Lexis Hibiscus Resort Review- The Most Luxurious Resort in Port Dickson, Malaysia

lexis hibiscus resort

As a part of my Malaysia trip, I got the chance to visit Lexis Hibiscus Resort, one of the most luxurious resorts in Malaysia. The Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson is one of the most beautiful resorts I have ever seen. The resort is formed in the form of a hibiscus flower, which is the national flower of Malaysia.

Port Dickson is one of the popular coastal towns of Malaysia. It has become one of the must-visit destinations by the Malaysian government. Port Dickson is a 90-Km drive from Kuala Lumpur, around 50kms from the KL airport in Malaysia and about three hours of travel from Singapore.

About Hibiscus Resort Port Dickson

  • The resort is constructed on the top of the ocean, which makes it the water villa in Malaysia. It is not the best activity kind of place, but you can just chill there on waters. I believe that you can enjoy and chill out without any worries by just staying here.
  • It is one of the fanciest offerings that you need to visit if you are a travel lover. There are around 522 overwater villas in the resort.
  • There are additional rooms nearby if you do not like to stay on the water villas. In total, there are around 639 separate rooms, each having its own swimming pool.
  • Can you imagine when you stay in their rooms; you can take a dip in the swimming pool and have a fantastic view of the Straits of Malacca. It is the fanciest thing you can do in life for chilling and relaxing.
  • You can swim and just laze around the resort with top-class restaurants that are available in Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson resort. In this blog post, I am going to share my experience and the things you can do in the resort to have a wonderful time.

How to reach Lexis Hibiscus resort Port Dickson?

The Lexis Hibiscus resort Port Dickson is accessible by all kinds of transport and make it easy for us to reach. The resort is located at Tanjung Jemok, and getting here is very easy.

  • The Lexis Hibiscus resort is located at a distance of 4 km away from the famous coastal town Port Dickson.
  • The resort is 40 km away from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and 65 km away from Malacca International Airport.
  • The road trip can also be taken to the Lexis Hibiscus resort, which will take a maximum of one hour.

Address: 12th Mile, Jantan Pantai, Pasir Panjang, Malaysia.

Welcome dance by the staff

As soon as I entered the office, the place was terrific with timber walls, marble flooring, and large spaces for the checking-in.  I was surprised to see the staff members welcoming us by dance. They were holding boards saying, ‘WELCOME’ and making a few moves. It was awesome and gave me a happy feeling. Do watch the video above for a glimpse of the dance and also check out the beauty of the resort. 

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I felt quite remarkable that the staff is so lovely and welcoming the guests entering their resort. It is a nice gesture and to be honest, and I was impressed by this activity.

Inside the Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson resort

After this warm welcome, I was taken to the water villas. The resort office is the building you will see on the road. You have to take a walk through a bridge to reach the water villas. The bridge is long, and you can take a look at the surroundings while you walk.

They also provide a buggy service by which you can reach the rooms. If you have heavy luggage, then taking the buggy would be helpful. If not, you can take a walk along the bridge, enjoying the surroundings out there.

The area was maintained pretty well, and you can hear the waves striking against the shore. The ambience is calm and welcoming to have a chilled out time. Then I reached the panorama view water villa, and I was astonished to see the breathtaking view.

Highlights of the panoramic view

  • The panorama view of the Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson is situated at the stamen part of Hibiscus. This is the best place where you can view the entire resort in a panoramic view across the ocean.
  • Then I turned to the other side, where I found this beautiful private dip pool.  I found the private pool so cool and stylish.
  • The pool is made of a clear panel made of glass. This makes the entire pool to look elegant. You can just chill in the private swimming pool and look at the calm sea. If you are lucky, you can even spot the sea creatures swimming around.
  • The Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson resort is located at the Pasir Panjang beach, where you can find a few more resorts a little distance away.
  • The location makes it the perfect place to stay calm and chill during weekends, away from city life. You can book this via booking.com by clicking here.

Rooms of Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson resort

I entered the room of Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, and there were two king-sized beds that welcomed me. I was very tired of walking and just sat there in bed. The mattress was so comfortable with three pillows and blankets. The room was fully air-conditioned and spacious.

Types of rooms available and their prices in Lexis Hibiscus resort

At Lexis Hibiscus Resort, they offer a variety of different rooms to the tourists. Depending upon the number of the person staying and luxury amenities, the rooms are chosen. The types of rooms and prices of each type (indicative only) are provided below, which can help you book your rooms before taking the trip. Check out this link to compare prices and get the lowest rates and book the different rooms at Lexis Hibiscus resort online to make your trip without any stress.

Suite Type Resorts

If you are traveling to Port Dickson with all your people like friends and family, then suite type rooms in Lexis Hibiscus resort. There are three different Suites in Lexis Hibiscus Resort Port Dickson

  1. Imperial suite: The Imperial suite type rooms are located at the stigma of Hibiscus shaped resort. The total area of the Imperial suite is 242 square meters, and hence they are spacious enough with 3 King-sized beds. Most rooms in this unit come with breathtaking views of the sea.
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Check out the best price

2. Presidential suite: The presidential suite is the largest one with the area around 382 square meters. You can experience the complete privacy and luxury at this suite. The suite is available with four bedrooms, expansive dining and living room. the best thing about this suite is the seafront view from each unit.

