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50 Most Haunted Places In India That Will Freak You Out

fBrave eh? Try visiting these Haunted Places In IndiaΒ only Brave people can visit.Β  You must have watched the horror shows and Horror movies showing a...
haunted places in lucknow

10 Haunted Places In Lucknow & The Horrifying Stories Behind Them!

Lucknow, known for its hospitality as it is famous in the world with the popular name, β€œcity of nawabs,” and Nawabs were known for...

2 Haunted Places In Rajkot That Can Give You Goosebumps Even During The Day.

While it comes about best places to visit in India, Gujarat will always be on the list and there are lots of places where...
dumas haunted beach surat gujarat

2 Haunted Places In Surat That Will Give You Nightmares πŸ’€πŸ’€

Though there is no proper evidence of the existence of ghosts, we all love listening to ghost stories. It is the thrill that gives...
jahaz mahal mandu fort indore

7 Haunted Places in Indore That Will Spook You Out !

Human beings love to have some form of excitement or the other in their lives. Haunted and spooky things always bring a mystery to...
haunted beach road in pondicherry

Haunted Places in Pondicherry And Their Real Ghost Stories!

Pondicherry, the largest French colony in India, is one of the seven union territories of India. Like every other city in India, Pondicherry is...