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The state of Tamil Nadu is one of the most beautiful ones in India. People from all over the country visit the state in the search of spending an ideal holiday. And they always get the best there. One more reason that Tamil Nadu makes an important state to visit for Indians is its inclination towards the religious and spiritual values. There are many famous temples in the different cities of the state and many cities are precisely famous for holding the religious morals. Other than these, there are many beautiful hill stations that make into the list of must-visit places. Chennai, Kanyakumari, Rameshwaram, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Coonoor, and others are some of the places that are popular as holiday destination. But there is one more city in the state of Tamil Nadu that needs more elaboration for its sheer beauty, Coimbatore.

Coimbatore is set on the foothills of Nilgiri and is mainly an industrial city, but that doesn’t confine its beauty and nature involvement. Otherwise famous as the “Manchester of South India,” the city has somewhere hundreds of textile mills. The second largest city of the state is also famous for breathing the very essence of Indian culture and traditions. There are plenty of places and things one can do and explore. One may not think of visiting Coimbatore in the first place when thinking of spending a holiday at a place that is beautiful and has something to offer. But, once you know about the place, you would definitely change your mind.

History of Coimbatore

The history of Coimbatore dates back to 2 AD and since then the place has evolved a lot. At initial, it was a small tribal village and it was called as Kongunad. Then, the first of the early Cholas, Karikalan brought that time Konugunad under the control of Chola. The city then witnessed many rulers like Chalukayas, Pandvas, Vijayanagra and the British. When the city was under the control of the British, its name was changed to Coimbatore. All these long days of the ruling has impacted and influenced the architecture and the ambiance of the city and one can feel the old charm amalgamating with the new one.

Best time to visit Coimbatore

The climate of the city is pleasant owing to its close proximity to the Nilgiri. Summer days are indeed hot and winters are mild. The city receives rain in the months of October and November. The best time to visit Coimbatore is between December to March.

How to reach Coimbatore

Coimbatore is one of the important cities in Tamil Nadu and is the second largest city. The industrial hub has more than hundreds of textile mills. This makes almost every type of transportation available to reach the city.

By plane

One can reach Coimbatore by air as the city has its own airport, Coimbatore International Airport. The airport connects the city to almost all major as well as international flights. Many tourists reach Chennai first and then book Chennai to Coimbatore flights for the ease.

By Train

Coimbatore Junction Railway Station is the main railway that serves the city and many tourists flock the city by travelling from the train. Many important trains have their halts at the city making it possible for the tourists to reach Coimbatore directly.

By Road

One can also take the bus to reach Coimbatore and many government and private buses run on the routes of some major cities to Coimbatore.

These are some of the best modes to reach Coimbatore. You can select a mode that is suitable for you.

Places to Visit in Coimbatore

When you are planning a trip to Coimbatore then you can explore and experience a lot, but knowing about what to do there in advance will save you a lot of time. Today, we are sharing the best of Coimbatore, all in one place. Read on to know the places to visit in Coimbatore.

  • Marudhamalai Murugan Temple

Starting with the list with a temple as Coimbatore is a city that is famous for holding its religious faith. The location of the temple is 15 kilometers west of the city on the Western Ghats. It stands amidst the lush green settings and its establishment dates back to the 12th century. Hills from three sides surround the temple. The stone engravings on the temple date back to the time of its establishment. The name of the temple is engraved on the wall which imitates the design and pattern that was in fashion at that time.

The Temple has many medicinal herbs and that adds to the pure air you will breathe here added to the peaceful ambiance.  The entire path to the temple follows small canopies to give devotees time and shed to relax. While you are on your way to the temple, there are many small temples you will witness. At the foothills of the temple is the Thaan Thondri Vinayakar Temple. Another deity that you will encounter is Idumban that rests on the giant circular rocks at the Temple of Idumban. Other than these, there are some notable places to visit around the temple like Mandapam of Kudhirai Kalambu, Uchchi Pillaiyar, the Pancha Vriksham, and Paambatti Siddhar Cave.

  • Siruvani Waterfalls

Coimbatore also enjoys its own share of natural beauty and there are multiple of natural landscapes turned tourist’s spots you can visit and one of them is Siruvani Waterfalls.

Siruvani Waterfalls is set at a distance of 36 km from Coimbatore Railway Station. The waterfall is otherwise has a name Kovai Kutralam Falls. The falls has its sources from the Siruvani River and is located in the dense forest. One can reach the waterfalls after a trekking of 4 km from the nearest road point that falls between the Siruvani Dam and Madavarayapuram. The best time to see the falls is in the monsoon when the water is at its best. The top part of the falls is dangerous and has deep cliffs, but one can enjoy taking bath at the bottom of the falls. The falls is also the source of drinking water for the Coimbatore city and it has a sweet taste.

The place closes before 5 p.m. as its location is in the remote area and dense forest. When you are on your trip to the city then this is one of the must places to visit in Coimbatore for you.

