Places to Visit in Jharkhand, The Hidden & Unexplored Places Revealed!


Jharkhand, a State on the land of the lively eastern part of the country India, not only abounds in beauty but also with its resources, be it natural or man-made, havthe freedom fighter statue jharkhanding a lot of hidden places to visit in Jharkhand which yet needs to be explored.

Here are some of the most beautiful places in Jharkhand which excites an adventurous trip.

Sandwiched between the Gangetic plains and the Delta, on northern and the eastern side respectively the place calls for your attention with its serenity and aesthetic essence.

Covered by dense forest still scoped out with an appropriate infrastructural eminence, the land is abundant with its hidden spiritual eloquence.

map of Jharkhand

So, if you wanna know about the beautiful hidden history of Jharkhand,  go ahead and pack your cool solo trip to this lovely place.

Being a plateau region it has lots of undulations which will increase your desire to learn about the history and the geology of the area. A lot of intricate visiting places delineates the culture of the land and the indigenous feature ushers a connection with the Abode of greenery. You might be astounded by the beauty of the northern hilly region of India but Jharkhand has its own eminence. Just Explore !!!

Hidden Places to Visit in Jharkhand; 

Jharkhand tourism takes you in the world of surprises and enigmas at each and every footstep and if  the amazing waterfalls, mesmerizing landscapes, diversified flora and fauna, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, moderate climate, hill stations, and tribal livings, with a peaceful love, excites you then you are welcome to the land of bushes, Jharkhand.

There are many places in this state which people are unaware of, and miss out. Give a glance over the beauty of the state and you will definitely be stuck with its beauty!

1. Netarhat Hill Station: Heart of Jharkhand

Wanna look for an idyllic sunrise, then come to Magnolia Viewpoint, Netarhat! yeah (^|^)Sunset in Netarhat

Popularly known as the “Queen of Chotanagpur” 156 kilometers from the capital city Ranchi, coming under the Palamu District, Netarhat, a place which a visitor to Jharkhand should never miss out. Clad with dense forests and rivers this place experiences the moderate temperature even during scorching summer and a cool climate throughout the year. Will it not be a great experience to spend the haunting summer?

Areal View of Netarhat School

Well, the Gurukul, the Netarhat Vidyalaya is famous all around the country, especially for its training and its ways to address education is situated within the precincts of this serene place.

The wild adventure is looking forth for your approval with lots of new fruits and flowers waiting for you try.


Burhaghagh fall jharkhand

Jharkhand’s second highest fall the Burhaghagh with a sheer steep fall of 466 feet is among the most beautiful tourist places in Jharkhand, but only accessible to the hikers. No worries you spend some time in the embrace of nature. This place has its own colourful history of British appreciators and a long obsolete story of the Tribal, Birhores, and Birjias. The patches of pines and cypressesBauhinia and Cassia are the special plants that add to its heavenly touch.

Other places in case you still are not satiated then do visit these Jharkhand destinations- Upper and Lower Ghaghri Falls, Lodh Falls, Koel View Point, Sadni Fall. 

 2.Terracotta temples of Maluti

Dilapidated TempleBuilt between 17th and 19th century, 72 extant terracotta temples (originally 108) located in Maluti village near Shikharipara, Dumka, gives you the essence of the creative minds of the ancestors of Jharkhand. This place promises a meta-knowledge with its profound intricate description of terracotta culture. The engravings on the walls of the temple and its terracotta idols enwombs a stunning aesthetics and an unknown spirituality.

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Terracotta templesSo, if you are a fine arts enthusiasts or an architect of great aesthetics sense I challenge you to come and extract knowledge about your field. The place has been protected by the Global Heritage Fund, and declared the world’s 12th most engendered cultural heritage sites which was first looked after by SHE( Save Heritage and Environment) a NGO. The dilapidated situation of the remaining 72 temples resounds a vibrant history behind it. So explore the colours with a heritage of its own.

Few more attractions of Dumka ” the land of Santhals” – Masanjor, Chotunath, Basukinath.

3.Shikharji: Parasnath Hill 

sammetThe highest range hill on the Jharkhand’s highest point Parasnath, Shikharji, “ The Venerable Peak” is known for its spirituality. It is one of the most important pilgrimage site for Jains. There exists a belief that twenty of the twenty-four Tirhtkaras and few monks got salvation on this hill. Therefore also known as Sammet Sikhar or the peak of concentration.

