Review of Pop Up Tea, Coffee & Snacks


Introduction and Ambience:

Pop Up is a milk tea shop. But due to so many milk tea stores keep opening, Pop Up decided to do something different and added dessert menu. The store is located at 185 Branham Ln, Ste 2 San Jose, California. It opens from 9 AM to 10:30 PM on Sunday through Thursday. And on Friday and Saturday, it opens from 9 AM to 12 AM.

In the store


When I was there, there were not many people, so there is a high chance that you do not have to wait too long. The staff were really nice and let you take your time to choose what you will have. You can ask about their ingredients because they seem to know everything.


Pop Up serves most things that boba stores usually offer. However, they are different for putting some toppings on top of the cup instead of at the bottom. You can put oreos, slices of lime or even ice cream on top of your drinks. And the most special order has to be their Snow Milk, which is shaved ice. There are 5 different versions of them to choose from as below.


Panda’s recommendation:

You should definitely try the Snow Milk. I tried the Mix Fruit one and it tasted like heaven. You will be able to tell that the shaved ice part is mostly made of milk. And the fruits are truly fresh.

Value of money:

Everything in Pop Up does not cost over 10 dollars. It is very worth it to have something that is made of fresh and clean ingredients.

Happiness meter:

You will feel like you have an upgrade level of boba tea even though the price is the same as other stores’. Not to mention the atmosphere in Pop Up is very suitable for sitting for hours.

For more details, please check on their Facebook Page here.






Food and Drinks


Value For Money


Happiness Meter

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