Zostel Pokhara : Paradise For Backpacker’s in Nepal.


Situated amidst lush green surroundings, A stride away from the marvelous lake rests Zostel Pokhara.

Zostel Pokhara is located in Sedi Bagar 18, Lakeside in Pokhara. This is a great place for solo travellers, trekkers or a group of friends looking to stay in Pokhara, Nepal. The location of this Zostel has a pond full of shy yet beautiful fishes which could be easily seen while you dine at the hut. 

A river flows through the property and they offer Fishing, bonfire, woodfired pizzas, barbecue, dedicated gaming zone, co-working space, pool table, bar, camping spot, hammocks etc with the view of beautiful Phewa lake and mountains on all four sides. Well, don’t mistake it to be a resort, it is in every way a Backpackers’ paradise.

Zostel – Asia’s largest chain of backpackers’ hostel, bring their latest offering in Pokhara Nepal. With room types and beds catering to every kind of traveller, Zostel Pokhara leaves no stone unturned in delighting you.

Dormitories, Private Rooms, Cottages, Tents – You name it and they have it. The foodie in you won’t be disappointed too. They have a full-fledged cafe and bar running through the day hours.

Everything, be it the reflection of the massive Annapurna Range on the serene Phewa lake or the views of the Pokhara valley itself from different settings seem something out of a fairy tale. There are only a few places where you can sit at an elevation of 1000 meters and enjoy the vistas of an 8k plus peak.

Here, peace and adventure coexist with a calm lake, with buzzing nightlife right beside it and paragliders flying a mile above.

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