Sindhi Food – 37 Must Try Traditional Sindhi Dishes That Are Cultural & Tasty.

sindhi thali

India is the land of many cultures and communities. One of the most wonderful community is the Sindhi community. The traditional food Sindhi’s make is really delicious and very tasty.ย  Sindhi cuisine uses simple ingredients, but the Sindhi style of cooking turns the dishes really tasty.

There is a reason why Sindhis are so good at what they do, and it is probably because of what they eat. [PS: I’m a Sindhi too ๐Ÿ˜† ]. The way we use vegetables, spices, and other important ingredients makes our dishes so unique in taste.

So without any further delay, letโ€™s proceed to the different types of food we come across in the Sindhi cuisine.

Famous Sindhi Food For Breakfast

1. Dal Pakwaan

Dal Pakwaan is a simple and healthy Sindhi breakfast made of the regular moong dal and other veggies like tomatoes, onion, and coriander. Pakwaan is made of maida, which is then deep fried in oil. You can also use olive oil for a healthy breakfast.

The Pakwaan is usually very crunchy, and you will simply love it when you have it with dal. This is an ideal breakfast for all people, especially because of its protein and carbohydrate content. You can also have this dish with pudina chutney.

2. Koki

sindhi koki

The most loved breakfast choice for all the Sindhis out there, koki is just like a paratha, but it is a little thicker. Koki is made by the wheat flour, onion, coriander leaves, curry leaves, pomegranate seeds, and lots of desi ghee is added in the batter.ย 

Koki is completely filling and is fibre food. By having this, it can be a good start for your day. You can have koki with condiments like pickles or for the best combination, and you can have it with yoghurt. Completely nutritious!

3. Kali Mirch Koki

kali mirchi koki

Since we already know how koki is made, kali mirch koki is just addition of kali mirch powder to the normal flour batter. Not taking more than 15 minutes to make, this is like a free burst of air if you are having plain kokis all this while. Just like how you eat koki, you can eat this dish with yogurt or pickle.

4. Juar Jo Bathu

sindhi food breakfast

Bathu is like a porridge that can be taken with regular breakfast every morning. If you add millets(juar) with a little bit of cardamom powder, then you can keep your body warm during the winter season.

It is completely to your discretion whether you want it sweet or normal. You can add mustard seeds to the drink to make it more healthy.

5. Dal Paatho Phulko

dal stuffed paratha

Moong dal is the most frequently used dal in Sindhi households. Almost most of the dishes that require dal use moong dal only. And one such dish which is again dependent on this ingredient is the daal patho phulko.

The flatbreads that constitute the dish are made in desi ghee for that extra taste. Also, this dish can be had with raita.

6. Seyun Patata

sindhi food seyun patata

Seyun is vermicelli and patata means potato {yes you guessed it right}, this Sindhi dish is a great option for breakfast. It is quickly available, and this dish doesnโ€™t require many ingredients also.

You just need vermicelli which is cooked in a combination of potato. You can also add red chili powder and dhania powder for taste.

Sindhi Vegetarian Food

7. Seel Bhaji

Seel Bhaji is another favorite vegetarian food that involves most of the veggies. They are simply mixed and then cooked together with Indian herbs and spices in the pressure cooker.

The only disadvantage with this curry is that you cannot have it with rice. It will go well with flatbreads like roti, koki or dodha. In case if you are wondering what a dodha is, it is a rice flour flat bread which is common in Sindhi households.

8. Bhuga Chawal

Bhugha chawal

Bhuga Chawal is a dish that is normally had for breakfast. This is because it is made of nutrients rich vegetables such as onions and tomatoes. Also, the whole dish is completed when the rice is cooked and is served as a mixture of gravy and rice.

It is a very delicious dish, and you can accompany this dish with any other curry like Sai and Vishnu bhaji. In addition to this, you can also have this dish with papad, curd, or pickles.

9. Vaishnu Bhaji

vaishnu bhaji

Vaishnu Bhaji means Veg Bhaji. This means all the vegetables that go along together can be cooked together in this dish. The Vaishnu bhaji is quite delicious as it is cooked with various spices.

Also, it is served in most of the Sindhi weddings so you can take it that dish is very special. You can serve it with a dhodha or butter, and it tastes simply superb.

