10 Tips For Choosing The Best Coffee Maker For Yourself


Are you a coffee-lover wondering how to choose an ideal coffee-maker for yourself? Keeping some simple things in mind would do the trick. In the midst of the busy work schedule, nothing can be more refreshing than a cup of hot finely brewed coffee.

A clear idea about how you would like your coffee to be, your budget and a few other essentials would lead you to make the right choice. Here are some simple tips to help you in buying a suitable coffee-maker.

Coffee- making machines can be of various types, ranging from the basic ones to the complex brewers, so there are quite a few options available to choose from. This guide will help you to figure out which one suits you the best – whether it’s a power packed coffee maker such as Hamilton Beach FlexBrew, or any other alternative, such as a portable coffee maker.

The choice of the right coffee-maker would allow you to enjoy your favourite cup of coffee at anytime of the day. You would no longer need to run to a nearby coffee shop to get yourself the ideal brew that you need at the moment. Making coffee for yourself would also mean that you can experience with the different flavours available.

Here are the 10 tips to choose coffee maker


The amount of coffee you would need every day on an average is one of the main important considerations for choosing a coffee maker. A single-serve machine will be ideal if you are the sole coffee lover in the family.

But if many are there who share the love for this amazing beverage, it won’t be so favourable. You will require spending 5 times the effort needed for making a single cup, which will defeat the basic purpose of buying a coffee-maker.

A multi-person coffee making machine, which produces around 4-10 cups will be perfect. Other options include a French press coffee maker, which come in 3-cup, 4-cup and 8-cup versions. They can be easily maintained since they require minimal cleaning.

Your Budget

The budget is the next important factor and would narrow down your choice to a few options.

  • If you are in search of affordable options single-serve machines, French press machines and Espresso makers can work. Like the French-press ones, Espresso makers are also available in various sizes.

  • Among the costlier options are the high-grade Espresso makers and the bean-to-cup makers, characterised by better programming, built-in features for grinding and more advanced temperature-controls as well.


Whether you prefer to spend the minimum time in making the coffee or are comfortable to put a little more time into it will be another significant factor. You will be the best judge in this matter.

 It would depend on your daily routine, including when you wake up and how long you take to get ready for going to work. The coffee makers which will automatically brew the coffee at a particular time you zero in on might need shelling out a bit more money.

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Space Available

The space is crucial in deciding the suitable option, as there is a limit in the number of appliances that can fit in your kitchen counter. Take a look at the dimensions of the machines which you take into consideration.

While making the choice, keep in mind that you may require to shift the machine to another room if the situation demands so.

Brewing strength

Think about how much you want your coffee to brew. Do you like it mild or slightly stronger? Accompany this with the consideration that too much intake of caffeine is harmful for your health.

Go through the choices available with you to see whether multi-function controls are present to create a stronger or a more subtle taste of the coffee. While drip-coffee makers offer standard settings, the single-serve machine allows you to choose the strength based on the amount of coffee put in.

Do you need a grinder for the machine

A limited space will restrict this option and would require an in-built grinder. The grinding is important as it makes the taste of the coffee better. Or else, buying a separate grinder will be good to go.

You will find two types of grinder available.

  • A blade grinder should be controlled by the amount of time given in grinding.

  • The burr grinder maintains uniform size of the beans and gives a more precise grinding.

Settings for Water Temperature

There will be many options available which offer adjustable settings for temperature. While the standard controls vary from low to high, the more advanced ones come with temperatures ranges such 150 to 210 degree Fahrenheit.

The standard temperature for brewing is known to be 195 degree Fahrenheit. A deviation from this temperature can lead to under-extraction of the coffee. This would cause loss in the aroma and flavour of the coffee.

Considering Thermal Carafes

A thermal carafe refers to a pot where the temperature of the coffee is controlled. It helps to keep your drink warm till a long time after it has been brewed. The coffee makers coming in such carafes are usually stainless steel ones, which restricts the liquid from evaporating and helps to control the temperature.

Glass carafes are also available, which offer visible brewing and a holding time of about 20 minutes. These are also more beneficial for cleaning as they are sturdy and friendly to dishwashers as well.

Availability of automatic shut-off

The modern versions of coffee makers offer automatic shut-off features, reducing the energy cost in each round of brewing. It also determines the durability of the machine as it helps to regulate its operations.

An auto-shutoff is especially beneficial for the busy ones as they might forget to shut off the machine before they are off to work.

Extra Features

Features such as steamers, water filters and multiple warmers would be an added advantage for you. But you should think about your needs when considering such extra features.

The water filters help to make sure the flavour stays fine while steamers will be good for those who prefer steamed milk in the coffee.

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It is only after considering each one of these factors that you must go on to choose the right coffee maker for yourself. There are lots of popular brands available in the market, for every kind of coffee-lover. You will find a different machine catering to each craving, be it en espresso or a cup strong back coffee. Going through this guide would simplify things and narrow down your choices.


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