this coming vacation? Have you visited New Zealand? If not, then think about Auckland. For many of you, New Zealand is a cricket-playing country. To others, it is an island country in the southern hemisphere, under Australia as maps show so, it is also known as God Zone, for its tranquillity and scenery. But, there are many things to know about the country. Its culture and Maori Heritage and rich history, New Zealand is really beautiful and complete. And Auckland is its  most populated city .

If you are planning to visit New Zealand, i recommend to visit Auckland and stay here a few days because there is lots of things to do and see and move around.  Auckland can offer luxury dining and cheap eats like all surrounded by an adorable natural beauty to soothe your eyes and make you feel adventurous. Before knowing about best things to do in Auckland, you should know a bit more about the city.

Auckland is located in the North Island of New Zealand. Initially, it is the home of several (Iwi) Maori tribes which make it all more fascinating. In Maori language, Auckland is known as ‘Tamaki’.

Things To Do In Auckland, New Zealand:

1.Spend a Day at Rangitoto Islandfun things to do in auckland

While you are in Auckland, you can’t miss Rangitoto, and when you visit Auckland, this is a must-see place. This is a volcanic island where you can experience the amazing panoramic view. Not only that, but the place will also be good for your adrenaline rush. Whether you love hiking or kayaking for your adventurous soul, you can have that all on this island. If you go for hiking, you will find many trails that lead you to the lava fields and also the world’s largest pohutukawa forest.

There is something you should remember certain things. Foods are not available there, so, you need to carry your lunch. Also, you can’t throw trash here and there, so you should carry bag to throw those too. You need to reach the island by kayaking that starts from Waitemata Harbour. Along with enjoying the sparkling water, you can also visit few wild lives, like Cooks Petrels, Little Blue Penguins, etc.

2.Taste the Best Ice Cream in the World


fun things to do in auckland

New Zealand is famous for the best dairy in the world, and I found this gem of a place, that makes the most incredible and delicious ice cream in the world. Giapo ice cream is tucked away on a side street, away from the main Queen Street, in downtown Auckland. This place is half a museum and half ice cream store. Their ice creams are real work of art, a joy to the eye. It is a one of kind experience. A Must do in New Zealand.  These photos speak for themselves.

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giapo colosssal squid

When you go to Giapo, look for the famous colossal squid ice cream, created in tribute to the real colossal squid exhibited in Te Papa Museum in Wellington.

3. Walk Along the Cornwall Park

Cornwall Park

Are you on a honeymoon trip? It can even be your second honeymoon, Cornwall Park always adds an additional oomph factor to your trip. Walking along the park with your beau, hand-in-hand is really romantic that you can cherish forever. This rambling park is located on the volcanic cone and offers a lush green view to the travelers. This park presents more to you as you can find the remnant of pre-European Maori Fort and also the remains of Sir John Logan Campbell. He is the donor of the park. You should also not miss the amazing view of One Tree Hill. The other part of the park is for a picnic where you can take your family and have some fun. It includes a jogging trail, tennis court, bike paths, a playground and beautiful gardens. Capture pictures, take selfies and keep your fun moments alive forever.

4. Visit Auckland Zoo

things to do in auckland

The zoo in Auckland is pretty legit. It is located in the Grey Lynn. My main reasons to put the zoo here is to see the kiwi, a native wingless bird. The Auckland Zoo is spacious enough for the animals to roam around and visitors can have a great view of them. If you are planning a vacation with your kids in New Zealand, you should not miss going to the Auckland Zoo once.

5. Enjoy Surfing at Black Sand Sea Beaches

There are plenty of them. These black sand beaches are perfect for surfing.

  • If you are in Piha Beach, you can get the best experience of surfing as it is not that much crowded. You will be trained by the experienced guides and have great fun over there.
  • Visit Muriwai beach which is special for 1200 pairs of gannets. They nest there from August to March. Besides them, you can also enjoy the vast coastline, Turquoise Blue Ocean, and the rolling black sand dunes.
  • If you want to spend a few days away from the crowd, go to Karekare Beach. Due to its calm nature and deserted location, this has been favorite of filmmakers, photographers, and You can take 5 minutes’ walk to visit the Karakare Falls.

Apart from these major beaches, there are other exotic beaches, like Bethells Beach (great swimming destination), Karioitahi Beach (you can do horse riding, surfing, hang gliding, paragliding, etc. here), Whatipu Beach (visit rocky cliffs and sand dunes), etc.

6. Don’t Miss Mount Eden

fun things to do in auckland

Maybe it is not the Eden Garden described in the Bible, but nothing less than that. This is basically a dormant volcano covered entirely with lush green grass. This is also the highest point of Auckland. No matter what time of the day you visit there, the panoramic view will amaze you. But, if you want the best of the best, get the hilltop view during the sunset and the sunrise. You should be aware that you need to walk to reach uphill; so wear comfortable shoes.

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7.Taste the Grand Auckland Wine

auckland wine

If you want to spend a lazy day at the grapevine and taste some of the best wine in the world, you will need 40 minutes to reach Waiheke Island from Auckland with. There are lots of vineyards and wineries in Waiheke Island. You can take a guided tour throughout the vineyard, taste the best and stay over for a wonderful vineyard lunch. There are lots of eateries, which serve local cuisine along with other preparation.

So, here you get to know about my favorite points of interest in Auckland. If you are excited enough, this is a great time to pack your bags and book flights to Auckland. Make all your bookings early so that you can make your stay luxurious and full of fun.



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