Here the visitor can find a lot of temples which has its own simplistic endevour and is auspicious with its authenticity of the structure. The replica of the temple is present at Dadabari, New Delhi. The hill also has a rare breed of species of wild life, like Mahua, Shimul Palash. Lots of ariel species will also attract your attention.

These hills lie in the Giridih District, which literally means “Land of Hills” has many other attached beautiful visiting site- Usri Fall, Madhuban, Jain Museum, Khandoli park, and Jharkhandi Dham.

So if you wanna do paragliding or parasailing within the adventurous plains, visit this place. It has its own aroma which will make you feel flower

So do you know that there exists an orange hill on this earth? If not learn of this plant and which generally covers the state during the spring making an orange hue.

4. Ranchi: The City of Waterfalls

Ranchi is Situated on a hilltop and is the capital city of the Jharkhand. Ranchi is known as a hill station for it attracted the British as they used to come and spend their time during the sultry summer of Calcutta then. Within the humdrum of the city there are a lot of places not only inside the city but in around where you can plan a trip to.  Waterfalls in Ranchi are among the most beautiful waterfalls in the country.

Sacred Groves

sacred forest

You must have read about the sacred grooves sometime in your life. You need not go far as there are lots of grooves being auspicious and sacred to the different Tribal culture which help them connect to the nature and the land directly. Aaah! Pocahontas are you around!!!!!!

While travelling, the view from the train or from your car, will hypnotize your sense to accept the beauty it clad within itself and you will instantly search the nexus of it.

Patratu Valley

Meandering valley

Other than this if you want to go for real adventure and I mean it “real adventure” you must not miss the Patratu Valley. It is a beautifully built meandering road which will lead you to the Patratu dam. The areal view reminds me of the mystical nature and the mastery of the human hand to create such a magnificent infrastructure. For sure you will enjoy the picturesque view of nature. The dam which has been made over the Nilkari river has a tunnel inside it which connects the two villages of Patratu District- Labga and Hariharpur. But Alaashh it is not for the public now.

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The Biological Park

The Park of RanchiBhagwan Birsa Biological Park at Ormanjhi, Ranchi will remind you of the intimacy of the human soul to the nature. Muta crocodile breeding center is another major attraction of this place. The environmentalist seeing a decline in this breed started an initiative to conserve and breed itDeer, peacock, elephants are among the other animals around that can be spotted.  Here the inmates of the area live in open so you can figure them around just as on a safari tour.

Tagore Hill, A Tribute to Gurudev

in Tagore's memory

A major attraction which is associated with the writer, First Asian Nobel LaureateRabindranath Tagore. He had spent some time here and few poems in the work Gitanjali was an outcome of the musings given by this place. It is also known as ‘Morabadi hill‘ from where you can have a very inspiring view of the city.

Dassam Fall (also known as Gautamdhara)


The most important fall where you can enjoy the cascading water. The rustling sound will give a solace which you might have never felt in life. Dassam Fall is situated in Taimara village in Bundu a suburb near Ranchi. The word Dassam itself in mundari language means pouring water. The river Subarnarekha breaks into the fall with a height of 44 mts. The sudden break in channel gradient at the edge of Ranchi plateau gives rise to the rejuvenating knick point.

Other places to visit are –

  • Jagannath Mandir, a replica of Puri’s famous temple,
  • Pahari Mandir where the local folk believe that the structure (the linga) which is worshiped came out of its own on the hill top,
  • Jonah Fall, Hundru Fall, Hirni Fall and
  • Panchghagh Fall (a mesmerizing place).

Don’t miss out the State Museum, if you wanna learn about the Jharkhand culture. Also Check out, the Famous Foods of Jharkhand.

5. Hazaribagh: The Center of Jharkhand

The SafariLiterally meaning “The City of Thousand Gardens” has an aroma of its own. The well known Hazaribagh National Park and Sanctuary is included as the important wild life habitat in India. Listed by UN as an important wildlife site it is the oldest sanctuary built declared after independence. Since 1954, the government has tried to conserve the extinct wild variety of plants and animals. Be ready to spot out animals like- tigers, panthers, sambhars, spotted deer, bison and a number of mammalian faunas.  The Cheetah, Kakar, Nilgai, Sambar and Wild Boar are rare to see but they can be figured during dusk. So be ready with your DSLR’s and good cameras for it may turn out to be the best site for photography and adventure.

