Review of Sweet Tomatoes: Let’s Eat Healthy


Introduction and Ambience: 

Sweet Tomatoes is a part of Garden Fresh Restaurant Corporation. They own 124 restaurants in 15 states in the US. The main nutrition they serve is vegetables, which is suitable for someone who would like to be healthy. The restaurant opens from 11 AM to 9 PM. However, on Sunday, it opens early at 9 AM.



Sweet Tomatoes offers your meal in buffet style, so you will hardly interact with the staff. The only person you will most likely talk to is the cashier. He or she will wait at the end of the salad bar to charge you. And then, you are free to sit wherever you want and come back to the salad bar or other sections of the restaurant. The cashier I met was very friendly and made sure you get the cup for your drink.


You might think you are being limited with the vegetables. But there are unbelievably so many things to choose. You will see all kinds of greens and beans. And there are probably 10 kinds of salad dressings. Sweet Tomatoes also have bread section, soup section, breakfast section and dessert section. You will see simple pieces of breads, cupcakes, waffles, spicy soup, chicken soup, clam chowder, omelette, bacon, ice cream, jello, and many more. Even the drink section has three kinds of coffee and three kinds of juice, and of course, the sodas. Let’s just say, there is a high chance they have all of your favorites.

My preference

Panda’s recommendation: 

Once you put your preference of vegetables on your plate, I highly recommend their Caesar salad dressing. It was so creamy and tasty. Their soup and breakfast food were not as great. But the strawberry lemonade was heaven. The coffee was fantastic as well. And you should definitely end your meal with jello with whipped cream on top.

Value of money: 

You only have to pay 9.79 dollars for unlimited food. Sweet Tomatoes is a renowned restaurant, so this is very worthy.

Happiness meter: 

You can be the person who loves having salad and feeling healthy. Or you can be the person who enjoys having a lot of ice cream and waffles. Either way, you will leave this place with a smile on your face.

For more details, please check on their website here.






Food and Drinks


Value For Money


Happiness Meter

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