Encore Melaka Theatre – An Amazing Visual Experience | History, Tickets, Showtimes, Pricing & Photos.


If you are planning for a trip to Melaka, then do not forget to include Encore Melaka in your itinerary. Visiting Encore Melaka is a very unique experience, and must be a part of your list of things to do in Melaka, especially if you are interested in history or arts. The show involves the performance done by 200+ professional artists to uphold their heritage and culture. I recently made a visit to Encore Melaka, and it was absolutely breathtaking.

The history and culture of Melaka/Malacca have deep roots, and the best way to understand and learn about it is through the show and performance of Encore Melaka.  They portray the art and cultural heritage of the people of Malaysia aloud.

With the help of technology, they mesmerize us through visuals and audio. You can expect to see an astounding visual mapping experience. The Encore Melaka is done in a perfect way that delivers the History and heritage with their performances taking us back to over 6 centuries in past.

What is the history of Encore Melaka?

  • The Encore Melaka can be stated as the modern rotating theater that shows the spectacular performance about the people and culture of Melaka.
  • The company Wonder Arts Corporation Ltd. created it; This Company is famous for its enjoyable events and shows, including the Beijing Olympics opening and closing shows.
  • The Malaysian Encore Melaka is all about the history of Malacca in six different centuries. The artists and technologies used will take us back to those times.
  • The history of Malacca is directed by Wang Chaoge, the man behind Impression, the Chinese company that makes spectacular shows with mind-blowing light and sound celebrations.
  • Encore Melaka is Southeast Asia’s first ever 360° rotating auditorium!

The Malacca has a great history in the past, which is to be known by everyone. I actually felt delighted that I made the decision to visit this place.

Timings of Encore Melaka

There are 2 shows that happen every day.

Monday to Saturday5:30 p.m. & 8.30 p.m.
Sunday2:30 p.m. & 5:30 p.m.

I would recommend getting there at least 15 minutes before the start of the show. That’s because if you miss the beginning, you’ll have to wait until a suitable break before you can enter.

How to reach the Encore Melaka?

encore melaka building

From Jonker Street in Melaka, the theatre is about 15 mins drive. For anywhere else within Melaka, you can book a cab using the grab app(it’s like an uber, but for Malaysia).

If you are coming from Kuala Lumpur, you can take a bus and reach encore melaka.

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Address & Map of Encore Melaka

No.3, Jalan KSB-Impression 8, Impression City, Kota Syahbandar, Malacca, Malaysia.

Parking inside Encore Melaka

The multi-level parking is available at the spot which is free to park. You can park your cars, which is slightly farther from the main building. It might look strange from a distance, but when you move closer, you can find the building is made of tiles.

When you start to walk closer to the building, the proximity of the Encore Melaka building becomes gigantic. I was surprised to see the architecture of the building as it was both modern and elegant.

Types of tickets available for Encore Melakaseating and tickets encore melaka

You can buy tickets online or also after reaching the place at Melaka Encore Box Office. You will be allowed inside the theatre only after showing the tickets. The tickets can be bought according to the seating plan.

  • VIP seating: The staging area is circular, and the first row is a VIP seating area.
  • Premium, Standard, and Wheelchair tickets: The other seats include premium, standard, and wheelchair seating area. The tickets will be prioritized depending on the seating area. But wherever you sit, you can enjoy the performance as the technology was made in such a way.

Prices of Tickets at Encore Melaka

The ticket price for Encore Melaka shows during the regular season is available for both MyKad holders and other international guests. The prices (in Malaysian Ringgit) of the tickets for various seating are as follows

  • Standard category: 128 for MyKad holders and 148 for International guests.
  • Premium category: 228 for MyKad holders and 248 for International guests.
  • VIP category: 528 for MyKad holders and 568 for International guests.
  • Wheelchair persons: 98 for MyKad holders and 98 for International guests.

70-minute show of Encore Melaka

The 70-minute show of Encore Melaka is performed every day twice. The entry to the theatre is allowed only after checking the tickets at the entrance. A long queue will be followed.