Other than this there are sites like Barso Pani Cave ( literally meaning the cave where you can ask for rain), Bhadra kali temple, Kaneri Hill, Isco Rock Art.

6. Deoghar: Not Just A Religious Site

Famous for the Baidyanath Temple, one of the 12 jyotirlingas and its mythical history the place mesmerizes the tourists to Jharkhand with its profoundness. The story is about one of the greatest mythical king and warrior yet a demon, Ravana of Ramayana carrying lord Shiv from his heavenly abode to his kingdom Lanka. He failed to keep the promise of not keeping the linga anywhere on the earth. And so came up the most religious place which has its magnificence through out the year but during the Savaana the monsoon it is as if the heaven has been rebuilt on this piece of the earth.

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Trikut Pahar

rope way view from Trikut

An exciting destination for trekking and ride ropeway, Trikut Pahar or hill gives a safe natural retreat to the visitor. It has its religious importance with the most famous temples being- Trikutachal Mahadev Temple, Bhagwati Temple, Sage Dayananda Hermitage, and Sage Bam Baba Temple.

Trikut paharTirkut Pahar has a famous Stream of cool and fresh water on the hill top. Tirkut Pahar is also known as the “Garden of Lord Shiva” as there are woods which are offered to make him happy. The strange wildlife implores a tremendous adventurous soul.

Naulakha Mandir

Queen Charushila of Pathuria Ghat King’s family from Kolkata, built The temple of nine qualities.

The amount spent was 9 Lakh, resonates the majestic Belur Ramakrishnan Temple.

Other hidden places of this place for you to enjoy- Tapovan, Nandan Pahar.

7. Palamu

Palamu division in Jharkhand, northwest of Ranchi is full of natural beauty. The mesmerizing view contributes a lot to the Jharkhand Tourism.

Palamu Fort

You may feel that Jharkhand is just a place of great flora and fauna but does it has any history to rely upon. Then let me tell you that the ruins of the Palamu Fort will satisfy your urge. This place was built during the time of 16th century stands in need of historical reverence.

New Fort

There are two ruined forts in the southeast of the city of Daltonganj. The first one (the old fort) is in the plains and the other one is on the hill (the new one) overlooking the meandering Auranga river popularly known as Oranga river in Palamu. The river has a jagged structure due to the highly exposed bed of the river, from where Palamu derives its name “place of the fanged river”.

The old palamu fortAlthough in dilapidated condition it has its eloquence which articulates the brave history of Chiro Dynasty. The attack by the Mughal emperors specially under courageous commander ship of Daud Khan, the dynasty saw its downfall. The architecture is in Islamic style, characterizing defenses on three sides and three main gates. So do not miss this marginalized history of India.

Betla National ParkTiger Reserve

No, one can deny this that the abode of greenery, Jharkhand can close the chapter of reading a place just by its historical importance. Betla was one of the first national parks in India to become a tiger reserve under Project Tiger. The flora includes- Sal and Bamboo and grassland that runs along the Koel River. The abundance of fauna makes it the most important tourist destination in Jharkhand.The Waterfall in Betla park.

The immense water rustle down which breaks the silence of the forest and the surrounding.
the great triangle formation
Do not miss the Waterfall and Hotsprings which is the specialty of this national park!!!!!

8. Kiriburu Hills: Land of Seven Hundred Hills

land of Seven hundred hills, Saranda forest

Description of Jharkhand remains incomplete if there is no mention of Kiriburu hills. Known for its iron deposits the land has a vegetation which grasps the attention at one go. Dense green Saranda forest adds to its natural beauty. Meghataburu another hill rich with its own greenery.

Hah !! doesn’t it looks promising? A huge list to travel around places in Jharkhand.

Jamshedpur and Bokaro Steel City are industrial cities which are known for its productivity But also calls for a natural abundance. Infact the Steel city of Bokaro Steel City has the largest Iron plant of Asia.

Places to visit in Jamshedpur include the Botanical Garden. Jamshedpur is well planned and the cleanest city in the world. Connectivity to these places is good. The government is trying to improve the Jharkhand Tourism so you will not face any problem.

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