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10. Dodo

sindhi dodo

Juwar Jo Dodo: ย This is a great gluten-free flatbread option for the Sindhis. This is flavored with green chilies and fenugreek leaves. Also, these dodas are cooked in ghee till they become crispy. These, along with the tridali dal, are the best combination.

Bajre Jo Dodo: ย These dodas are made of millet flour and other seasonings. Again, this is a very healthy option for those who want to eat something tasty yet nutritious.

11. Sai Bhaji

sai bhaji sindhi food

This dish is another name for nutrition and taste. All you need is chickpea or Kabuli chana, some other veggies like tomatoes, onions, and spinach. Once they are soaked for an amount of time, they should then be cooked in the pressure cooker.

Then, you can have this curry with any kind of flat bread like poori, dhodha, koki or parantha. It is a great dish to prepare when you have to get-togethers at home. You can have it for dinner with rice and papad.

12. Bhee Aloo

sindhi food curry bhee aloo

A stem of the lotus flowers this dish which is made of bhee and aloo.ย  A tomato puree is made, and then the boiled potatoes and Bhee is mixed with it. The texture of the vegetable isnโ€™t very thin or thick, but itโ€™s just about right to have it with roti or a dhoda.

Also, bhee is a seasonal vegetable. This means bhee aloo can be made only when bhee is available.

13. Sindhi Kadhi



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A famous dish which made Sindhi cuisine well known worldwide, it is a product of besan flour. Kadi is an amalgamation of besan and good veggies. The veggies normally include Okra, Potato, Tomato, Capsicum, etc.

It is highly suggested that everybody eat this curry due to its nutritious value. Also, the Sindhi Kadi is very thin in texture, so it is best when eaten with rice/ Jeera rice.

14. Tri-Daali Dal

sindhi thri daal

The healthiest daal/ pulses are the Tri Daali Dal. It is a mixture of three dals that are moong, udad, channe daal. They are mixed, soaked, and cooked together.

It is really very beneficial for the kids and the old to eat this dish because of its power-packed nutrition. Also, this can go with rice as well as roti.

15. Macaroni Varyun Phoolpatasha

sindhi dishes

Though itโ€™s a big name, it is as delicious as it sounds. This is macaroni which is fused with tomato puree, spices, potatoes, puffed lotus seeds ( kamal seeds). This is a very healthy version of pasta, and this can go well with rotis or any kind of Indian flatbread

16. Kachaloo Tuk



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Aloo Kachalloo is a great dish when you have it in lunch with dahi/ curd. Kachaloo means arbi that is easily available in the market. Also, the vegetable is deep fried in healthy olive oil with the Indian spices. This is then served hot with roti/ rice.

17. Turi Bhaji

turi bhaaji

This is a spicy dish of Sindhi cuisine. Turi Bhaji is great for an afternoon meal because it is nutritious and a great delicacy to try! This is a curry of ridge gourd, tomato and other sindhi spices for the taste. It tastes great with hot butter rotis or dhoda.

18. Bhindi Bhasar

Bhindi Bhasar of sindhi

Bhindi Bhasar is a very simple bhindi or Ladyโ€™s Finger curry. It is made using Bhindi and Onion. It also contains tomatoes, green chilies, and a few other spices. Mix all of them and cook in some water and you are good to go. It is very simple and great to cook if you want a quick lunch. Goes well with rice or a simple roti.

19. Sindhi Aloo Tuk

Sindhi Aloo

The simplest dish of the Sindhi cuisine, Sindhi aloo, is very easy to make. It looks amazing and tastes yummy. All you have to do is to fry the potato in the oil.

It is actually served with other main dishes and usually a complimentary dish, but it has its own significance and value. This can go really well with biryani, tayri and other significant Sindh dishes which have rice.

20. Sathpuro

satpura sindhi paratha
source: sindhirasoi

Satpura/ Sathpura is a parantha which is made by rolling the dough into a flatbread. Apparently, ย it is made by re-rolling into phulka. Then, you even out the surface with a few drops of oil and red chili powder.

This is further cut into 7 layers and re-rolled into the phulka. This so-called Satpura is served best with curd or any kind of subzi(curry). And papad is a must accompaniment.

21. Sata Bhajiyun

sindhi food

Sata Bhajiyun is basically a mixture of seven vegetables, which is another way of making a great mix of vegetable. You can cook this in a spinach based gravy and make use of all the winter vegetables. You can cook this in a dish in any season.

