The First Swensen’s: Having the Ice Cream at Its Root


Introduction and Ambience:

Swensen’s is not an unfamiliar name in many Asian countries. We see it at the mall many times. But do you sometimes wonder where and when it started? If you have a chance to be in San Francisco, you cannot miss visiting the First Swensen’s. It is located at 1999 Hyde Street and has been there since the year 1948. The location is great as it is not far from tourist attractions like Lombard Street and Fisherman’s Wharf. This Swensen’s opens from noon to 10 PM everyday, except for Friday and Saturday that it welcomes you until 11 PM.



The First Swensen’s is smaller than you expected and do not have any seats. However, you can enjoy the warm and cozy feeling inside while looking at the menu board. The staff is also nice and patient enough to wait for you to decide which flavor you want. You can even ask to taste some samples.


The flavors are just like what you see in their shops in your country with some slight differences. And you have the options to have the delicious ice cream with a cone or a cup. The First Swensen’s also serve waffles, floats and milkshakes.


Panda’s recommendation:

We know everyone has their preference for ice cream flavors, but Swensen’s has been famous for their vanilla from the start. If you cannot choose between your favorite and vanilla, I suggest you to order a scoop for each.

Value of money:

Despite being the Original and First Swensen’s, the price is surprising low. It starts from 3.40 dollars for a small scoop, and you have to add less than 2 dollars more for double.


Happiness meter:

You are having ice cream at the root of a famous ice cream restaurant, so what is not to like? Not to mention you will get to walk around in the sunny San Francisco with a yummy dessert in your hand.

Unfortunately, they do not have an official website for this shop, so please check for more reviews and pictures on Yelp and Facebook.








Value For Money


Happiness Meter

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