💡Tip:  If you need to go to the restroom, just go before entering the theatre, Because you may not be able to get up till the end of the show.

7 scenes of Melaka’s immersive performance

The scenes were performed by talented artists through various art forms like the song, dance, and stories. It is a voyage to be traveled by everyone that emanates different experiences. The seven scenes are a series of incidences that paved the way for the remarkable history of Melaka.

Scene 1: Parameswara

encore melaka showIt is the story of the beginning of Melaka dates back to the 14th century. Parameswara, the prince of Sumatra was on a hunting expedition, and he is resting under a tree near the river. There, he finds a tensed situation between a hunting dog and mouse deer. The mouse deer cleverly escapes with confidence from getting killed and eaten by the dog. Struck by this incident, the king was amazed and decided to build a kingdom by the name of the tree where he was resting, Melaka.

Scene 2: Cheng Ho

encore melaka performance (2)This scene portrays the story happened in 1402. Chengo and his men are arriving at the Melaka land for the first time. The people fell in love with locals of Melaka, married, and the inheritors are the popular Baba Nyonya culture.

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Scene 3: Nyonya and Wedding

This is the most exciting scene that visually portrays the everyday activities of Melaka people in the 18th century. The wedding scene of Baba Ah Jie and Nyonya Ah Lan is being replicated with colorful props, music, and dance performances. The choreography was amazing, and it is my favorite part.

Scene 4: Six Mothers

The tale of a man who has six mothers is the scene of unconditional love. The story brings us the vision of a baby who was struck in a shipwreck back in 1948. The baby was floating on a plank and reached the Melaka Port. Six women take care of this baby and nurture him with love and affection. Though many years have passed by, it is considered he is longing for the dead mothers and devoting them.

Scene 5: Pregnant women

This scene is the symbolization of the birth of new Melaka after the war. It depicts how the people of Melaka strives hard to protect their heritage and region for their priceless future generation during the war.

Scene 6: Wau

The Wau scene is today’s Melaka, which is recognized as the World’s Heritage site by UNESCO. The chief director pays tribute to all the inheritors of Melaka including cooks, kite makers, dance teachers and everyone who contributed to the spirit of Malaysia, Melaka.

Scene 7: Finale

The final scene portrays the famous songs and tales that tell us about the authenticity and skills of the Melaka. This performance was mind-blowing that it will remain as an adequate memory. At the end of the show, you can also see yourself on the big screen. 🙂

I was pleased with great technical stuff, including sound, effects, and the performance after this 70-minute show. This was the best live performance I have seen since a very long time.

Technologies used in Encore Melaka performance

The state-of-the-art theatrical tools are used, and it makes a beautiful place to experience. There are different technologies that make the entire show outstanding.

Projection mapping technology: It is used for creating visual effects. You can enjoy this visual treat along with the performance by artists with the right props and sound effects.

360⁰ view: The auditorium with more than 2000 people can watch a single show. The stage is constructed in a way that the audience at any corner can be able to enjoy the performance in 360⁰ view.

The trip to Encore Melaka was the best place that was technologically advanced. I enjoyed it thoroughly and was amazed by the performers. They were great in portraying the people of Malacca. The transition they showed about the six centuries was terrific.

Shopping at Melaka Encore

encore melaka shop

I also visited the Melaka Souvenir shop that was on the same campus. They sell plenty of items like hats, candles, Melaka merchandise, coffee, and chocolates.  You can just hang out there if you reach there before your show timings.

Secret Tip: Sun Set View and Beach near encore Melaka.

sunset in melaka

There is a beach behind the building, where you can head to after the show.This is also one of the best spots for watching the sunset in Malacca.

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Final words

I was spellbound by the performance and came out of the theatre learning about the history and heritage of people of Malacca. It was an outstanding performance, and I liked it very much. If you are planning for a trip to Malacca, then I highly recommend visiting encore Melaka. The next place I headed to was the Melaka River Cruise.

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