Why Visiting Malaysia Should Be On The Bucket List For Travelers


Malaysia, situated in Southeast Asia is a popular country to visit at least for once located on the Asian continent. There is a great number of reasons why one should visit Malaysia- the lip-smacking food, their culture, the sunshine there. Even Getting a Malaysia Visa for Indians is an easy and quick process. Among all these, one of the greatest attractions of Malaysia is its wide variety that is offered to travelers and tourists.

Malaysia is a great place promising varied as well as an exciting trip for the people who wish to visit there, from the tropical beaches of Langkawi to the amazing city breaks in one of the most attractive locations, Kuala Lumpur. A holiday planned to Malaysia is considered to be incomplete without visiting and making a stay at Kuala Lumpur, the capital city. The meaning of Kuala Lumpur is ‘muddy estuary’ in the Malay language which further reflects upon the fact when the state of this city started off as a small village of mining.

The city of Kuala Lumpur

Currently, the capital city of Kuala Lumpur can be termed as a cosmopolitan paradise with a bustle of the metropolis over 6.5 million citizens. Though this city is comparatively new when put side by side to other cities of Malaysia like that of Malacca and George Town. Kuala Lumpur gained immense popularity being an amazing tourist destination located on the Asian continent. One main reason for the attractiveness of this city is its inexpensiveness when compared to the luxury stay. Malaysia is said to the hub of a few of the most famous five-star hotels being extremely reasonable all over the world. There are present innumerable luxury restaurants being highly affordable along with some great shopping malls where things are usually fairly priced.

Kuala Lumpur is considered to be a diverse city being ethnic in nature, a lot friendly to the visitors, thereby making it one of the best holiday locations, especially for the people who have never been to Asia. The familiarity and the frankness in its approach, Malaysia’s western standards have been derived from the past, being a part of a British colony. It can be well understood from the architecture of the older times which still seems to uphold a powerful colonial feel.

Other tourist spots

People willing to make an escape from the city can visit the Island of Borneo of the Malaysian section. This island of Malaysian Borneo constitutes of states like Labuan territory, Sabah state, and Sarawak. Here, on this island one can visit the Gunung Mulu National Park which is a highly recommended destination. Langkawi is another popular location having a collection of islands, counting to 99. One can experience something similar to paradise, having palm and coconut trees with a long stretch of white-coloured sand.


Malacca, also spelt Maleka, is another city in Malaysia and serves as the capital city of Coastal State of Malacca located in the Southwest of the country. The city is famous for its inclination towards the Historic establishments and other antique possessions. This led to the city won the epithet of “The Historic State.” One can see an abundant of attraction that dates back to the 16th century and so on. Being a home to many heritage sights, one can grasp the beauty of this great city which saw colonial forces like Portuguese, Dutch, and British. The present architecture manifests the influence of these colonial forces. Out of many sights that contributed being the historic state of the country, Baba Nyonya Heritage and Stadthyus. If you really want to see the real Malaysia, do visit this city.

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