Compare for the best price

3. Royal suite: The Royal suite is located at the top of the main building, which is around 179.3 square meters. There are various amenities offered in this suite like large living and dining area, private dip pool, spacious bathroom with sauna, and other top features.

Find the best price

Villa Type Resorts

The villa type resorts are available in Lexis Hibiscus Resort Port Dickens, which is great to stay with two to three members. Different types of the villa are available as follows

  1. Sky Pool Villa: This villa is located onshore in the tower block of the hotel. The room is spacious enough to have a comfortable stay. The 96 square meter sky pool villa has a more spacious living room and dining room area. There are a private dip pool and sauna in the balcony area of every room.

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2. Panorama pool villa: The spacious villa with the best interiors and there is private access to the balcony. The bathroom is made of marble tile, and the interior is so beautiful. The 86 square meter panorama pool villa has two king-sized beds and other luxurious amenities. The sea view of the entire Hibiscus resort can be viewed from this villa and is mostly booked. If you want to stay here, then you need to make your bookings at the earliest.

Find the best price

3. Executive pool villa: It is the simplest form of a luxury villa in Lexis Hibiscus resort Port Dickson. The executive pool villa consists of 2 king-sized beds with a spacious bathroom. Along with amenities offered, there is a special feature of the glass panel. From this panel, you can look at the sea water below and watch the marine life.

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4. Premium pool villa: Get the best luxury room with exciting features like private dip pool, sauna, plush bedding, glass panel, and with basic amenities like buggy services, wireless internet, and safe.

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What did I like at Lexis Hibiscus resort rooms?

  • Great wardrobes: The wardrobe is spacious and with bathrobes and bathroom slippers. It was spacious enough to keep my luggage. A safety locker was available to keep your belongings private and safe.
  • Amazing sea view: The sea view window is available, and I just sat there to feel the vibe. Then I take a look at the bathroom, and it was quirky clean. There was a bathtub in pristine white colour, and the flooring was in sync with the wall colour.
  • Separate sauna: There are also steam/sauna room which can be booked if you need. Yes, you can find rooms at Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson resorts with steam room and private pool area. When you step out of the bathroom, you can find the private pool and the mesmerising ocean view.
  • Dip pools: I liked the place which is outside that view the ocean along with a private pool. There were tables and chairs beside the pool to have family time or alone time with coffee and snacks. The wind was blowing great at this place and made my evening just perfect.
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Lunch at Lexis Hibiscus resort

Food in lexis hibiscusWhen hanging out at the resort, I ordered a few food items. It reached me in a few minutes. The food was too good and here are some for the pictures of food serves at Lexis Hibiscus resort.

  • Fruit plate with slices of dragon fruit, mango, and watermelon.
  • A bowl of dhal topped with coriander and chili.
  • Jeera Aloo munching. Rice and Roti were served along with it.
  • A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Other dining options at Lexis Hibiscus resort

coffee house in port dicksonThere are multiple restaurants and bars at the resort. You can take a walk and try out different things due to the reasons

  • Best cuisine varieties: Many diners at Lexis Hibiscus Resort offers great cuisine like continental, Chinese, and other items. There are separate restaurants that serve Chinese and Japanese cuisines which delivers high-quality delicious native food recipe.
  • Scenic view bars and diners: The best thing to go out and eat at different diners is their accommodation. Most diners are open and facing the astounding ocean. It looks so calm with the mesmerizing view of the straits of Malacca and scenic beauty of the sea.
  • Great time to spend: Apart from chilling at Lexis Hibiscus resort rooms, the restaurants can be tried especially if you are a foodie. They have a whole lot of restaurants and cafe offering delicious food.
  • Try out delicious pastries and coffee: You can also have different food and beverages here at different restaurants in Lexis Hibiscus resort Port Dickson. There are bars that provide a specific selection of liquors and cigars.

Some Amazing Features of Lexis Hibiscus Resort

light house lexis hibiscus

  • The Lexis Hibiscus resort is a luxurious 5-star sea-view stay with all the amenities.
  • Rooms, villas and suites are available for a single person, couples, and families. Every room has a sea-view spot with swimming pool.
  • The dining inside the Lexis Hibiscus resort is wonderful with different cuisine. Just order the food and it will reach your room in minutes.
  • Take a hibiscus walk alt the resort. The ambience is cool, calm, and fabulous. You can find a cafe on the way serving snacks and beverages.
  • The nightlife at Lexis Hibiscus resort is unimaginable with different bar availability like pool bar and lighthouse bar. The live karaoke is available where you can sing and have fun.
  • There are a variety of fun activities available at Lexis Hibiscus resort for all aged people. You can relax at the spa and exercise hard at the gym. You can make your kids enjoy in the game room or at different sports activities available outdoor. Also, do not forget to check out the lobby shop for a souvenir, snacks, and essentials needed for everyday purposes.

Bye-Bye sea view Lexis Hibiscus resort

dance in Lexis Hibiscus ResortI enjoyed it a lot there with an amazing sea view, a private pool, and the luxurious room. Then came the time to check-out and I wish I could spend my life here. You need to cross that bridge like a pathway to come to the office building.

After checking out, the guys who welcomed us warmly again started to stand at their places. Guess what? They performed us a goodbye dance holding the board that says, ‘THANK YOU’. ‘SEE YOU AGAIN’ and ‘JUMPA LAGI’. After this, we headed to the next destination, Melaka which is a couple of hours away.

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