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Also, this curry is made on special days such as Laxmi Puja at Diwali. This is probably the only dish that is offered to God that is not sweet. It is best eaten with Poori- another Indian flatbread. It is best eaten at brunch or lunch.

Sindhi Non-Vegetarian Food

22. Sindhi Biryani

Sindhi Biryani

Sindhis consume vegetarian and non-vegetarian food alike, and Sindhi Biryani is one such delicious non-vegetarian dish. Generally made to keep the body warm, this dish is cooked with Basmati rice, which is a special kind of rice.

Also, there are a lot of spices in this, and there is meat too. Now to prepare this dish, you need to cook the meat and the rice separately. Once they are cooked, they should be mixed and steamed for a few minutes. Once that is over, you can serve the biryani with raita and papad.

23. Seyal Teevan

seyal teevan sindhi mutton curry

Sindhi Mutton Curry is Seyal Teevan. This is a special dish for those who love to eat mutton and fish. This is unique because it is cooked with very little or no water. It takes about 1 hour 20 minutes to make this dish.

All you have to do is to cook the mutton which is marinated with yogurt, ginger garlic paste and lemon juice for an hour with the Indian spices. Then, sautรฉ the mixture in a pressure cooker and add the onions. Then, after the curry is cooked, you can serve it with rice or roti.ย 

Sindhi snacks

24. Bheeya Ji Tikki

sindhi snacks bheeya ji tikki
source: archanas kitchen

Sindhis surely know how to make good food from plants, fruits, and flowers. Their recipes are healthy mixes of spices, water, and plants. Bheeya Ji Tikki is actually made of lotus stem Bheeya, or lotus stem ( English). They have hard exteriors, but inside it is soft.

The stem is washed thoroughly. And then, you slice the stem and stuff the coriander and chilies. It is then coated with besan flour and deep fried.

To make this dish a little healthy, deep fry it in olive oil. This way, you can reduce cholesterol.

Bheeya Ji Tikki mainly consists of lotus stem, potatoes, green chilies, cilantro, besan flour and spices like ginger, garlic, aamchur powder, black pepper, and garam masala, etc. You can also add pomegranate seeds into the batter for a fruity taste. You can also accompany this side dish with green chutney to enjoy the taste.

25. Dhaarun Ji Chutney

sindhi chutney

This is actually dhaniya chutney (cilantro/coriander paste) This chutney acts as a perfect condiment to every snack made in the Sindhi household. Also, this is made fresh every time you make a snack. Dhaarun is basically pomegranate seeds.ย 

If you are wondering how to make it, you would require a few pomegranate seeds, cilantro leaves, mint leaves, green, and ginger. You can also add cumin powder as much as you wish. Blend all of them in the mixture, and your chutney is ready.ย  It is delicious and nutritious at the same time. You can have chutney with bhel, samosa, kachori, etc.

26. Chaap Chola

chaap chola

A quick and a street snack food dish, chaap chola is made of chickpeas or kabuli chana. Chaap chola is quite famous as Chola patice or the ragada pattice, and children love to have it just right after their school gets over. It is very easy and simple to make. ย 

Chola or the chickpea curry takes a little bit of time to make. You need to keep the Kabuli chana/ chickpeas prepared a few hours or night before. You need to soak them and then when they are ready, and you need to cook them with garam masala.

To enhance the taste, cook them in a tomato, onion and Indian spices mixture. For a quicker and easier way to cook this curry, you can put all of these contents in a pressure cooker and wait for the 2-3 whistles to come. ย 

Chaap is cutlet or tikki. It is made of mashed potatoes with some spices and herbs infused in the batter. The whole dish is a very nutritious dish with loads of protein, carbohydrates, and fats filled in the dish.

27. Papad


Papad or Sindhi papad is the most staple food item you will come across in a Sindhi house. They are of different varieties that it is simply mind-bending! You can have different variations that are made of a common substance: urad dal. Also, they contain good spices like black pepper, which helps to keep our health in check. ย 

Papad serves as a great side or like a condiment with which the food becomes tastier and better. You have the fry masala papad or the roasted one. It is simply splendid to eat with any kind of dish.

