5 Places you must Visit on your Karnataka Trip


The land of in numerous colors, tasteful flavors, impeccable culture, stunning landscapes, beautiful timelessness, and scintillating beauty is the state of Karnataka with Bangalore as its capital city. One of the best states for tourism in the country, Karnataka has a plethora of attractions to offer to you. The beautiful state also beholds historical importance and has the world’s largest monolith structure. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started with some of the few places in Karnataka which you must visit.  


  1. Jog Falls:

    Tops the list of tourist attraction is one of the biggest waterfalls in India, the Jog Falls. The stunning and picturesque view of the waterfall is bound to leave you in a state of awe. Nestled amidst the border of Uttara Kannada and Shimoga district is the paradise on earth. The water here cascades down through a single fall from a height of 253 m above of the ground.


  2. Bangalore

    The Capital City of Karnataka has evolved immensely from being the Garden city to that of the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore is infamous for its charming weather, gorgeous parks, and the entire city is surrounded by beautiful lakes bestowing an unblemished view. Visit the greenery of Cubbon Park, or shop in one of the biggest malls in the country, Bangalore is one of the must-visit places in South India.

  3. Coorg:

    coorg winter

    Touted as the “Scotland City of India” is Coorg which also serves as a famous tourist place in the state. This land of beauty is not only famous for coffee products, surrounding lush-green hills and the scintillating streams cutting through the entire region but also is known for its people and the beautiful culture that they seem to follow. Planning a trip to Karnataka and not including Coorg among the list of places to visit in the state would be a great mistake. Make sure to plan a trip to this beautiful land to intake the breathtaking view of the spice and coffee plantation while clicking hundreds of pictures of the alluring beauty of nature.


  4. Madikeri:


    While you are at Coorg commuting up to Madikeri is even easier than you think. This is a place for the adventuring-loving junkies. While giving yourself a visual treat you can go trekking, camping, and exploring the hilly terrains and charismatic natural and virgin beauty of the place.


  5. Kabini:

    Serves as the rich land of fauna and flora is Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary in the state of Karnataka. This is used to be the private area for the British where they used to come for hunting. Today it is listed as one of the famous tourist places in Karnataka that is a must-visit place for all the nature lovers.







For any further details to know about Karnataka Tourism you can check the website of NerdsTravel. If you haven’t yet planned a trip to this beguiling state of India, you must at once book those tickets and take some time to breathe in the wonderfulness of the state.   

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