Top 4 Cruising Destinations in the World

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What is a cruise? It’s more than just a vacation on the water. It’s an experience. Cruises provide guests with unparalleled opportunities to explore new places and cultures at their own pace. At the end of your journey, you’ll have experienced things that not many people can say they’ve done in their lifetime. Cruising is becoming more and more popular among travelers, especially as an alternative to high-priced airfare. 


How do you know if your cruise destination is the best? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. Are you a fan of French cuisine, or are you more interested in German beer? Do you want to visit some historical sites or get away from it all and just enjoy the ocean views? If any of these things sound appealing, then here are four destinations worth checking out:


#1 Komodo National Park – Indonesia

Komodo National Park offers some of the most adventurous cruising vacations. It is home to the Komodo dragon, the largest lizard globally, and when visiting it can be spotted in its natural habitat. While being the main attraction, the surroundings such as the world’s most amazing beaches, snorkelling spots, and culture, make this adventurous trip a life-changing experience. By visiting Komodo island, you’ll get to enjoy the most beautiful pink beach in the world. The pink sand and crystal clear water make Komodo beach a mesmerizing, must-see sight that will allow for a relaxing experience and the most Instagrammable photos you can ever create. 


The three largest islands that comprise Komodo National Park are Rinca, Komodo, and Padar. Each of the three islands offers a view of the shimmering blue sea along with virgin white sandy beaches that will make this journey extremely memorable too! For those who love sailing up close to nature, exploring deserted coral reef idylls, or are just looking for solitude without going too far away from civilization, Padar is the true hidden paradise that offers all of the mentioned above. 

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What it’s like during the cruise: Guests will be greeted by dolphins, manta rays, turtles in addition to various species of fish at different depths. These wonderful creatures can be spotted from the ship or observed up close in the water, as the Komodo area is famous for some of the most stunning snorkeling and diving destinations in the world!

#2 Arctic


Cruising to the Arctic is a unique experience. One of the most popular options of activities here is ice-tonging, which allows participants to take an expedition onto sea ice with an experienced guide who provides gloves and instruction Monday through Friday during winter. The experience is not only enjoyable but also educational, giving visitors a chance to learn more about polar explorers and how climate change is affecting wildlife in this part of the world.


Mammal watching is another one that can be experienced while cruising with some boats having access within or near Native communities deeper into Hudson Bay. Visitors will be able to see polar bears, seals, beluga whales and other species up-close.


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Do some of these places sound daunting? Are you already intrigued by how it will be if you choose some of these destinations? Don’t overthink it. Just book a cruise and have a lifetime experience!


#3 Caribbean


If you’re looking for diverse activities, I think the Caribbean is a great place to cruise. Activities onboard the ship are plentiful and fun, whether you’re hanging out with friends in one of the many bars or lounges or hitting the disco lights in one of two clubs. Of course, kids will probably enjoy playing arcade games or going swimming as well! Outside of your ship, there’s still plenty to do no matter what beach it is. Parasailing over crystal blue waters in Barbados, boogie boarding and paddle boarding in Aruba, or just sunbathing at any luxurious resort island you choose – there’s lots to do when cruising this region.

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There are cruises within budget constraints, so you don’t have to spend all your money on vacation. Just enough as the costs vary depending on what type of luxury you want during the vacation.


We recommend starting your cruise in the Eastern Caribbean before working your way over to the Western side. Some popular destinations include Antigua, St. Martin/St. Maarten (yes, it’s an island) and Curacao – all great for plenty of sun and sand if you’re looking for that! You can also stop at a private beach by taking a day trip via yachting or helicopter, which is something I always love doing! And don’t pass up a chance to do some snorkeling with sea turtles – trust me on this one! 


#4 France- River Rhône

And the last one on the list, we suggest you take a river cruise. No less exciting than the sea width, the Rhône is at the heart of southern France, flowing from Lake Geneva in Switzerland to the country’s western border. Along with its source and tributaries, there are many great junctions you can take along its path. It joins the Arve near Lyon and meets the Mediterranean Sea just south of Saint-Tropez. 


You can cruise this river well downstream, all along France’s southwestern coast where it winds past one world-famous port after another (Marseille) before continuing west and finally draining into the old Roman colony known as “Lemuria” on a spectacular bay below a craggy headland called Capo Caccia Marina in Friuli Italy.


The river has a marked difference between low and high water levels, providing many different types of scenery to enjoy. Along the banks, you can see old castles and tower houses from feudal times and Roman ruins, medieval towns and villages from the 12th-13th centuries, several wine regions that produce rosé wines such as Tavel, Cote Rotie and Beaumes-de-Venise.


Whether you choose a river or ocean cruise, you are guaranteed to have a very exciting trip and make some lifelong memories! The destinations that have found their place on our least, are definitely one of those you must visit in a lifetime! Have a great trip! 


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