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Château Miranda

Castles have been the most artistic constructions in the world. The human mind experienced and lived in beautiful structures but Miranda is different. Chateau Miranda, A neo-gothic structure of 19th century still attracts attention because of its history and also its relation with the world war events. Being in a neglected condition this dilapidated castle of the 19th century has become a home of spirits and eerie feeling.

Abandoned in the year 1991, the enormous building is now (as of 2015) in a derelict state, turned out to be the place for wayward teenage vagabonds, paranormal hunters, and aspiring Satanists.

Let’s know the speciality of the Chateau Miranda castle!

Situated in the lap of the greenery, in the Celles province of Namur, Belgium, in the region of the Ardennes, Chateau Miranda had been the beautiful edifice. The top view of the castle leaves us with immense wonder. Behind the castle, the two mountains and the forest seem to merge eventually at the foot as if kissing the top of the edifice.

Abandoned castle

So this is just the location of the miranda castle. The chateau miranda interior interiors will leave you flabbergasted and surprised looking at the structure, the design, and hues around. But now abandoned the spare remains of the building will leave a mark of reverence for the architect’s genius.

Interior of the castle Chateau Miranda

So as you can see in the picture the demolished structure still preserves some part of the beauty of the castle. The government, municipality of Celles tried to take over the structure but the owner is not ready to give it away.


The fire claimed a part of the roof top in 1995. In 2006 a violent storm caved inside the castle and destroyed the floor. The hardwood floors were blown to nothingness, looking a mite threadbare. It urgently needs renovation. But instead, the demolition of the castle began in late October 2016 with the conical gothic roof peaks being removed.

Chateau Miranda kitchen

It once used to be the most beautiful kitchen. 

This castle is no less a fairy tale world. The canonical towers of Miranda seem like the place where Rapunzel used to stay and would slide down using her hair. And of course, the fantasy of the Disney world turns to reality.

History of the Castle Miranda is a surprise !!!

It has seen world war, it has seen the orphaned children playing around. It has seen generations of the family it was owned by. Build in 1866, it has a different story before it came into existence.

It was during the French revolution that the Count Liedekerke-Beaufort and his family fled away from the Château de Vêves, the Miranda castle in the city. They resided in the secluded farm in the forest on the outskirts of the village in 1792.

This structure with many canonical roofs and towers has around 500 windows. The architect’s mind behind this structure was  Edward Milner. He died before the structure was completely built. The building was continued by the French architect Pelchner, extending the Château largely.

The beautiful clock tower was built later in 1903 which is 183 feet (56 meters) tall. The castle was finally constructed in the year 1907. Because of its surrounding, the castle served a summer residence.

Chateau Miranda Clock tower of the Castle

You will be surprised to know that the clock in tower still works and no one knows when it was last serviced. 

During the World War 2, the German inroads took over the castle and they found a good space and height for the fight. Later in the Battle of Bulge in the year 1944, there was a fight for the ownership of the property which lasted for 40 days.

In the year 1950, the castle turned into an orphanage for 20 years. It was taken under by the  National Railway Company of Belgium. A “holiday camp” for children who suffered from ill health were also under this roof.

chateau de noisy Miranda Castle

Since 1991, the owners of the castle have tried to find an investor to sell the property and convert it into a heritage hotel. But there exists no such investor to renovate this magnificent structure.

This was a petition to sign for the protection and preservation of the Castle Château de Noisy. 

One has to come out and not let the demolition of such a beautiful structure happen. In fact, we should help conserve it. Or else the structure of such a magnificence will die away.



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