Melaka River Cruise, 2020 – Location, Timings, Ticket Price, Route.

Melaka River Cruise- malacca

“Visiting Melaka is incomplete without cruising Sungai Melaka”, said the signage when I entered the Melaka River Cruise, and it’s so true, and I absolutely agree to this. Any trip to the Historical city of Malacca should include visiting the colorful Melaka River Cruise. In this post, I am sharing my experience on Malacca River Cruise, its duration, and how to reach, some secret tips, route and everything you need to know about this marvellous place.

melaka river cruise entry

How to Reach Melaka River Cruise?

River cruise melaka 2019

The Melaka River Cruise Boarding point can be reached easily as it is one of the popular attractions. In order to catch the cruise, there are two jetties available. You can reach either of the jetties to catch on a cruise.

Taman Rempah jetty

river cruise melaka boarding point

The Taman Rempah jetty is located near the Hang Jebat Bridge. It is a connecting bridge that links Jalan Tun Sri Lanang to Jalan Tun Mutahir. You can take your cruise here and get down after completing the same here.

Muara Jetty

melaka river cruise boardingIf you were anywhere nearer to the Quayside Heritage Centre, then you can take the cruise from Muara jetty. This jetty is located beside the Heritage center.

What is the Duration and Distance of the Melaka River Cruise?

The overall duration of the trip on Melaka River Cruise is approximately 45 minutes. The distance you will be traveling on the cruise is for 10 Km.

Sometimes I felt I was like dreaming of traveling on water. The path in which the cruise travels is maintained so neatly and is covered with plenty of colored lights. The lights are not bright but were suitably placed to match the night darkness.

What are the timings of the Melaka River Cruise?

The operation of the Melaka River Cruise is from 09.00 AM to 11.30 PM. The cruise can be caught anytime because they will be available in a frequency of half an hour.

How Much Does a Ticket to Melaka River Cruise Cost?

Ticket Price For Melaka River Cruise, 2019

CategoryPrice Per Person
Adult (Malaysia Citizens)
(13 to 59 years )
Foreigner Adult
(13 years and above)
Foreigner Child
(2-12 years old)
Child (Malaysia Citizens)
(2-12 years old)
Senior (Malaysia Citizens)
(60-69 years old)
Senior (Malaysia Citizens)
(70 years & above)
(Below 2 years old)
Chartered Boat (40 seater)RM1000.00

What is the Best Time To Visit Melaka River Cruise?

view from rivercruise melaka entryIf you take the day trip on Melaka River Cruise, you can see different buildings and landmarks pretty clearly. At night, you might be awestruck by the colorful lights and, you can see beautiful buildings covered by lights.

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You can take the cruise at any time depending on the environment you like. Both morning and night time will be enjoyed by the people as the ride is super fun. There is no definite timing like you should take.

Its no secret, that the best time to go to the cruise is at night as they filled the place with colorful lights.  This is because you will feel like traveling on a cruise through a paradise. You can watch a glimpse of the Melaka river cruise it in my video below

Facts About River Melaka Cruise

  • It is called “Venice of the East” as in olden times; there were many trade businesses that happened on this river.
  • Today, this place has been converted to a famous tourist spot with great décor.
  • This is a truly different experience sitting comfortably on the cruise and just relaxing among the calm surroundings.

My experience on Melaka River cruise

We got our tickets at the entrance and headed to the cruise from the boarding point. The Boat was floating on the water, and after entering, I took my seat, and the journey began.

I was excited at the moment when the cruise started. It moves at a steady pace under the bridges, passing through many buildings, and landmarks.

I felt like I was traveling in Venice as the cruising was very similar to it. There are many buildings and mural shops painted in bright colors, and it gave me the exact feeling of being in Venice.

To be honest, I was surprised to see the arrangements of wonderful lights in shades of blue, purple, and pink all over the length of the river. It is a must-visit place not just in Melaka, but in Malaysia, especially at night moving on the waters under lighted bridges and great ambiance. However, there are both day and night operations available. If you are in Kuala Lumpur, you can check out this day trip to Melaka.

colorful River of melaka

The lights attracted me as they are colorful and added extra beauty to the cruising experience. There was a monorail track along the route, and it was amazing. There were many buildings like shops, inns, restaurants, and commercial buildings along the path. It was BEAUTIFUL!

What is the route traveled on Melaka River Cruise?

river cruise melaka route

Whatever jetty you take the cruise, the routes and landmarks covered will be the same as follows

Pirate Park

The cruise passed beside the Pirate Park, where many shops were there. The largest Feris wheel was there with attractive lights.

Ghost Bridge

melaka river cruise bridge

The cruise travels across this bridge, and this was so beautifully decorated with lights at night. There were many other pedestrian bridges like Hang Tuah Bridge that were lit with colorful decorative lights.

Kampung Jawa

I traveled along the path of Kampung Jawa, where many residential and commercial buildings were there.

Jonker Street

Jonker Street is famous for street shopping and food, and my cruise passed along some of the visible shops across. Jonker Street night market is among the must-visit places when in Melaka.

Kampung Morten

The next landmark on the route is Kampung Morten where I saw many flats and shops lit with decorative lights.

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Street Art

melaka river cruise route street art

The street art is drawn by the artists on few buildings of the River Melaka. It was so beautiful and is made of different unique designs.

Hard Rock Café

I traveled through a recently opened Hard rock Café. It was quite a larger building and was glowing in lights.

What did I like about the Melaka River Cruise?

The best thing that attracted me to Melaka River Cruise is the shadows of the colorful lights on the water. It was so beautiful and awesome to find the waters getting distracted by our cruise and the shadow of the lights making ripples.

It was an enjoyable experience traveling on the cruise across River Melaka. As soon as the ride was over, I was safely dropped at the place where I headed the cruise. I slowly started taking a walk and travel towards my next destination, Jonker Street Night Market.

Have you been to Malaysia? Did you visit Melaka or try the river cruise of Malacca yet? Let me know your thoughts and comments below.

I was a part of the media team that was hosted by Malaysia Tourism. However, all the opinions are completely honest and of my own.

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