Khaomao – Khaofang Restaurant: Dining in the forest


Introduction and Ambience:

Khaomao – Khaofang is a Thai restaurants located in Thailand. They have two branches in the north, which are Hang Dong, Chaing Mai and Maesot, Tak. (Contact information and maps available here). And if we are talking about the ambience, it is what this restaurant focuses on. You will be enjoy your lunch and dinner among the trees, ponds and waterfalls. Khaomao – Khaofang welcomes you daily at 11 AM to 3 PM and 5 PM to 10 PM.



Thailand that Northerners are the most humble and generous. You will be greeted with waiters and waitresses in traditional silk outfits from the minute you get out of your car. As for wait time, I guarantee that you do not have to wait too long for each dish to come. Their restrooms are also as well-decorated as the outside.



There are so many Thai dishes to choose from the menu, both individual dishes and the ones you can have with rice. However, it is a better idea to order a plate of rice and 3 or 4 entrée. You can start with some vegetables dipping in Thai Nam Prik (dip) or you can go big and order a steamed fish with fish sauce or lime sauce on top.

Panda’s recommendation:

Since there are so many Indian readers, I would like to recommend Chicken Curry with Roti, which is also my favorite dish. It may taste different from Indian cuisine, but it is worth a try. The roti is very soft and goes well with the curry.


Value of money:

It goes without saying that food in Southeast Asia is cheaper than many places in the world. Khaomao – Khaofang is no exception. Even a Thai person like me thinks it is not too expensive despite you getting so much more than dishes.

Happiness meter:

It is not possible to be unhappy when you visit here. Delicious food and stunning environment will make you calm or you can even feel like you are in a fairy-tale.









Value For Money


Happiness Meter

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