Sindhi Sweets

28. Mithi Koki

lolo mithi koki sindhi sweet

Koki is an Indian bread which is made using wheat and sugar. This is a sweet dish which is quite easy to make. It goes with a pickle and papad when served. A regular during the Sindhi festivals, mithi Koki is also a bit sacred as it is given out as Prasad (godโ€™s offering) sometimes. Though it may seem easy to make, it takes several minutes on the pan.

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29. Gheeyar

gheeyar sindhi sweet

Gheeyar can be identified as the Sindhi version of jalebi. The key to making gheeyars is a piece of special equipment that requires you to make somewhat thin strings out of the batter so as to create a very net like the appearance of Ghears. Also, for these to be successfully made, you need to ferment the batter overnight.

30. Bori (Kutti)

sindhi kutti

Bori is a simple and easy dish to have for breakfast. The whole wheat rotis are crushed and crumpled in sugar and are sauteed/ tempered with hot oil. It is best eaten with papad and lime pickle.

31. Mongi Mithai

By the name of the dish, you can very well see that it is another Sindhi dish. This is a very simple one and is ready in 15-20 minutes! It is made of Besan flour, khooya, and sugar syrup. Now all you have to do is to mix these together and cook for some time. Once its cooked, store it in a dry place to cool it down Later, cut them into pieces of cubes so that mongi mithai is served as a barfi.

32. Khorak/Majoon

sindhi sweet dish khorak

A sweet dish in the Sindhi cuisine, this is a very popular sweet in Sindhi. The dish here is made of coconut that is crushed. Also, a large amount of dry fruits is utilized in this sweet. Majoon has a special significance in the Sindhi culture because when the girl gets married, it is given to a girl at the time of her marriage.

So it is garnished with some of the dry fruits and also comes with silver coating. Also, this sweet dish is made in the winters to brave the cold weather and keep the body warm.

33. Tayri

sindhi sweet rice taiyri

A sweet in the Sindhi cuisine, this is a very popular dish that is given as Prasad (Godโ€™s offering). Tayri is made of rice and sugar syrup. It is made for every occasion and festival, especially the Sindhiโ€™s new year.

It is cooked for almost every auspicious occasion lie Chetichand, Marriages, Maha Poojas, etc. ย The texture of Tyri is very similar to Biryani, but it is sweet. It is cooked like normal rice with sugar syrup in the cooker.

34. Karachi Halwa

Karachi halwa

Karachi halwa is another exquisite Sindhi dish with a grainy texture. It is made in a gelatinous form and is made of corn flour. This Sindhi sweet is also known as Bombay halwa.

It is made of some common kitchen ingredients like corn flour, sugar, ghee, pistachios, and cashew nuts. You have to be patient while making this sweet and after making it, you can enjoy it in the form of pieces.

35. Singhar Ji Mithai

sindhi sweet singhar mithai

Singhar Ji Mithai is another favorite Sindhi sweet in Sindhi. They make this with sev or gram flour vermicelli. You can also mix khoya, feekha mava, milk, and sugar.

For seasoning, you can add a bit of almond. This sweet is low in fat and very delicious. This is just like a barfi kind of sweet, so after you cool off the sweet, you can cut them into pieces.

36. Thadal


Thadal, another special drink is a household Sindhi drink. It is made of poppy seeds and fruits like almonds, watermelon seeds, cantaloupe seeds, khash khash, and fennel seeds.

It is an amalgamation of all these with sugar, milk, and water. You can dress the drink with rose petals. ย Have the drink when it is chilled. In addition to this, thadal is made during famous Hindu festivals like Shiv ratiri and Holi.

37. Kheerni


Kheerni is a hot drink that is made from milk, saffron, and cardamom. This is also known as Sindhi kheer and is made for special occasions. One of the tastiest sweet in the Sindh food cuisine, this sweet dish was completely re-defined when Sindhis made it with a twist of their own.

Yes, according to popular sources, the kheerni was made of sabudhana. But since the time Sindhis added sevaiyan or vermicelli into the kheer, it became popular in the regular households. This sweet dish is supposed to be made from milk, vermicelli (seviyan) and saffron. ย You can also add dry fruits like almonds that give this dish a rich look.

sindhi food

Thus, these are some of the most delicious, amazing, and tasty dishes of Sindhi culture. The Sindhis believe in eating food, which is made at home, which is why they all are so healthy. Also, they are super foodies who have great taste in food. So no matter where you are if you have a Sindhi friend, go visit their house to eat their dishes. And we promise you that you will simply love it!



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