This App could hack your phone in 2 seconds.


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Beware your phone can be hacked in a second.

Google Android has a default app in almost all the stock android phone which is known as Android Messaging, yes its surprising to know how all your sensitive data, bank details, OTP’s etc.. can be hacked within seconds.

The new features in the app where a user can read all the messages online using their site similar to WhatsApp web lets you access messages on desktop or any other android phone with a browser, making it convenient for you to check important messages or OTP’s even if you forget your phone in office or anywhere else. This is a very good option for desktop users to manage their work and check or send messages through the phone on a same platform, but the people around your phone can misuse this option and gain access to your phone’s messages, OTP’s, Bank Info, Personal messages etc.. within seconds.

How is it done?

  1. The person/stranger asks for your phone to make an urgent call, send an urgent message, or asks to check the status of something as their internet isn’t working, once the phone’s owner agrees to their request, the person starts their job.
  2. The hacker has a phone where he has opened the page already with “remember this computer” option checked and waiting for your phone to scan the QR code through your messages app.
  3. The Hacker opens the Messages app on your phone taps More and selects “Messages for web” and Scans the code with your phone. That’s all, he gets access to all your messages instantly.


How can you prevent it??

  1. App lock – Many apps are available on the playstore, most of the newer phones have in build AppLocker in them, lock you messaging app, let the lock prompt you each time you open messages app, its irritating for sure but for an extra bit of security, this won’t matter.
  2. What is the person knows my Lock code? – even for this, there is a solution,
    1. an option in the messaging app once you click on the more button (Hamburger button) and click on “Messages for web” option you can see the list of computers you are signed in already, you can select the “Sign-out all computers” option and avoid any further access to the hacker.

Hope this article helps you keep all your Sensitive information safe.

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