  • Vellingiri Hill

Set 40 kilometers from the Coimbatore main city, the Vellingiri hill has a temple devoted to Lord Shiva. Standing on the height of 6000 feet, the temple is also one of the main reliquaries in the entire state of Tamil Nadu.

Otherwise called as the Vellangiri Andavar Temple, this temple too has Lord Shiva’s faces, but why it is a popular one is something you do not know. Lord Shiva has five “Lingams,” and all of them are present in different temples in different cities. People have to visit these temples in order to have the Darshan of those 5 “Lingams.” But here at Vellangiri Andavar Temple, one can have the darshan of all 5 lingams at one place. This makes the place extremely popular amongst the devotees from all over India. Another fascinating thing about the hill is that it resembles the shape of a peacock. On the way to temple, devotees will also come across two rocks and they have named as “Dwarakapalakas.”

In order to reach the hill, one has to trek and there is no road. While trekking to the temple, one can witness the beauty of the surrounded area. Covered with lush greenery, the place will soothe your mind and senses.

  • TNAU Botanical Garden

Many may think that the fact that Coimbatore is an industrial area keeps it from enjoying the greenery, but this is not the truth. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, set in Coimbatore, maintains a huge area of 300 acres where we have TNAU Botanical Garden. The garden has a lot of different species of plants and trees, many of them would be extremely new to you.  If you want to know the name of the tree then you can simply read the label of every plant and trees. The label contains the common name as well as the scientific name of the plants.

The place is a haven for nature lovers and botany students and every day. It receives more than 150 tourists and another set of 100 students. One can learn a lot here and this is one of the ultimate places to visit in Coimbatore for people having kids. Another exciting thing about the garden is that one can buy plants from here and also can learn the techniques to grow them from the professionals.  The garden also conducts show every year (in January). In this time, the tourists visit in thousands of numbers.

The garden is open throughout the year and it takes 10 rupees per visitor to enter the garden.

  • Anamalai Tiger Reserve

India as a country has been blessed with Mother Nature in abundance. But very few places have been able to keep its wildlife alive and Coimbatore is one of those places. Indira Gandhi National Sanctuary, locally famous with the name “Anamalai Tiger Reserve” is a Sanctuary standing among the wealthy nature and rich wildlife. Not just the name, but the Sanctuary too has tigers.

The reserve stands in the Anamalai Hills of the Western Ghats in the Tirupur District. It is spread over an area of 958.59 sq. The place is a heaven for the people who want to delve into the greeneries. There are over 800 species of flora and many of them are unique to this Sanctuary. Since the forest is dense, you can spot many wild species that take shelter here. A few of them which are likely to cross your path are panther, pangolin, elephants, mouse deer, Nilgiri tahr, gaur, and, of course, tiger etc. Along with the animals, there are many different species of birds that can amaze your sight as well. This makes the sanctuary equally amazing for the bird watchers and to your surprise; there are more than 250 species in the sanctuary. This has to be one of the must place to visit in Coimbatore.

  • Black Thunder Theme Park

Apart from the numerous temples, there are also places of interest that is best for people visiting with family, friends or couples. Black Thunder Theme Park is one such park one needs to visit in Coimbatore. The park is also said to be Asia’s number 1 theme park. It is set in the middle of the woods and Nilgiri hills. It is spread over an area of 65 acres and features almost all rides that one can imagine.

Black Thunder Theme Park is basically a water park, but apart from water rides, there are also other rides available. There are also accommodation facilities available so if you wish, you can stay there. There are almost 40 deluxe rooms and suites available. A multi-cuisine restaurant is there that serves the delicious food. Other facilities include a corporate conference, Children’s play zone, and lush lawn. You will surely have the best time here when you are visiting with your friends or family.

It costs 400 rupees for the kids under the age of 10 and 450 rupees for adults to enter the park.

  • Eachanari Vinayagar Temple

Another Temple in the list that marks as one of the must place to visit in Coimbatore is Eachanari Vinayagar Temple. It is set at a distance of 12 kilometers from Coimbatore. The Temple has Vinayagar or Lord Ganesha as its main deity, and people believe it to be one of the ancient temples in the city of Coimbatore. The construction of the temple dates back to 1500 AD. The temple has an interesting history for its establishment. The Vinayagar’s idol was being taken to the Peru Petteshwar Temple on a cart for its establishment there, but in mid-way, the cart was broken. Devotees tried a lot to pull the cart, but couldn’t. So, it was finally decided that the temple would be built there itself.

Apart from being a spiritual and religious place for devotees, its amazing architecture is also a point of interest for the visitors.

  • Monkey Falls

Coimbatore has many waterfalls that are open for tourists and Monkey falls is one of them. The water falls from the height of 60 ft. The best part of the fall is that one has to trek to have the entire view of these serene falls. If you do not wish to trek on your own, you can take help of the government centers and they will arrange a guided trek for you. On reaching there, you can take bath in the clean and soothing water. Expect to see many hungry monkeys there so better avoid carrying food with yourself.

The falls are located deep in the dense forest. But one can reach there as its entrance is on the main road. The best time to visit the falls is, of course, monsoon when the water level is at its best.

  • Isha Yoga Centre

Coimbatore is also nationally famous for housing its own Yoga Center. Located some 40 Kilometers from the main city at the bottom of Velliangiri Mountains is the famous Isha Yoga Center. The center that is run by Isha Foundation, a Non-Profit-Organization. The center works towards helping people attain spiritual growth and not only has Indians volunteers. But people from all over the world visit here and learn the art of meditation in a peaceful ambiance. Apart from meditating and learning about the spiritual growth, there are many things about the center make into the list of the places to visit in Coimbatore.

The “Dhyanalinga” is generally the first thing that people see. It is an establishment of its own kind and the construction took some 2000 years to complete. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev blessed the holy place as the meditation ground. The place has a sole intention of giving a unique and single space for everyone to meditate despite their faith and religion. The pillarless structure has 250,000 bricks and looks like a dome. The architecture is something that will amuse you.

Another important thing that tourists often come to see here is the 112 feet long Lord Shiva’s sculpture. It was established by Isha Foundation and has made to the “Guinness Book of World Records,” for the largest bust in the world. Though the bust is unveiled by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2017 only, people in large numbers pay a visit here. The statue symbolizes the 112 methods of self-transformation by the Adiyogi, the first Yogi. As per Hindu Mythology, Lord Shiva is the originator of Yoga and this is a tribute to him.

Other things you can see at the center are various meditation and spiritual methods along with a few shows. There are a few stalls from where you can buy handmade art and craft things. Roaming around the center may take quite more time than other attractions and it is totally worth your time.

  • Perur Patteeswara Swamy Temple

As Coimbatore is a city that holds high religious value, you will come across many famous temples, and among a few is Perur Patteeswara Swamy Temple. Standing on the banks of the holy river, Noyyal, pilgrims visit the temple to pay homage to their ancestors.

King Karikala Cholan built the temple and the temple’s shrine. Every ruler shared his own efforts in the temple and the main deity dwelling here is of Lord Shiva and “Swayambu Lingam.” The temple doesn’t only confine to its worship area and there are a few more things that you can see here. Kanaka Sabha is the most famous attraction here. It is a golden hall that has a gold-plated statue of Nataraja (a Dancing form of Lord Shiva) bestowing his blessing on two sages – Pattimuni and Gowmuni. The pillar and gopurams of the temple follow extremely beautiful carvings and sculptures.

The entire temple follows the Dravidian style of architecture and sculpture. The ambiance and surrounding of the temple are soothing and the sight of the river Noyyal will fill your senses with beauty.

  •   Gedee Car Museum

If you are a car lover and you can identify almost every car crossing your way, then Gedee Car Museum is the place you must visit. It is also one of the unique attractions that any city has. The museum features every minute detail and development of the automobile industry. Having right from the replica of the very first car in the world, 1886 Benza Patent Motorwagen, to the newly arrived ones, it needs your attention.

There are almost 70 models and out of those 30 are from the GD Charitable Trust Collection. The cars are arranged in a chronological order. This helps visitors understanding the development of the automobile industry. Some of the cars that you will come across include Rolls Royce 20, belonging to Maharajah of Mysore and McDowell 1000 belonging to S karivardhan, a famous Indian racer from the city itself. Many others are also donated by the various cities. The United States of America and Germany too has contributed in the collection.

  • Sree Annapoorna Sree Gowrishankar

Any trip to any place is simply incomplete without tasting the local food, and when in South India, how can you not taste South Indian cuisine. Coimbatore too offers various South Indian cuisines that one must try, but a few places have to be the best always. Sree Annapoorma Sree Gworishankar is one hotel that you must visit if you wish to have the best South Indian food.

The brand has some 16 outlets in the entire city and is famous for serving the best Dosas, Idli, and sambhar. Every time you visit any of the outlets, you will see people in a large number because of their best hospitality, clean area, and, the food. They serve many different types of dosas like Ghee Dosas, Masala Dosas, Butter Masala Dosas, and a lot more. You must try them to have the best taste and you certainly will love it. Apart from the South Indian cuisine, you can also try sweets there like Rasmalai or rasgulla. Do not forget to try their filter coffee at the end.

They are now expanding their food choices and you might get to order pizza and a few other cuisines too. But nothing beats their South Indian food. Also, they charge you fairly. What else would you want? So, you must visit any of the outlets in the city.

These are some of the places to visit in Coimbatore and there are many that you can. If you have more time in your hands then also try covering some of the nearby places. However, these places are surely going to make your trip an amazing one.







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